Guitar Strap Buttons

Have you ever wondered how guitar straps stay so securely attached to the body a guitar? Usually it is usually because they are connected to a set of guitar strap buttons. Guitar strap buttons essentially act as hooks for your guitar strap, allowing you to comfortable stand and move while playing your guitar at practice or on stage.

Without sturdy guitar strap buttons attached to your instrument, your guitar strap will not be totally secure, which is never ideal, especially if you are in the middle of a performance. If you are looking to replace your current guitar strap buttons, you will want to check out an option like the Fender Replacement Vintage Strap Buttons, the D'Andrea Guitar Strap Button Pair, or the American Standard Strap Buttons, also from Fender. Best of all, these buttons include screws for easy installation. Additionally, if you loyal to a specific brand, you may want to investigate the Planet Waves Metal Guitar Strap Buttons which are designed specifically to hold Planet Waves leather end and Planet Lock end guitar straps.

If you want to keep your strap secure, but don’t want to scratch the finish of your instrument, you will want a set of felt washers to go along with your strap buttons. These washers will cushion your guitar, all while keeping it looking its best so you can focus on your playing. If you are building your own guitar from scratch, you may want to invest in something like the Fender Gold Guitar Strap Buttons set of 2. This set offers everything you will need to keep your guitar sturdily slung over your shoulder by the strap. It is also great for swapping out parts, as you will have everything you need to make changes to your button setup.

With your strap securely attached to your guitar’s buttons, you’ll be ready to perform. These often overlooked pieces of hardware are crucial for any guitarist to get the most out of performing.