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Every experienced musician knows how much it helps to own a tuner. In fact, even performers who can tune well by ear have their off days, and equipping themselves with a tuner is a foolproof way to ensure every note is in the right key. With that in mind, Snark Tuners are trusted by musicians all over the world, and within this catalog you'll find plenty of options. Before you settle on a tuner, it's important to look at the various types first. For example, clip-on tuners work by detecting the sound of a guitar's strings through vibrations, and many also include internal microphones, which makes them useful for tuning other instruments as well. A great example is the Snark SN-11. This all-instrument clip-on tuner is fully chromatic with a large display, and works exceptionally well for stringed instruments, brass and woodwinds. Another popular type is the pedal tuner. Ideal for guitarists and bassists who play in bands, these tuners are meant to be placed by your feet, and have bright displays so they can be read easily on dark stages. If this is the kind of tuner you're after, then check out the Snark SN-10S. Perfect for live and studio use, this tuner's true bypass allows you to have it in your chain of pedals while maintaining an uninterrupted signal flow. In addition to the tuners themselves, Snark also offers pedal accessories, and the 9-Volt Power Supply is a top seller. With its steady voltage and zero hum proprietary noise filtering for quiet operation, this simple gadget can power up to 15 pedals while keeping your tone sounding spotless. So now that you have an idea of what Snark can do for your performance, the only thing left to do is dive in and see for yourself. Whatever you decide upon, you can bet the every Snark tuner is reliable, amazingly accurate, and more than capable of making your playing skills sound pitch perfect.
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