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The hardshell SKB PS-45 Professional pedal board is rugged and roadworthy with polyethylene construction, 8 protected 9V DC outlets, 3 wide-spaced outlets for wall warts, 8 miniplug-to-DC connectors, ... Click To Read More About This Product

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The hardshell SKB PS-45 Professional pedal board is rugged and roadworthy with polyethylene construction, 8 protected 9V DC outlets, 3 wide-spaced outlets for wall warts, 8 miniplug-to-DC connectors, one miniplug-to-miniplug connector, and one miniplug-to-9V clip. The SKB pedal board area dimensions are 27"W x 15"H. Overall dimensions: 28-3/4"W x 20-1/2"H x 6-1/4"D.

  • Rugged polyethylene construction
  • 8 protected 9V DC outlets
  • 3 wide-spaced outlets for wall warts
  • 8 miniplug-to-DC connectors
  • One miniplug-to-miniplug connector
  • One miniplug-to-9V clip
  • Pedal area dimensions: 27"W x 15"H
  • Overall dimensions: 28-3/4"W x 20-1/2"H x 6-1/4"D
  • 23 lbs.
  • 9V DC outlets with 100 MA per outlet
All SKB hardshell cases are unconditionally guaranteed forever. That means if you break it, we will repair or replace it at no cost to you. For warranty service call 800-410-2024.

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SKBPS-45 Professional Pedalboard

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Most Liked Positive Review


BIG and Exactly what I needed

This thing is really enormous, but does have everything you could ever want in a pedal board. It has a power supply and connectors for power to effects and for the input/output of...Read complete review

This thing is really enormous, but does have everything you could ever want in a pedal board. It has a power supply and connectors for power to effects and for the input/output of the effects. I bought this because I needed a place to store and transport all of my pedals. I thought the price was high for this pedal board, but it's on par with other pedal boards. I'm just cheap.


Most Liked Negative Review


Not what I expected from SKB

First of all let me say this: I currently have and over the years have owned ALOT of SKB rack cases, instrument cases and other accessories and have a very high regard for their...Read complete review

First of all let me say this: I currently have and over the years have owned ALOT of SKB rack cases, instrument cases and other accessories and have a very high regard for their durability and overall quality. Also (although I have not had to use it before this product) their customer service and warranties are flawless. Now to this pedalboard. I'm on my third as SKB gladly replaced it two (2) times! They paid return shipping, but I had to come out of pocket to ship the board to them. The first month I owned it two of the closures had snapped off due to the cheap rivets that attach them to the case. ONE WEEK into using he 1st replacement, the handle came off. The board with all of my pedals in it, fell while loading it into the van which caused the effect loop & power conditioner to stop functioning. Under normal use the fasteners had pulled right through the plastic!!!!!!! The power distribution in second replacement just stopped working during a show one night, which caused me to steal one of the batteries from my bass between songs. I ended up drilling out the (AGAIN BROKEN!) handle rivets and throwing some bolts with large washers and a nut on the other end which seems to be a real solid fix for the handle problem. As far as the electronics go I have no awnser for the issues. I do not recommend this!!!!

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Worthy every dollar

By Christopher Green

from Dallas, TX

Comments about SKB PS-45 Professional Pedalboard:

I've used this pedal board for about 3 months and wonder why I didn't buy it sooner. Great functionality and durability. This board has everything you need. It is worth every dollar you will spend just for speed of set-up and protection of your rig. I highly recommend this board.

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Solid Replacement

By Larry Seals

from Whitsett, NC

Comments about SKB PS-45 Professional Pedalboard:

I have been using an SKB PS-25 for years and it's been great but I recently added a couple of pedals and am now playing out with 2 bands which requires that all my pedals be available. I had been swapping pedals off and on (thank you Velcro!) but that was getting to be a hassle. I also got tired of packing along a power strip or cord for the pedalboard and the UniVibe pedal (still requires a wall wart at 18VDC). The PS-45 was a perfect fit as an upgrade for me. It gave me the room for the new pedals and allowed me to power all of them plus provided the 3 outlets one of which I use for the UniVibe wall wart. It's a bit heavier (and bigger) than the PS-25 plus the weight of the extra pedals but it's not ungodly. It appears to be very sturdy - I had some reservations about that based on some older reviews (latches and handle specifically) but they appear to be solid. I looked at the bigger PS-55 but it didn't offer the outlets and I read that the Velcro setup was a little squirrely. My only critique of the PS-45 is that SKB should have included instructions for wiring up a split loop - I run the tone and distortion effects in front of the amp's pre-amp section and then the time and modulation effects on the amp's effect loop send/return. I found the instructions on the SKB site but I had to dig for them. Overall though it's been a great board - no problems with it on the first two gigs we've done!

