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DW Performance Series 5-Piece Shell Pack (DRPK01CPS)
DW Performance Series 5-Piece Shell Pack
  • New: $2,044.97+
  • Blemished: $1,979.09
  • Rating:

As a drummer progresses, so does their interest in customization. Take the snare drum, for example. With so many to choose from on today's market, more experienced players like to upgrade their current snare without changing anything else about their drum kit. This is where shell packs come in handy. Shell packs are about freedom, and with the massive amount of shell packs available from the top manufacturers in the business, you can have more than enough freedom to create a drum-set that's uniquely your own, and perfectly suited to your own specific style and tastes.

As pointed out, shell packs give you the choice of tailoring your kit. If you're happy with your current snare, choose a shell pack without one. If you're content with the floor tom you own now, purchase a shell pack with the floor tom excluded. In other words, shell packs are a great option for meticulous drummers, and there are more than enough options to satisfy any hard headed hitter.

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