Sabine Graphi-Q2 Multi-Function EQ 1X2  

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The GRQ2 combines eight indispensable audio products into one very affordable, all-digital package -- with an easy-to-use hands-on interface. With the touch of a fader you can shape your frequency res... Click To Read More About This Product

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The GRQ2 combines eight indispensable audio products into one very affordable, all-digital package -- with an easy-to-use hands-on interface. With the touch of a fader you can shape your frequency response using the GRQ2's 31-band digital graphic EQ. Need more control? Use the parametric EQ to control your filter width, depth and frequency. Time-align your speakers with the digital delay. Manage your system gain with the GRQ2 digital compressor/limiter. Finally, add 3 to 9 dB of extra gain and automatic feedback control with Sabine's patented FBX technology.

This interface has an instant hands-on, front panel control. RS-232 remote computer control, 20 onboard program memories, and remote switching via contact closures are standard. A high level of control and superb audio quality at a low price.

No Limits on DSP Power.
You will never run out of DSP power because all GRQ2 functions run concurrently. Set as many filters as you need, and add as much gain management and delay as the job requires. There are no meters showing DSP usage, because you will never run out of power.

Sabine's 24-bit A/D and D/A give the cleanest audio possible, and Analog Devices' 32-bit floating-point SHARC digital processor powers every GRQ2, allowing simultaneous use of these eight essential functions:

31-band digital grahic EQ, with 6 or 12 dB range
Patented FBX Feedback Exterminator: up to 12 new FBX SmartFilters with Quick & Quiet Setup Mode
Parametric Filters, up to 12 with full graphic editing
High- and low-cut filters
Crossover: 1x2, with Bessel, Linkwitz-Reily, and Butterworth filters, slopes to 48 dB
Limiter: Full-featured, including hard limiting for speaker protection
Compressor: Full-featured, switchable to stereo or mono
Delay: up to 1 second delay, adjustable in 20 microsecond increments

Upgraded Graphi-Q2 Features:
Crossover: Perfect for speaker control in mains and monitors
Mixed control for the front panel: Selectively enable control for each function on the front panel
GRQ2 Remote Software: Compatible with all versions of Graphi-Qs
Channel-specific preset save and recall: Create presets to apply to either channel, or both
Graphic Editing of Parametric Filters: Real-time filter drawing
GRQ2 Remote Software: Compatible with all versions of Graphi-Qs

Flexible Control
Front panels: The GRQ-3122 provides a hands-on, "analog style" front panel control for your digital graphic EQ, high- and low-cut filters, FBX, Compressor, and Delay. Sabine's Tweek 'n' Peek gives you an instant readout of your every move on the front panel.

The GRQ2 digital delay provides precise speaker alignment, with 20-microsecond resolution, at the touch of a button. And you get dedicated bypass switches for FBX, EQ and Delay with built-in LED indicators.

Sabine's GRQ2 Remote Control Software gives you instant access to all front panel controls and to an additional layer of functions. You can view and edit frequency response curves, view edits before executing them, and take advantage of unlimited GRQ2 file storage.

Only From Sabine
Patented FBX Feedback Exterminator: Industry standard automatic feedback control; works in setup and during the program. Super-accurate algorithm places filters on feedback, not on music
The GRQ2 Crossover: Allows for easy editing of all your crossover parameters, and allows for custom filter and slope selection on both sides of the crossover point by utilizing: Bessel, Linkwitz-Reily, and Butterworth filters (slopes to 48 dB)
GRQ2 Remote Control Software for Windows: Control up to 16 GRQ2 via computer. Includes serial port and software for remote control, and remote switching connections for selecting user-defined presets. You can download the latest release of GRQ2 Remote Control Software and/or the Upgrade Wizard for flashing your GRQ2 with the latest release of GRQ2 Firmware
FREE Firmware Upgrades: GRQ2 firmware can be updated without losing any of your presets--and it's free

More Important Graphi-Q2 Features
GRQ2 Remote Control software includes a BYPASS and ACTIVE matrix to manage the status of every GRQ2 function. Make fine adjustments to other GRQ2 functions, including graphic EQ filter widths, from 1/2 octave to one full octave, and adjust attack release, and knee on the compressor. The Graphi-Q2 will even show you a line graph of your gain structure, graphically displaying every parameter.

