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Schecter Guitar Research C-1 Plus Electric Guitar Dark Brown Sunburst

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The Schecter C-1 Plus Electric Guitar has a silky neck with easy access to the upper frets. This stunning flamed maple on mahogany beauty is appointed with chrome hardware, Grover machines, a mahogany... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Schecter C-1 Plus Electric Guitar has a silky neck with easy access to the upper frets. This stunning flamed maple on mahogany beauty is appointed with chrome hardware, Grover machines, a mahogany set neck with fast rosewood fretboard and 24 jumbo frets, vector inlays, a TonePros bridge, and creme body and neck bindings. 2 Duncan Designed humbuckers ensure plenty of tonal punch.


  • Flamed maple top
  • Mahogany body
  • Mahogany neck
  • 24-3/4" scale
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Vector inlays
  • TonePros TOM bridge with thru-body
  • Body and neck binding
  • Duncan Designed HB-102 humbuckers
  • Grover tuners
  • Chrome hardware
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Limited lifetime warranty on all guitars.

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(28 of 39 customers found this review helpful)


Amazing color-Amazing sound

By Chained to the Grave

from Atlanta Ga

Ok, I've had this guitar for a couple of months. I play it with a line 6 spider three 75 watt amp and it sounds amazing!! I love the sound that the duncan designed hunbuckers put out. Schecter got the job done with this guitar. Go c-1 plus! Also I think that the color of this guitar is cooler than any other guitar. I have the vintage sunburst color and it freaking rocks! Also i'd like to reccomend that if you buy this guitar and use it alot, then get one of those special sprays that make the finish look brand new. I recommend getting 'Power Chord' because it makes the finish look amazing although its kindof small and expensive. your friends will think that the guitar is brand new everytime they see it! I'm going to get another bottle of Power Chord this week. Back to the sound of the guitar: this guitar has an awesome AWESOME distortion sound! Better than any guitar that I have played. The clean sound is really good too and like the description says is pretty good with playing the blues. I don't play blues but when I made something up and played it on clean it sounded COOL! I love almost all rock so when I play that on this guitar its just like when any famous band plays it like my chemical romance or SlipKnot. This guitar is an amazing buy and it should be $300.00 more! Get this guitar if you are an intermediate player that loves rock or a starting out guy whos rich and wants to impress thier friends in both sound and looks!!

(13 of 16 customers found this review helpful)


the best guitar I have ever owned and i have 7!

By xschecterfiendx

from Cape Coral, FL

i've been playing for 7 years and quite honestly this is one of the best guitars for metal, blues, or jazz. Seymour Duncan Design pickups aren't the best but they are still very responsive and are of amazing quality! I myself own 2 Schecter basses and two electric guitars. These ARE the best guitars and basses you can get without paying an arm and a leg. The Grover tuners are the best quality tuners on the market. and it is a neck-thru body which provides for really clear tone. great for recording! Im actually getting another one in a few days!

(9 of 9 customers found this review helpful)


Schecter is amazing for this one.

By guitardude13975

from Kalamazoo, MI

I have a wide range of tastes in music, and I wanted a guitar that could fit them all. At first I wanted a Jackson Dinky, which I almost bought because it sounded alright and had EMG's and a Floyd Rose. Then at the last second, while waiting for the cashier to ring it up, I picked this one up. IT BLEW MY MIND! I have a Line 6 Spider 3 75 Watt amp, so that's what I plugged it into. It could go from blues to reggae to metal to anything else I wanted, and still have the crispest sound of any guitar I've played. Although the pickups are just Duncan DESIGNED, they have the sound of real Seymours. The coil tap feature is awesome too. Not to mention this guitar (I got the Ruby Fade) has killer looks and sweet inlays. Only reason I gave the features a 4.5 is I still wish I had a Floyd Rose or at least a Whammy Bar, but this guitar always stays in tune anyway so I'll live. This is the best guitar I have ever played in this price range; for any style.

(8 of 8 customers found this review helpful)



By Joey G.

from Franklin, VA

After I came home from USMC bootcamp, I wanted to reward my self with a nice guitar. I looked into schecter for awhile and saw this guitar in the store and couldn't take my eyes off it. I plugged it in, and after playing it for a few seconds, I was amazed! I couldn't put it down and bought it. The action on the neck is fast, the tone is amazing, it never goes out of tune, the quality of this guitar rocks and it looks awesome! ROCK ON!

