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Single Electric Guitar Strings

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In today's music scene, there are probably more genres that use electric guitars than those that don't. One of the things that make the instrument so adaptable is the ability to change its strings. The effects that different strings have on the guitar's sound allow it to fit in with virtually any backup band. When you're looking for replacements, sometimes a single electric guitar string is all you need. That's especially true of the thinner, more fragile strings, especially if you use a tuning method that puts them under a lot of tension. If you're a professional touring musician, you might even buy multiple spares for a string that often needs to be replaced in order to ensure you're well-prepared on the road. You'll find individual strings in the selection here, as well as bulk packs to keep you covered.

As always when buying guitar strings, material is an important aspect to take into account. For electric guitar, that means a choice between steel, nickel-plated steel and pure nickel. If you play classic rock, you may be looking for the soft vintage sound of pure nickel. Or, if you're into hard rock, metal or modern pop and alternative, you might prefer the vibrant clarity and strength of steel. The most popular strings, however, are made of the hybrid nickel-plated steel, which gives you the best of each material combined together for a versatile sound that suits most genres. Read More >