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from Clinton Township, Michigan

Comments about SKB PS-45 Professional Pedalboard:

Having acquired lots of effects pedals over the years and taking 20 minutes just to set them up and then another 20 minutes to tear them down and pack them away at gigs and practice sessions, it was becoming an increasingly tedious and dreaded chore for me. Add to that the fact that I was going bankrupt just buying 9-volt batteries to keep those babies running, I decided that it was high time to invest in a professional grade pedal board with its own stable, well regulated power supply. Guitar Center has an excellent selection of pedal boards to choose from and after careful review, I settled on the SKB PS-45. I chose it because it has 8 regulated 9 volt outlets along with 3 convenient 120 volt sockets for "wall-warts" and other devices. The SKB PS-45 is large enough to accommodate nine or ten of my favorite pedals without using up too much floorspace. I ordered it online at my local Guitar Center and I was apprised via email of my order status on a daily basis....much appreciated. I ordered it on a Monday and picked it up in-store that following Thursday. As an insurance policy to make sure I had enough adapters, I also purchased a Visual Sound "1-Spot combo pack. I'm pleased to report that the SKB PS-45 is a solid, well built unit that should stand up to the rigors of playing in bars and just about any other type of gig that comes up. The case has sturdy latches and a convenient carrying handle. The unit is supplied with a good assortment of 9 volt power cords and adapters that should suit most applications. There's also enough stick-on velcro to attach the pedals to the board with a little extra, just in case. My only complaint is that the documentation for the unit is sparse and those with minimal knowledge of hooking up electrical devices could find this problematic. Other than that, the connection of my pedals to the board was a breeze. I've got an old MXR Phase 90 with only a battery connector. I didn't want to drill a hole in it to accommodate the battery clip-on adapter, so I got some longer screws and spaced to bottom plate with some hexnuts to provide a gap to insert the adapter. I've also got two old DOD pedals that accept the "male" mini plug. Here again, I was able to hook them up with little trouble with the included hardware. I have a Boss TU-3 Tuner that has an extra power outlet on it and I used a standard "male-female" cord connecting the "female" to the TU-3 and the "male" end to my DOD FX68 Stereo Chorus. The rest of the pedals in my rig were straight forward and all have the standard mini "female" sockets. These include an Electro Harmonix LPB-1, a Boss CS-3 Compressor, Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion, Boss PS-5 Super Shifter, and a Dan Electro Dan-Echo. With all of the power connections made, I then connected all of my 1/4 inch patch cords and my guitar and amp connections. The PS-45 is fully capable of running in stereo which I generally do. There's also a handy effects send and return loop for any outboard effects you may want to run. One thing I would have desired on this unit is a "Power On" light, but I guess the indicator LEDS on the pedals will suffice. I will be adding a small "gooseneck" lamp to it to provide some illumination on the board for darkened stage situations. The PS-45 fired up perfectly on the first try and I was very pleased with the clean signal quality with no discernible 60 Hz hum. I've played each of my current guitars on this rig and all sounded crystal clear. These included an Epiphone Nighthawk Reissue in both humbucking and single coil modes; a Fender American Stratocaster; and an Epiphone Sheraton II. I've used my SKB PS-45 for over a month now. It is an excellent, well engineered piece of gear and I am very pleased with it, especially when I look at the pile of 9 volt batteries I no longer need to power my pedals! When I show up to play, I'm up and running in less than five minutes. I'm also very happy with the prompt, courteous service I recieved at Guitar Center. If you're in the market for a really good pedal board, please give the SKB PS-45 a look!


