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Drum Stick Accessories

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Ahead Grip Tape (GT)
Ahead Grip Tape
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Vic Firth Zildjian Vater Pro-Mark Regal Tip Sound Percussion Ahead DW 3 Drumsticks Hotsticks Hornets Meinl Musician's Gear Aquarian Firestix
"There's only one thing that's more important to a drummer than their kit, and that is their sticks. Sticks, of course, help you to flawlessly keep the beat while you're behind the kit. In fact, sticks are so crucial to a drummer that we offer an entire section devoted to drum stick accessories. Whether you play in an orchestra or in sweaty basements on the weekend, there are plenty of accessories here that are going to help you sound as good as ever. The only question you need to really ask your self is which drum stick accessories are right for you? Honestly, there's no right or wrong answer here, it's all going to come down to a mix of need and personal preference. Your best bet may be to have a look at some of our top sellers and take things from there. For example, maybe you're constantly breaking or losing sticks while you're jamming and need another pair close at hand? If so, check out the Multipair Stick Holder from Vater. This holder is highlighted by a clamp-style fastening system that makes it easy to adjust for easy access, all while staying tightly attached to your cymbal stand. This holder can keep two or three pairs of sticks close at hand so you'll never miss a beat. If you want to take things a step further and also have a place to keep your water, check out the Patented Portable Musician Drink Caddy and Drum Stick Holder from RoboCup. Not only does this caddy give you a spot to store your sticks, but it can help you to stay hydrated during long jam sessions by offering a perfect holder for your drink. Easy to connect to your kit and requiring no tools for set up, this caddy will be ready to go before the rest of the band shows up. And these are only two of the drum stick accessories that we have available here. From wax to grip tape, replacement heads and more, tweaking your sticks with the accessories here will go a long way in keeping you in time with your band mates."