Bring the lightning-fast, intuitive workflow of the revolutionary Slate RAVEN MTX to your production space with the RAVEN MTi. Featuring a 27”, six-point multi-touch display and powerful software, the Raven MTi is the ideal centerpiece for any modern creative audio environment. Contact your GC Pro representative to arrange a demo and see how the MTi can streamline your production process.

High-Definition Multi-Touch Display

Key to RAVEN MTi’s versatility is the 27”, 1920x1080, LED-backlit display. Boasting both low power consumption and low EMI, it delivers crystal-clear images as your DAW’s main display or alongside a second monitor for added flexibility.

Fine-Tuning Mixer

RAVEN MTi’s powerful multi-touch control software gives you complete access to every component of your DAW, from faders, pans, sends, mute and solo switches to automation and even plug-in inserts. For the first time, you can tweak your plug-in controls directly with your fingers, as if it were physical hardware. The latest version, FADERS 2.0, offers unparalleled control, with up to eight times the resolution of a classic 100mm fader, for incredibly fine precision and detail in automation.

Batch Command System

With the capacity to execute up to 1,000 key commands and mouse clicks automatically, RAVEN’s Batch Command System offers groundbreaking control capability. A single button can create instant headphone sends, name tracks, export stems and much, much more. With 96 pre-programmed commands and the capacity for easy user programming using the QuickList, which contains hundreds of predefined operations, you have instant access to almost limitless possibilities.


Toolbar mode anchors the full RAVEN toolbar at the base of the touch display, for convenient access to all your DAW’s transport, window selection, punch in/out, loop creation and more, supporting intuitive multi-touch gestures for scrubbing, zooming, bank switching and countless other common activities and, because the Toolbar is user-customizable, you can put the controls where they are most convenient for you.

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