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The Vintage Modified '70s Jazz Bass from Squier features a one-piece hard maple neck, maple body, and Duncan Designed Jazz Bass pickups. It can deliver punchy tone for the ultimate funk sound whether ... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Vintage Modified '70s Jazz Bass from Squier features a one-piece hard maple neck, maple body, and Duncan Designed Jazz Bass pickups. It can deliver punchy tone for the ultimate funk sound whether you play fingerstyle or slap-n-pop. Black binding and block inlays, black pickguard, and chrome hardware give it a true-to-the-'70s visual style.

  • Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
  • Soft maple body
  • One-piece maple neck
  • Maple fingerboard
  • Black block inlays
  • Bound neck
  • 20 large frets
  • 34" scale
  • Chrome hardware
  • Vintage-style butterfly tuners
  • Vintage-style 4-saddle bridge
  • 3-ply black/white/black pickguard
  • 2 single-coil Duncan Designed„¢ JB101 Jazz Bass pickups with Alnico V magnets
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SquierVintage Modified Jazz Bass

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This sounds, looks, and plays better than the $1100.00 American Fender Jazz I had! The pups are HOT! The hardware is decent for the price. Tuners have a nice tight feel but...Read complete review

This sounds, looks, and plays better than the $1100.00 American Fender Jazz I had! The pups are HOT! The hardware is decent for the price. Tuners have a nice tight feel but are smooth. The Volume and tone pots have a viscous feeling to them when you turn them, cushion like. The sound is a Jazz Bass. Electronics are quiet with both pick-ups on equal and even with the tone knob all the way up! If you want a good Jazz bass period, get this one and save about $700.00. AWESOME BASS!


Most Liked Negative Review


Awsome looks, and nothing else

I went down to guitar center a few weeks ago to buy a new bass. I hade 600 dollars in my pocket and i was ready to spend it. Looking around i quckly noticed...Read complete review

I went down to guitar center a few weeks ago to buy a new bass. I hade 600 dollars in my pocket and i was ready to spend it. Looking around i quckly noticed this natural ash jazz bass. From a distance i thought it was a Fender, then i saw it was a Squire. I was impressed by the looks but when i picked it up it almost fell right out of my hands. This bass had to be over 12 pounds!!! I play an Epiphone thunderbird and even i think this bass is heavy. When i plugged this bass into a fender rumble combo amp (By the way, fantastic amp) I was a little surprised by the sound. this bass has Duncan and Duncan pickups, which are copies of Semore Duncan pickups. The sound and tone are ok just a little to gritty for my taste. I almost worshiped the neck with the block inlays, but after taking a closer look they looked like they were drawn on with a sharpie marcker. Instantly a put down. In the end i went on to buy the Fender FSR Jazz bass. Same natural ash body exept with a tortise shell pickguard. Then i went back to get the Fender Rumble amp. If you are limited on cash and want a good jazz bass, buy the Squire classic vibe 60's jazz bass. that was my first bass and i still use it today. Hope my imput helped.

Reviewed by 80 customers

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Simply amazed


from Stanley,NY

Comments about Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass:

I was looking for a reasonably priced bass for some home recording and after reading reviews I settles on this bass. When I received it, I was a little skeptical, especially with the packaging. I was oh so wrong! The finish is fantastic, it is solidly built and should last a long time. At some point I'll probably upgrade the tuners and the bridge, the tuners feel inexpensive and the bridge looks like a little more mass would be nice, but for now they are just fine. I tuned it up, checked the intonation and started playing! Wow.. I can say nothing bad about this bass. The set up out of the box was very good only requiring a few minor adjustments. Through and amp the sound is amazing.. I think the pickups surprised me the most, they sound good. If you need a reasonably priced high quality instrument this is the ticket! I have played higher end versions of this bass and can't see the huge price difference.


Great bass!