The single-channel GRQ2s have two outputs for maximum system flexibility. GRQ2 Remote allows you to independently choose which functions are active in each of the two outputs. For example, you can use one channel of a delayed speaker, and choose which other processing you want on that delayed channel: FBX, compressor/limiter, or equalizers. You can have independent delay or level settings on each output, or dedicate the outputs to the new 1x2 crossover.

Using your computer as a platform gives you unlimited memory storage of GRQ2 files. Each file holds up to 20 presets, and you can transfer these settings to the on-board memory locations within each GRQ2. You can also access all GRQ2 memory locations via the back-panel Euro-Block remote switching connectors. Using a simple contact closure switch, you can offer scene change options to users who have other access to any GRQ2 controls, and you can print a three-page report that records the setting of every parrameter in the GRQ2, including a frequency response curve.

  • 2U, dual-channel, one input and output per channel
  • GRQ2 Remote for Windows Software included with every unit; runs up to 8 Graphi-Q2s per COM port (maximum of 2 COM ports)
  • All front panel controls are analog-style; signal path is digital
  • Tweek-n-Peek feature: Front panel adjustments of all parameters are shown in LED display screen
  • 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion, 32-bit processing
  • 20 to 20 KHz Frequency Response
  • +18 dBV Maximum Signal Input & Output
  • Floating Point SHARC Processor
  • 110 dB dynamic range
  • Each channel provides:
  • 31-band graphic EQ, with ± 6 or 12 dB range (selectable)
  • Crossover: Bessel, Butterworth, and Linkwitz Reily filters; slopes to 48 dB/octave (Software only)
  • High-cut filter (3KHz to 20KHz) and Low Cut Filter (20 Hz to 1KHz)
  • FBX Feedback Exterminator: up to 12 Filters, with Setup Mode (Auto Setup Mode via remote control)
  • Parametric Filters: up to 12 filters, numeric or graphic control (Software only)
  • Compressor/Limiter, with controls for ratio, threshold, and gain (attack, release, and knee adjustable with remote)
  • Digital Delay, with up to 1 second delay, adjustable in 20 microsecond increments
  • Bypass: dedicated switches for FBX, EQ, and Delay with built in LED indicators
  • LED Segmented Indicators: FBX Filters, Level, Gain Reduction
  • LED Point Indicators: FBX Setup, Remote, EQ Range
  • LED Character Display: Delay setting, EQ fader boost/cut, High Cut Filter setting Low Cut Filter setting, Compressor Ratio, Threshold, Gain, and Staus Messages
  • Back Panel:
  • XLR & 1/4" TRS inputs & outputs
  • RS-232 Serial input & output (additional serial input on the slave front panels)
  • Remote switching (8-position contact closure switch; allows switch selection of all 20 stored Graphi-Q2 presets)
  • Graphi-Q2 Remote Software Features:
  • All front panel controls, plus more, including:
  • FBX filter depth & width adjustments; switchable to parametric filters (depth, width & frequency adjustments)
  • Graphic EQ filter width adjustments
  • Password protection
  • View & edit frequency response curves
  • 20 user-defined stored presets
  • Control and link up to 8 Graphi-Q2s (16 channels of audio) per COM port (1 or 2 ports can be used)
  • Digital processing
    24-bit A/D and D/A 32-bit DSP

    Graphic Equalizer
    31 digital filters on 1/3-octave ISO center frequencies, width adjust- able from 0.5 to 1.0 octave in .01 octave increments; ±12 or 6 dB boost and cut
    ±6 or 12 dB boost and cut range
    Independent display and control of A & B channels