(7 of 7 customers found this review helpful)


Schecter C-1 is awesome

By Smolderin'

from North Providence, RI

I've played primarily Strats for over 25 years. I've recently decided to shop around for a good Les Paul(humbuckers, wide tonal range), and, after deciding that the only Les Paul worth buying was a Gibson(thousands of bucks), I decided to check the C-1 out. This guitar fits my style better than a Gibson Les Paul ever could. Shaped like a Strat, neck and pickups of a Les Paul. Through the body neck. The tone is unreal through my Hot Rod DeVille( I actually have the C-1 Classic). My problem now is: I need to buy another as my spare axe for gigs.

(3 of 5 customers found this review helpful)


another guitar

By boardhead5

from Camas, Wa.

I was looking for an Ibanez jet king. my wife was asking why I wanted that guitar and I told her about the coil tap. she wanted to know what it was so i looked around an found this schector with coil taps. I plugged it in to show her the sounds and this guitar played sweet and sounded great. She said, why don't you just get this one. It was a little more money than the jet king but sometimes you have to listen to your wife. The more I play it the more I like the feel and sound. This is one sweet guitar. I already have 2 Guilds, 3 Peaveys, 1 Tiesco and now a Shector

(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)



By Dan

from National Park, NJ

I own an LTD as of right.I thought that was a nice guitar.Then I played a custom Ibanez that was priced at $1000, and I thought that was an awsome guitar.But then I started lookin at schecter guitars and fell in love.For the price, it's worth every cent.Theses guitars are very well put together.They are very easy to play.You'll be able to play songs you never thought you were able to.With the set neck, you don't have to worry about the neck falling apart on you.The action on these are set perfect.No fret buz,and no dead notes.For the pick ups being Duncan Designed, and not real Duncan pick ups they have deep tone for metal and a crisp sound for clean.I played Metal, Hardcore, Inde, Rock, and blues on this guitar.Everything sounded great on it.If you want a guitar that's well put together, then consider looking at this guitar.It will not disapoint you.

(2 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


best guitar ever made

By guitardude61

from ohio

This guitar is the best guitar at its price. I plugged it into a CrateRFX65. I instantly fell in love with it. the schecter C-1 plus has great tone, pickups, fret action,and cool inlays. Last but not least this guitar has a awesome looks!

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Schecter won my lust....!

By Ken Visger

from Michigan

I have to honestly admit that I liked the looks of the schecters, but I have never liked the way they felt when I played them. Until now.... I have been an Ibanez RG fan for so long, that I felt it necessary to discover new options. and when I played the C-1 Plus, I fell in love instantly. After getting it home, I plugged in my RG and played for a few minutes, then for an honest comparison, I plugged in my New Schecter and played that too. I was astounded. The ease of playing was the same, the feel to hold was (ahem! - forgive me I choke to admit this)more balanced and felt a bit better. as far as tonal differences, I have a pull-tap switch that makes all the difference in versatiliy, but the HB bridge set was so close to my RG, I didn't have to reset my knobs (whew!) but the lows were deeper (that is the Mahogany vs Basswood) and the highs were crisper. A little bit fuller tones, but not excessive. Just the same, My infamous love for the RG just took on a sidecar!! I also have demoted the RG to my backup axe....

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Schecter C-1+, legendary guitar

By johnfrusciantefan89

from Fresnoooo, CA

I researched for an electric guitar for most of my senior year in high school. I looked high and low, all sorts of brands from fender and ibanez to the small brands like kramer. no guitar brand out there stood out to me more than schecter, and the c-1+ was definetly the best for the price. the c-1+ is AMAZING, it can play any style of music you want. its really great with a CRATE amp, i have a beginners 15 watt amp and it still blows my mind. it can play anything from Metallica to RHCP and beyond, it does it all. the fact that there is no tremolo makes it easy to drop to tunings at any time to fit your mood. sound isnt all that this puppy's got, i've got the black cherry and its got looks that'll grab someones attention like a hot chic at the beach. all in all its a fantastic guitar, perfect for intermediate players and great for pros in my opinion. It should definetly be in every guitarists collection.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


