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Design and innovation has always been Soundcraft's greatest strengths. Founded in central London, England, in 1973, Soundcraft quickly became known for the Series 1, which was the first mixing console in a suitcase. Developing a mixing console that could easily be transported by a band truly changed the way musicians toured forever; it also established Soundcraft as a respected name throughout the music industry. As time went on, Soundcraft continued to expand and diversify its offerings. Today, in addition to its incredibly varied range of mixers used for live sound, Soundcraft also offers mixers for recording, post-production, TV and radio production and disco applications. Because their gear is designed for many different purposes, whatever you are trying to achieve, odds are Soundcraft can help you meet your goals.

If you're not entirely sure which type of Soundcraft gear is right for you, there's probably no better place to start than with the best sellers in this section. For example, an option like the Si Expression 3 Digital Mixer might be everything you need to get your job done. That's because this mixer is a serious game changer. Perfect for obtaining the legendary "British Sound," this mixer offers a creamy EQ and colorful preamps, as well as 32-channels for mixing your sound. Perfect for nearly any musical application, this mixer is worth some serious consideration.

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