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Shure Live Sound Microphones

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  1. On Sale
    Shure SM58 Dynamic Handheld Vocal Microphone
    Was:  UAH 2,845.01 UAH 2,55764
  2. On Sale
    Shure SM57 Dynamic Instrument Microphone
    Was:  UAH 2,845.01 UAH 2,55764
  3. Top Seller
    Shure Beta 58A Supercardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone
    UAH 4,56926
  4. On Sale
    Shure SM48 Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone
    Was:  UAH 1,580.28 UAH 83339
  5. Top Seller
    Shure PGA48 Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone
    UAH 9778
  6. Top Seller
    Shure Beta 52A Kick Drum Mic
    UAH 5,43139
  7. Top Seller
    Shure PGA48-XLR Vocal Microphone with XLR Cable
    UAH 1,12076
  8. Top Seller
    Shure Super 55 Dynamic Microphone
    UAH 7,15564
  9. Top Seller
    Shure Beta 91A  Kick-Drum Mic
    UAH 6,86826
  10. Top Seller
    Shure PGA56-XLR Dynamic Snare/Tom Microphone with Drum Mount and XLR Cable
    UAH 1,98289
  11. Top Seller
    Shure Series II Iconic Unidyne Vocal Microphone
    UAH 5,1441
  12. Top Rated
    Shure 520DX Green Bullet Mic
    UAH 3,41976
    Open Box:
    UAH 3,009.39
  13. Shure PGA58-XLR Dynamic Vocal Microphone with XLR Cable
    UAH 1,69551
  14. Shure PGA98H-XLR Gooseneck Instrument Microphone with XLR Cable
    UAH 3,70714
  15. Shure PGA48-QTR Vocal Microphone with XLR to 1/4" Cable
    UAH 1,12076
  16. Shure PGA98H-TQG Cardioid Condenser Gooseneck Instrument Microphone with TA4F Wireless System Connector
    UAH 2,8451
  17. Top Rated
    Shure UNIDYNE III 545SD-LC Dual Impedance Unidirectional Microphone
    UAH 2,63810
  18. Shure PGA58-QTR Dynamic Vocal Microphone with XLR to 1/4" Cable
    UAH 1,69551
  19. Shure PGA57-XLR Dynamic Instrument Microphone with XLR Cable
    UAH 1,69551
  20. Top Seller
    Shure KSM9 Dual Diaphragm Performance Condenser Microphone
    UAH 20,08751
    Open Box:
    UAH 17,677.01 +
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See all 318 Shure Microphones
In the world of live sound, there's no name more well-known than Shure. Their microphones have been go-to choices for venues of all kinds, permanent and mobile, for decades and that's not likely to change anytime soon. They owe that level of renown to their simple but effective design formula: combine high-performance hardware with maximum durability to create a mic that just keeps on going no matter what you put it through. That's exactly what Shure live sound microphones do, so if you're looking for a mic that's tough as nails, you'll find it here - and with such a wide variety to choose from, that goes the same no matter what sort of musician you happen to be.

It's no secret that the lion's share of Shure's fame comes from their dynamic vocal microphones: the Shure SM58 Mic in particular. It's a legend in the mic industry, and it's only the tip of the Shure iceberg. For vocalists interested in a more vintage look and feel, there's the Shure Super 55 Dynamic Microphone. For condenser accuracy in a handheld package, there's the Shure SM86 Cardioid Condenser Vocal Mic. And for instruments, there's a huge range of options including all-stars like the Shure PGA98H-XLR Gooseneck Instrument Microphone, the Shure SM57 Instrument/Vocal Mic, the Shure Beta 91A Kick-Drum Mic and the Shure PGA56-XLR Dynamic Snare/Tom Microphone with Drum Mount and XLR Cable - to name just a few.

So whether you're a singer, a drummer, a guitarist, a saxophonist or any other kind of musician or tech, it's safe to say there are at least a few Shure live sound microphones that would be a good fit for you. Picking out the best one is totally subjective, so you should start by thinking about what you want and need in a stage microphone - then you'll be ready to start browsing! With a bit of careful consideration, it won't be tough to narrow down the options until you arrive at the ideal Shure mic.
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