By Cassidy

from Mountain Home, AR

Comments about Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass:

I went to the Springfield, MO store to buy this bass as a surprise-congratulations gift for my husband. They didn't have the exact one he wanted, so the associate (I wish I could remember his name) was really helpful, and ordered the one i wanted to be delivered to our house. I came across a severe typo on my billing and mailing address when I received an email confirmation of my order and had to call customer service. Pamela Sterling is who I spoke to, and she was very nice and helpful. She double checked to make sure all of my info was correct then stopped my package as it was going out the door to have it corrected. Who knows where it would have been delivered! So, thank you so much, Pamela. I ordered it on June 22, 2014, and it was at my door two days later. Well, he loves it and says, "It sounds great!" The only complaints I heard was that he thought there was something wonky with the placement of the "actions" (I don't know what those are). But he said he could fix those, so no biggie. Other than that it looks great and has remained it great condition.


Pleasantly Surprised

By Joseph Belton

from Tallahassee, FL

Comments about Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass:

I was in the market for a new 4 string bass. I have previously owned a 4 string Warwick Thumb and Warwick Corvette but had sold those a few years back. I was looking for a bass with punch and growl but within a budget. I had my eye set on the Warwick Corvette Rockbass $$, the Schecter Studio 4 (i own an elite 5), and the Fender MiM Jazz. I have never purchased a bass without trying it out first, so i was hesitant to pull the trigger on the Rockbass because i have heard mixed reviews and was afraid i would be expecting the same quality as the German Thumb and Corvette i previosuly owned. After watching many youtube videos comparing the Fender MiM to the Fender MiA Jazz basses, i decided to go to my local GC to try them out to hear and feel the difference. I was lucky enough to find that my local GC had a MiA Jazz, MiM Jazz and a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz. I plugged all three into a Gallien Krueger Amp and spent a good bit of time testing out the different tonal options. I really preferred the MiM Jazz over all 3 probably becuase of the natural finish on the neck (no gloss), but aside from that, all 3 felt great, all three sounded great and all three played exceptionally well. The Squier got my pick in large part due to the price tag and the fact that to me the only sacrifice made was the Fender Logo was replaced with the Squier Logo. Up close there were a few differences between the Squier and the MiA (obviously) and maybe a few tonal differences, but for what i was looking for - growl, punch, clear highs, thick lows - the squier was perfect. It required minimal set up (minor pickup height adjustment, lowered the strings a bit) but sounded amazing. I will say this, the low end sustain on this bass or any of the fenders i played did not compare to the thumb or Corvette, but that was expected as heavier/darker woods are used on the Warwicks. Overall, awesome product that should have a higher price tag for the quality.


FINALLY! They got it just right... almost... still hate the chrome knobs

By David Elliott

from Caldwell, ID

Comments about Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass:

Back in 2004 or so, I saw the Fender '75 Reissue Jazz Bass in a Fender magazine (probably a Frontline) and fell in love with the maple neck, black block inlays and natural finish. I desperately wanted one, but the price was way out of my budget. When the Squier version came along a few years later, I liked the look, but it looked cheap. I didn't like the satin neck (it looked unfinished to me) and even though I knew I could gloss it up, I still didn't get one. I had a Geddy Lee at the time and that fulfilled my wants. About 2 weeks ago I was at my local GC in Boise with a friend who was going to get some pro audio stuff and KNEW I shouldn't walk through the door. Well, I saw the latest version of the Squier '70's reissue and fell in love. Prompted me to get a GC card and get the bass. The gloss neck has a little bit of a vintage tint to it and feels great and looks as good as any Fender branded neck. The inlays are actual inlays and not painted on. The frets are dressed perfectly and the action is nice and low. The body is the right weight and looks perfect (there are a few little imperfections in the grain, but I think that's charm). In the past, I have always tweaked my basses (new pickups, cosmetics, etc) but this bass was good to go out of the box. The ONLY things I replaced are the knobs. I have no idea why Squier Jazz Basses have those stupid chrome knobs. They don't look or feel right. I put Fender Jazz Bass knobs on and the look is perfect. My other beef was the stock strings, but I prefer flatwounds. Last week I went back to GC and got a set of Rotosound flats and this is one punchy bass. Squier has come a long way. This bass is good enough to be a Fender branded bass. The day I bought this there was a couple in the store looking at basses and the GC employee was telling them Squier is "entry level" and trying to "upsell" to a MIM Fender. No way. Squier USED to be entry level but in my opinion, not any more. All Squier needs to do is a sunburst Jazz with a rosewood board with white block inlays and I'm there.


