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Samba Shakers

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Toca Used Toca Hand Shaker ()
Toca Used Toca Hand Shaker
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Getting on your feet and really feeling the rhythm is what samba is all about. One of the best things about this incredibly fun musical style is that there's no barrier to entry. You don't have to be a veteran musician or spend years learning an instrument to get in on the fun: just pick up your favorite samba shakers and join right in! These simple instruments are an easy way to get started with this festival favorite genre. Samba's roots go back to late 19th-century Rio de Janeiro. Its infectious rhythms really caught on, and soon enough it had become the keystone of the yearly Carnival. That's when samba schools lead amazing parades down the streets of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Vitória in a festival often described as the world's biggest party. You can bet that wherever a parade marches during the festivities, samba shakers are in no shortage of supply.

There's no special science to picking out a shaker. It just depends on the sort of sound you want to create. Each different type has its own voice and character; for example, the Meinl aluminum double shaker is bold and penetrating, making itself heard in a big way no matter the setting. If you'd like something that's crisper with strong timbre, then you'll want to check out the Studiomix shaker as well.

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