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Guitar Center is proud to offer the Slate Media Technology RAVEN MTi Multi-Touch mixer/controller. You've never experienced anything like it, with its state-of-the-art touchscreen display featuring the RAVEN Mixer, and powerful control capabilities for all major DAWs.

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The RAVEN MTi puts your DAW at your fingertips and allows your creativity to flow. The lightning-fast virtual control surface, running user-customizable RAVEN software, lets you follow your instincts with nothing in the way.

Other controllers and consoles are what they are-from the day you buy them, to the day you retire them. The Slate Media Technology RAVEN virtual control surface will always adapt and evolve to offer the quickest and most intuitive workflow in your studio. The RAVEN MTi removes all obstacles between you and your DAW.


Slate Media Technology built the RAVEN touch display from the ground up using new and cutting-edge touchscreen technologies. It's more than just a 27" touchscreen display—as if that weren't enough. It's sharp, bright, looks great at any angle, and is incredibly responsive. With its NanoGlide™ surface, the RAVEN is even smoother than your favorite tablet.

  • RAVEN's NanoGlide™ surface provides previously unheard of resolution and smoothness to capture the finest, most subtle mix moves with total accuracy.
  • The RAVEN Toolbar, living at the bottom of the screen, gives you instant access to all the important functions of your DAW software.
  • Routing, bussing, soloing, automation, channel assignments, plug-in parameter editing, plus, of course, faders and panning-it's all right there in the RAVEN Mixer, configured perfectly to your DAW.

    The RAVEN makes your DAW a multitouch control surface, providing complete access to faders, pans, mutes, solos, sends, automation, and even plug-in inserts, all immediately at your fingertips. A customizable interface employing intuitive multi-touch gestures will have you moving effortlessly through your sessions.

    The Slate Media Technology RAVEN MTi will revolutionize the way you record, the way you mix, the whole way you think about recording. Check one out today.