Guitar Center Lessons

Our state-of-the-art rehearsal and practice studios provide a place for you to learn, rehearse and record. We offer music lessons and education for performers of all levels, as well as certified Pro Tools and Logic training. You can even rent a rehearsal studio by the hour and digitally record your session. Services vary by location.

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Guitar Center Garage

Located inside every Guitar Center store, GC Garage provides expert stringed instrument repairs, upgrades and maintenance. Our experienced, certified technicians keep your instrument in peak playing condition with services ranging from setup and restringing to custom modifications and structural repairs.

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Guitar Center Pro

GC Pro focuses on the needs of music industry professionals and other customers seeking personalized service. Through GC Pro, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive selection of the world's finest equipment and receive individualized service and expert consultation from a local account manager.

Guitar Center Rentals

We offer the ability to rent instruments and other gear–great for when you’re on the road or when you’re not ready to make a purchase investment. Instead of transporting gear from city to city or buying equipment you only use occasionally, simply rent what you need. Rentals are available at select Guitar Center locations.

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No matter what your musical style or instrument preference, we offer a free in-store class or online webinar to help you learn more about it. The Workshops series inspires musicians to take the next step in their musical journeys. See the class schedule for upcoming dates.