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When it comes to your kit, the setup is just as important as the drums themselves. Allowing you to comfortably boom, crash and strike your way around the music, stands are an integral part of that setup, with few being as important as the snare stand. And with the durable, versatile, easy-to-use options you'll find in this section, you'll be able to completely customize your kit as you see fit.

So how are you envisioning your snare in conjunction with the rest of your arrangement? If you're looking for solid support or you're looking to mount extra pieces onto your stand outside of your snare, start your search with a double-braced stand like the top-rated Mapex Falcon Snare Stand. Heavy-duty in design so that your drum doesn't move at all during a performance, the Falcon features a centered omni-ball snare basket adjustment that allows easier positioning and balance, as well as base height adjustment. And with its high-friction rubber feet with retractable spikes, it's made to grip and grab all surface types. If portability is at the top of your list though, allowing you to go from show to show with ease, instead check out the extremely popular DW 6300 Flush Base Snare Drum Stand. Lightweight and compact, this stand is just as strong and performance-driven as the other options out there, but with its single-braced construction it cuts out a lot of the added weight. And because it's equipped with an ultralight fine tilt adjustment and memory lock, it's as versatile as you need it to be in your setup. In the end, the snare stand you decide on should be the one that best suits your specific needs. Just know that because the stands found in this catalog are made by top brands like Yamaha, Pearl, DW, Tama, Gibraltar, PDP, Ludwig and so many others, no matter which model you decide on it will definitely deliver exactly what it promises. Then you can get back onto your throne where you belong.