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Clearance SD7PK Electronic Drum Set

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This SD7PK Electronic Drum Set features high-quality drum and cymbal pads for professional sound and feel, a sturdy frame and rack clamps with enhanced durability, and a versatile drum module that fea... Read More

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This SD7PK Electronic Drum Set features high-quality drum and cymbal pads for professional sound and feel, a sturdy frame and rack clamps with enhanced durability, and a versatile drum module that features a variety of sound and rhythm choices.

The pad set includes 1 kick pad, 1 dual-zone snare pad, 3 tom pads, 3 cymbal pads, and 1 hi-hat foot control pedal. The rack is constructed of a sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame for easy setup.

Kick pedal sold separately.

The drum module features 300 acoustic and electronic drum and percussion voices, with 20 Factory preset drum kits, 30 user programmable kits, 50 preset songs, stereo line outputs/headphone output, as well as MIDI ports for connection to computer and other MIDI devices.

The SD7PK also includes 1 drum key, 1 pair of drumsticks, 1 9V DC adapter, all necessary connecting cables (9x), instruction manual, and assembly instructions.

This Simmons Electronic Drumset comes with an industry leading 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

  • High-quality drum and cymbal pads
  • for professional sound and feel
  • Sturdy frame and rack clamps
  • enhance durability
  • Versatile drum module features a
  • variety of sound/rhythm choices
Drum kit components
  • 1 Kick pad
  • 1 Dual-zone snare pad
  • 3 Tom pads
  • 3 Cymbal pads
  • 1 Hi-hat foot control pedal
  • Sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame
  • for easy set-up
Drum module
  • 300 Acoustic and electronic drum and
  • percussion voices
  • 20 Factory preset drum kits
  • 30 User programmable kits
  • 50 preset songs
  • Stereo line outputs/headphone output
  • MIDI ports for connection to computer
  • and other MIDI devices
  • Drum key
  • Drum sticks (1 pair)
  • 9V DC adapter
  • All connecting cables (9x)
  • Instruction manual

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Most Liked Positive Review


Christmas 2009

I recently received this set as a gift. After being told by many that electronic drums "suck", these are the exact opposite. The produced sound is incredibly realistic. They bounce...Read complete review

I recently received this set as a gift. After being told by many that electronic drums "suck", these are the exact opposite. The produced sound is incredibly realistic. They bounce the stick back nicely, and my pads show no signs of wear after 9 months of hard playing. The snare can handle a nice hard roll, the hat control is very effective and realistic. The only flaw, as with all electronic drums, are the cymbals. The cymbals have dynamic sound(depending on how hard you hit them) but they can't be muted and they stop to early. These pads absorb the noise so they make a really quiet click(less than that of a guitar hero drum set) which means i can play at night. This set is good for apartments because you wont be annoying your fellow residents. The brain on this set is amazing! there are so many features it is crazy. Playing them in the store is not even comparable to having a set at your house that you can mess with all of the features. my opinion? These pads rock. i would give them a six out of five if they would let me.


Most Liked Negative Review


hopeless customer service and not remotely hard wearing

Started off as a nice affordable kit for my son to begin to learn with, however, one of the pads had to be replaced within a year where it had begun to fall apart...Read complete review

Started off as a nice affordable kit for my son to begin to learn with, however, one of the pads had to be replaced within a year where it had begun to fall apart with only light use. 2 months outside of the warranty 2 other pads failed - Simmons customer service admitted there was a fault with the pads and they were eligible to be replaced for free - 9 months on and several e-mails later (most of them ignored) we're still yet to see the replacements and have long since given up on Simmons customer service actually living up to their agreement to replace them. Bought a Roland kit instead which is infinitely better quality; played far harder and not a speck of damage. I would personally never buy a product from Simmons again since their products are clearly defective and their customer service is so poor.

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Awesome for the price

By Darrell Hill

from Fairfax, VA

I am an experienced drummer with over 20 years of playing experience. I needed something inexpensive and quiet for my apartment, so I settled on this set. Setup out of the box was quick and simple. If you are just learning or just need something simple to tool around on, this is perfect. My biggest complaints with the unit would be this; the "brain" doesn't have any extra ports, so you cannot add any more cymbals, toms, or other "voices" of any kind. Speaking of "voices", that brings me to my second argument. The brain is not intuitive on how to use, but to the best I can figure, there are fifty preset pre-loaded drum kits to choose from. Each kit gives every drum a different voice. Some of these kits are simple sound effects. In my estimation, there are only about 5 to 7 kits that I could seriously consider using in recording a rock song. I wish there were more of a wider range of realistic sounds to choose from. Having said that, this is a tremendous value. Just don't expect to play this and hear incredibly realistic drum sounds. They are passable, but you can tell it's electronic.

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Follow up to the "for the money" feedback

By Ronald Allen

from Nashville

Well I've had the Simmons SD7PK long enough to have read the manual. There is, of course, a drum off toggle for the song function. It will switch off the drum track but still leave in the percussion. I am glad I couldn't talk myself out of this purchase. I use Ableton Live as DAW on my laptop. I can just move the set wherever I want, hook up a usb cable, set it to channel 10 and I'm off to recording in MIDI. Each time I play them I enjoy them just a little bit more. The action is like one of the old time, hard rubber practice pads so my doubles are unrealistically nice- in a good way. The pads are responsive and as a bonus, the SD7PK will take a double bass pedal I just read. They are not perfect but they sure as heck are worth the money.

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For the money I couldn't pass it up!

