Specialty Guitar Picks

For nearly as long as people have been playing the guitar, they have been using guitar picks to boost their sound and improve playing style. A speciality pick is a fun and creative way to enhance your own unique look and tone.

Guitar picks come in different sizes, shapes, thickness, materials and styles. Thinking about the kind of music you want to make should help you find the right pick. Thinner picks, which are usually made in a nylon or celluloid material, are lightweight and bendy, so guitars tend to produce a brighter, airier sound when strummed with these kinds of picks. Beginner musicians may have an easier time controlling a lighter pick. Heavier picks, often made from metal or sometimes wood, offer a notably darker, denser sound ideal for harder rock music. Experienced musicians may appreciate the bold, dynamic sound their guitar generates with a heavy pick. Or if you’re looking for something a little softer on your fingers, try Mick’s Composite Felt Picks, made from a durable Flex-Tex felt material.

In time, you may want to ramp things up a notch and go for a fun and distinctive speciality pick. These are picks with a personalized look, often with artwork featuring a famous band or musician. If you want to honor the most famous band in history, the Planet Waves Beatles Stripes Pick tin feature picks with images of the iconic Fab Four. Whether you’re jamming on stage in front of a crowd or strumming in your own home, a specialized pick can boost your stage presence and help put in you in the rocker mood.

It’s even possible to have a guitar created with your own custom graphics or text. With Clayton Custom Pick Cards, you can go on the website and either upload your own artwork or chose from existing styles to truly capture your own unique look.

With so many picks on the market to choose from, finding the right one for you really comes down to personal choice and what looks and sounds good to you. Whatever instrument you play and however you choose to express your own musical tastes, there is a distinctively specialized guitar pick out there sure to speak to you.