Professional Pedalboard

By Ken Wheeler

from Saginaw,Mi

Comments about SKB PS-45 Professional Pedalboard:

I can honestly say i'll probably never need another pedalboard ever.There is a lifetime warranty on this pedalboard in case something happens to it.It's made very well and looks like it can take a beating from heavy gigging.I play mostly at home but I wanted a pedalboard to hold all pedals for easy storage for travel.I did'nt hook up my pedals like the instructions suggested.If you hook it up like one of the example set-ups you end up needing more cords.I just use the power supply jacks on the pedalboard to power my pedals.I run one set of pedals in front of my amp and the other through the amp's effects loop.This pedalboard will cover any type of set-up for your rig be it simple or complex.It is heavy when loaded with pedals and it has plenty of space for pedals.It's expensive but worth it!


Best Pedalboard Ever!

By john waltz

from South Dakota

Comments about SKB PS-45 Professional Pedalboard:

I've been using this pedalboard for years, and I've only recently had a problem with it. At a gig it fell out of a vehicle and the handle broke off. This was NOT a manufacturer default, just the way it hit the ground. I was unable to fix it, so I contacted SKB about their warranty, and now I have a brand new pedalboard. I would highly recommend this product to any guitarist. My pedals have never been damaged while inside it. It may be heavy and a little spendy, but it's well worth it!

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It gets the job done.

By Austin Oltman

from Lynden, WA

Comments about SKB PS-45 Professional Pedalboard:

I ordered this board offline and it came in super quick (3 business days after I ordered it.) But when I went and picked it up, the handle was completely smashed. They ordered a new one and sent the old one back. The SKB company was supposed to get a shipment in the next week but it never came. I waited a month until finally they got a shipment in and sent the new one in two business days (even faster than the first one.) When I got the pedal board it was in one piece; good thing to start off with. All the pieces were there so I set my board up. The Velcro that came with it works fine, I don't know what everyone was talking about. My two biggest problems with it is when I powered up the pedal board, one of the miniplug-to-DC-connectors instantly shorted out, luckily there's 7 spares. Also, when I go through the system on the board it's pretty fuzzy. I usually just go through amp straight from the pedals so I don't even go through the system. Other than that, it powers my pedals which is basically why I got it in the first place and it's very convenient for setup and transportation of my pedals. The handle is a little iffy but it's held up so far. Just don't toss it around and it should be great.

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great for quick practice setups and shows

By Kevin

from CA

Comments about SKB PS-45 Professional Pedalboard:

Alot larger than I thought it would be, I have so much room to grow with this pedal board. Powers most pedals, Im trying to stay away from the larger digitechs due to the AC powered ones, THE LID WILL NOT GO ON WITH A WALL WART PLUGGED ON TO THE POWERSUPPLY, THAT IS THE ONLY BAD THING. Comes with plenty of velcro, very convienient.

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SKB PS-45 Worth the money?

By old71guy

from Seattle,WA

Comments about SKB PS-45 Professional Pedalboard:

I was excited to get the PS-45 after doing some research online. Seemed like a quality product from a quality name... However, I was very disappointed when it arrived and I tried to set it up. The fit and finish was poor with the power supply almost coming off of it's mount on one side. Final straw, the base where the pedals mount is hollow and squishy, not solid at all. When you activate a pedal or use a wah, it squashes down and makes a gaspy "WHEEE" noise. Very poor considering the price point. I sent it back immediately. I'm going the Voodoo Pedal Power II route.

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Best pedal board ever!!!

By Jason

from Oakdale, California

Comments about SKB PS-45 Professional Pedalboard:

This board is amazing! It's seriously built like a tank and has plenty of room for pedals, pedals, and more pedals. It has great construction and for once in my life I feel safe and confident about transporting my effects. I can't really think of anything bad to say about it. But if I had to pick a con... it might have to be the weight. It is sort of heavy. And when you add the pedals it gets even heavier. But I'll gladly take the extra weight for a board that I know is going to protect eveything that's inside. This boad might be a bit pricy, but it's worth every penny. Oh, it would have been nice if they would have included more velcroe, they give you some but just not enough if you have alot of effects. Outside of that, I'm glad I bought it! It's totally worth it.

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By davisfnmillard

from KS

Comments about SKB PS-45 Professional Pedalboard:

Fantastic! Has everything you need for your pedals. It used to take me at least 15-20 minutes to set all my pedals up at gigs. Now it takes about 2 minutes! Amazing for the price.

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