    FBX/Parametric filters
    Twelve independent digital filters per channel, controlled automatically or parametrically from 20 Hz to 20 KHz, each switchable (GRQ2 Remote) between FBX fixed filters, FBX dynamic filters, and parametric filters
    Filter depth: user-controllable in 1 dB steps from +12 dB to -84 dB (parametric mode); 3 dB steps from 0 dB to -80 dB (FBX mode), max. FBX depth adjustable from -6 to -80 dB
    Filter width: user-controllable from 9.99 to .01 octave (parametric), 1.0 to .01 octave (FBX)
    Low Cut Filter, user-controllable between 20 Hz and 1 KHz; 12 dB/ octave roll-off
    High Cut Filter, user-controllable between 3 KHz and 20 KHz; 12 dB/octave roll-off
    Resolution: 1 Hz from 20 Hz to 20 KHz, FBX & parametric mode
    Time required to find and eliminate feedback: typically 0.3 seconds @ 1 Khz
    Total number of combined filters active per channel: user-select- able, 0-12; plus low and high cut filters

    1x2; available in all Graphi-Q2 units
    Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz-Reily filters
    Slopes: 12, 24, 36, and 48 dB/octave

    Digital compressor/Limiter
    Threshold: +32 dBV to -30 dBV peak in 0.5 dB steps
    Ratio: 1:1 through infinity
    Knee: variable soft/hard
    Attack: 1 to 99 msec in 1 msec steps
    Release: .05 to 5 sec in .05 sec steps1
    Peak limit threshold: +32 dBV to -30 dBV peak in 0.5 dB steps1

    Digital delay
    1.38 to 999.96 msec in 20 _sec steps
    Programmable in milliseconds, feet or meters

    Password configuration
    4 levels

    GRQ3122, GRQ3121: Front panel, GRQ Remote (RS-232), Re- mote switching
    GRQ3122-S, GRQ3121-S: GRQ Remote (RS-232), Remote switching

    Save & recall configurations
    20 user defined
    1 factory default
    1 most recent configuration (power down save)
    1 front panel

    Input impedance: Balanced > 10K Ohms, PIN 2 high
    Output impedance: Balanced 50 Ohms nominal, PIN 2 high
    Input/Output maximum signal levels: Balanced +18 dBV peak
    Maximum output load: 600 Ohms balanced
    Bypass: true power-off bypass
    I/O connectors: XLR-3, 1/4" TRS
    GRQ3122 and GRQ3122-S: Dual channel, one input, one output per channel
    GRQ3121, and GRQ3121-S: Single channel, one input, two outputs. Functions on each output selectable via GRQ2 Remote

    Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 KHz, ±0.2 dB @ +18 dBV
    THD: <0.01% at 1.0 KHz at +18 dBV with 30KHz bandwidth
    SNR: >105 dB Dynamic Range: >110 dB Headroom: +14 dB @ 4 dBV nominal input (balanced)

    Operating system firmware stored in FLASH RAM. All future upgrades for firmware and software downloadable from Sabine website using the Sabine Upgrade Wizard (see Section 8.10).

    50/60 Hz available in 100 V, 120 V, 230 V; 20 W

    2-U rack mount 19 x 3.5 x 9 in. (48.3 x 9 x 22.9 cm); 9 lb. (3.9 Kg)
    1-U rack mount 19 x 1.75 x 9.5 in. (48.3 x 4.5 x 22.9 cm); 8 lb. (3.6 Kg)

    Operating temperature
    Safe Operating Temperature: 0 - 50 degrees centigrade ambient temperature (32-129F)
    Below approximately 200 Hz the feedback filters become slightly wider to increase the feedback and rumble capture speed at these low frequencies.
    Inputs may be balanced or unbalanced. For maximum output capabilities, outputs must be balanced (XLR or TRS). If either side of an output is grounded, the peak and output dynamic range will be reduced by 6 dB.
    Signal-to-noise ratio is the ratio of the maximum undistorted signal by specification (26 dBV RMS sinewave) to the noise floor.
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