By Ronald Allen

from Nashville, TN

I'm a dyed in the wool acoustic drum player. That being said I bought this electronic set of Simmons when the price got so low I couldn't talk myself out of it. This is not something that I would play on stage- that's what my Sonor Delites and HiLites are for. The fact that this had as many voices as it does, midi in and out, usb capability I couldn't pass it up for recording. I got tired of trying to get a crisp roll on a MPK25 pad. I unpacked it last night and to be honest have only played it about 30 minutes so I reserve the right to amend my review. My impressions so far is that it an efficient build. The clips for the wiring help keep things somewhat tidy although that's always been, at a minimum, 2nd or 3rd for me. It does not have the articulation of acoustic drums and I did not expect it too. The fact that I had it delivered to my door for about what I paid for a 10" Sonor HiLite tom was unbelievable. Everything worked out of the box. There is no mystery as to how to put it together, all the cables are cut correctly and labeled. I haven't really worked on getting it to sound exactly like I want but I know the functionality is there. I did get to mess with the songs some. If I had to put a con down it's that the songs still have a drum track. This could be because I haven't studied the manual yet, too much fun to play at 11:30pm with head phones on. Over the years I've watched the electronic drums tend towards the acoustic, analog, drums. They'll never replace them, in my opinion, but for quick recording without having to set 4-8 mics up, have no room noise except what I program in, it was, and is, a no-brainer.

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Good For the Price

By Tammie Richey

from Florence, SC

I wanted a Roland HD-1 or Yamaha dtx like most people say you should invest in, but I simply couldnt find one for the price I got the Simmons. I went with it and dont regret my decision, however I have noticed some flaws that probably woulnt come with the other manufacturers. The sd7pk has a dual-zone snare (although I never use the rim really). Plain and simple, the snare sucks. only about a tennis ball size area in the center of the pad registers hits (even hitting this small area has a small chance of no hit-registering). I noticed its lack of sensitivity within minutes of play. I tried to swap a single-zone in for the snare, but when hit hard it creates a loud popping noise (I also read of the same complaint online)..So its not as simple as replacing the dual-zone with another pad, you must go buy another dual-zone. luckily, the customer service is great at GC. i emailed asking for a refund of the one pad rather than the whole kit. i initailly called GC and the guy said sorry, you must return the whole kit. i emailed the same question to customer service telling them i wanted a $35 refund for it, and they said they don't refund single items,BUT all i had to do was go to my local GC and they gave me the $ it took to buy a new dual-zone. Is that great or what??? Back to the kit itself...The single-zone pads are really great and responsive and seem to be build well. The frame is also well built. I've read complaints about the kickpad not working well but I have to problems with mine (and its used). The cymbals are alright. Kinda thumpy(i read that alot too online). For regular high-hat sounds, it doesnt respond to high-velocity hits very well. i'm considering replacing the highhat cymbal with a singlezone pad. For crash/ride they work just fine(and the thump isnt too noticable with crash/ride sounds as compared to a high-hat sound. The module has lots of different sounds(most of which are pretty useless) but i have found pretty good sounds to make a couple sets that sound good to me. in conclusion, I'm not sure how the Rolands or yamahas are, but except for the bad dual-zone snare, i think the Simmons SD7PK can stack up against its competitors just fine.

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By john lindow

from Los angales california

it is greaat i love it it has every thing i expeted

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Great Drumset!

By Kevin Rudnicki

from Buffalo, NY

Started using the older model for my drum lessons and bought this to use at home to try to keep a little quieter. Hooking up to headphones or to an amp, this kit ROCKS! Lots of customized settings, easy setup, great feel. Highly recommend this set!

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It is ok

By Ethan Koster

from Goleta, CA

I got this kit so i can play at night without pissing anyone off. when i got it everything worked great for about 8 months then the bass drum trigger broke. Then about a month ago one of my cymbals became unresponsive. For the money this is an ok kit but in the long run, save up and get a nicer kit like a roland or if your willing to and epro live.

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Worth the money

By Caleb Brokaw

from Delaware

This kit is worth the money that it costs. I have started learning on this kit and it has been great. The screws do get loose and fall out. I had the high-hat and ride cymbal die out so I had to get it replaced. Those are the negatives. Other than that, it is all good. The pads are great quality and the bass pad is big enough to use with a double kick. The cymbols are realistic compared to some other electronic sets. I recommend this kit though but MAKE SURE you get the Pro Coverage! - Cale Quo

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(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


excellent set for the money

By C

from Lake Orion, MI

This is a nice set with a sturdy frame and pads that seem solidly built. The whole kits cabling is nicely done in that all the cables are the perfect lenghth and clips were included to keep the cables tied to the frame, so what you end up with is something very neat looking. I have owned this kit for 8 months or so now and have had no problems with it. The voices in the sound module sound good. I have a pretty wide variety of song genres on my Ipad, and I can usually find a voice that matches pretty well. Theres an input jack to run an audio source thru and an output jack for headphones. Small issue is that while you are drumming, you can hear the audio source output drop slightly. Not too bad, though. It supports both a standard 5 pin MIDI in/out AND USB MIDI in/out. I have used both with no problems. The MIDI notes output to standard MIDI drum notes on Channel 10, as expected, and you can remap the notes if you like as well. I run my MIDI out to a MAD CATZ Midi Pro Adapter and am able to play Rock Band 3 in pro mode, which is fun.

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(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Awesome Set!

By David

from Evansville, IN

I wasn't sure about this set at first. I bought it based on the reviews that I read and I have to say I am far from disappointed. This set is so easy to set up and move around. I have beat on it pretty hard and it holds up great. Well worth the money.

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