This Guitar Is AWESOME

By Dalton Gaither

from Birmingham, AL

I got an ibanez with a floyd rose for x-mas. After a few days i decided that guitar wasn't right for me, so i was going to trade it in for an epiphone les paul. when i saw this guitar i had my doubts, but when i played it i freaked out at how good it was so i told the cashier that this is the one i want. This guitars pickups are amazing for any style of music and they are extremely versatile.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Already awesome

By Kirk Hammett Wannabe

from Leesburg, Virginia

I just bought this guitar today, and im already blown away. The sound as beautiful as the guitar itself. I play it on a Line 6 Spider IV 75 watt amp and the combo is killer! Schecter has amazing prices for amazing guitars, and i would recommend Schecter guitars, and this one in particular, to anyone who plays on a normal basis. You rock Schecter!

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)



By Syn's little buddy

from Lawrenceville,Georgia

Excellent guitar.Great looks and great sounds from both Clean and Distorted.Too bad it's not mad anymore,but It's basically the C-1 Standard now.

(0 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Schecter C-1 Plus Electric Guitar

By Atomica

from Pleasnt Hill, CA

Hello, I just got a Schecter C-1 Plus Electric Guitar for my birthday a couple weeks ago. This guitar is great! Sounds beautiful, looks awesome (cherry red), isnt too heavy. I love it. Only thing i dont like about it is that the back of its neck is painted and gets stickey after being played for a while. But, other than that, its great.


Love it

By Ipheylan

from Utah

I went to Guitar Center to buy a PRS and came home with this. I was leary at fist but I couldn't be happier now. Thanks to the salesman at GC for showig me several guitars and not just trying to make the pricier sale.The C-1 is a solid guitar that sounds great. The standard pickups are a little weak but still sound good, but pickups are an easy fix.


Very well made Guitar.

By Rico

from Henryville, PA.

I have one of these babies and let me tell you, for the price there are no guitars out there this well made. The finish is #1, binding, fretwork, action. The Plus has a flame top, just beautiful. I mean there was nothing wrong with this guitar. All I did was tweak the intonation a bit and that's all. I was so impressed that since then I have purchased a C-1 Blackjack and a C-1 Classic, both of these have Seymour Duncan pickups in them, while the C-1 Plus has "Duncan Design" pickups. With a good rig, (Amp and pedals) no one will know the difference. These guitars should cost more, as the quality shows. The workmanship on these is second to none. Fender and Gibson need to take a very good look at these. Especially Fender, since I've checked several "American Made" ones and they shouldn't have made it out of the factory, never mind the showroom floor. Very, Very pleased, with Schecter. Check them out really, you'd be doing yourself a favor.



By TheAmazingBlob

from Chatfield, MN

This guitar is amazing. I played it a few days ago at a local guitar store and I was blown away. The neck is fast, it was set up perfectly, stays in tune very well, the only thing I would change about it is putting in the real Seymour Duncans or some EMGs or something. The Duncan Designed that are in it are very good, but you can always get better. If only I had enough money to buy it...



By Shawn

from Poway, CA

This is an awesome guitar, I've had it for about 2 years now, and it's still going strong. Sounds just as great as it looks. Nice rigid construction. Could use some better pick-ups but the ones that come with it are good...


Look, Feel, Tone

By Billybob

from Denver, CO

The Schecter C-1 Plus is a great value. And is great for the begining guitarist to pros. The Mahogany neck and body look great with the tuners, electronics, and fret inlays. As well as the great looks this guitar feels like it was taylored to fit you. The 24 jumbo frets also give you lots of room to work. The C-1 Plus also boasts of sleek Duncan Designed HB-102 pickups and Grover tuners that will not cease to amaze. The Look, Feel, and Tone of this guitar will not disapoint.


Nice Quality

By Josh

from Anoka, MN

I don't own this guitar, but I use it at my friend's almost every day. It is put together really nicely. You can get a lot of cool sounds out of this. If you put your amp on clean mode and pull out the tone knob, it makes it sound really nice. I use it with a distortion pedal and it sounds great. The only thing I wish this had was a whammy bar. Otherwise this is a perfect guitar.

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