Amazing bass! Amazing price!!

By Jason Banzhoff

from Maryland

Comments about Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass:

I began my teen years playing bass at church and with a band. Towards the end of those years I began playing more guitar and eventually sold my only bass I had. After several years of getting the itch to start playing again I started researching some basses. I am a huge Fender fan and ultimately decided to go with one of their products. I swore to myself I would never own a Squier product as long as I lived. I played this bad boy and instantly fell in love! Fresh out of the box it felt great. After a simple truss rod adjustment and intonation job, it felt even better! The neck plays incredibly smooth and the pickups have a great punch! You cannot beat this bass for the price! Play one and you'll understand!


Great Guitar

By Ms Lisa Smith

from Carol Stream, IL

Comments about Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass:

It's kind of like: Is it live or is it (........) ? Even though I got this bass for my kid, I've finally had a chance to get it away from her and test it myself. A great playing instrument, the sound is close to the name brand that it copies & best thing of all, more then 1/2 the price cheaper. Yep, most certainly a winner !


Awesome deal!!!

By jared couture

from Manchester Ct

Comments about Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass:

I'm a Fender guy. I always played a precision but my style has changed so I decided to look for a Jazz Bass. I went to the store to buy a MIM jazz. I tried a couple and saw this hanging there. Quickly dismissed it because its a squier. It was so cool looking though so I tried it. I couldn't believe it! This thing plays awesome and sounds GREAT too! Like other people who reviewed it I noticed the painted on fret markers. I'm not worried about that at all. There are so many coats of clear over them they will never wear off. I ended up taking this bass home. I loved it so much I bought the 5 string the following week. I am now a Squier guy. I saved so much money! The Finnish on the neck isn't quite as smooth as the Fender but I actually prefer it. The setup was to Fender's specs when I bought it which was nice. Allot of times even a new fender needs a setup. Even if you don't like the sound that much you could always switch out pickups and still save a ton of money. Awesome value!


Excellent value

By Lee Kaldenbach

from Portland, OR

Comments about Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass:

I had written up a long review on this thing detailing why I was looking at it, finding the right one, why I bought it/like it, etc. Honestly, just play one. Get your hands on it, then look at the price tag. Seriously good value for the money, IMO. Only complaint (and why it's a 4 star rating rather than 5) is inconsistency. The first one I looked at played fantastic, but the "binding" on the side of the 9th fret had a big gouge on it and they didn't do a good job matching the body pieces. The second one I looked at was near flawless and looks fantastic. Slapped some new DR Black Beauties on it and a decently padded strap (it's a fairly heavy guitar) and I've been extremely happy. I haven't even had to touch the action or intonation. Both were dead-on from the factory.


Godly Bass

By Adam Austin

from Jacksonville, Florida

Comments about Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass:

This bass is godly. Period. The tone is unbelievable, I can't believe it sounds this good kind of tone. It will FLOOR YOU with it's sound. Then there are the looks. Man does this thing look like a million bucks. The three color burst is phenomenal. It really looks like a $1000 bass. The neck is smooth and fast, the frets are nice, the tuners are decent, the bridge is sweet. The Duncan designed pickups sound so amazing you'll choke. Crunchy gritty tone, to smooth clean rumble. You can seriously get any sound you want with this bass. I will put it simply. You would be a fool to spend more for less. This bass can do it all, looks amazing, and costs very little. What are you waiting for?


Best Squier bass you can buy!

By Nicolas Greenhalge

from Massachusetts

Comments about Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass:

I had this bass for about 3 years. I loved it, unfortunately i am on a limited budget, and i wanted to pick up a real american fender. so i had to sell this to get my american standard jazz bass. Which i love a lot. however, this is the best squier bass i have ever played. It is comfortable and looks amazing and sound unbelievable! the duncan design pickups make this bass untouchable for the price. if you are looking for a quality bass, and love fender products, but you don't have the money, or don't want to spend the money. this bass is hands down the best bass for you.

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