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Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set  

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The 64-voice TD-6V module with a blue display is loaded with 1,024 drum and percussion sounds plus 262 backing instruments. Dual-trigger tom and snare inputs permit separate drum and rim shot sounds w... Click To Read More About This Product

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The 64-voice TD-6V module with a blue display is loaded with 1,024 drum and percussion sounds plus 262 backing instruments. Dual-trigger tom and snare inputs permit separate drum and rim shot sounds with greater expressiveness. Improved PDX-8 10" snare and CY-5 hi-hat V-Cymbal. The included PD-8 dual-trigger rubber pads give you rim shots and bow/edge sounds. CY-8 cymbals offer swinging motion with great response, separate bow/edge triggering, and choke capabilities. The upright kick trigger gives you solid kick sounds. The hi-hat controller has more authentic sound with smooth transitions between open and closed. Kick pedal not included.

  • Affordable V-Drums set based on updated TD-6V Percussion Sound Module
  • Mesh pad for snare drum
  • Rubber pads and cymbals
  • Vertical kick trigger and new hi-hat controller
  • TD-6V offers 1,024 drum and percussion sounds with kits and backing patterns
  • Improved PDX-8 10" mesh V-Pad for snare drum supports separate head/rim triggering
  • 3X PD-8 dual-trigger rubber pads for playing rim shots on toms and bow/edge sounds on hi-hat
  • Improved CY-5 hi-hat cymbal with swing action and wide playing surface
  • 2X CY-8 Cymbal Pads with "swinging" motion and realistic cymbal "chokes"
  • KD-8 Kick Trigger with vertical design for natural feel and double bass pedal compatibility
  • FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller allows for smooth hi-hat sounds from open to closed
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RolandTD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set

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21 reasons and counting

By Vintage drummer - modern drums

from Alabama

Comments about Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set:

I played drums a little when I was in high school and college (a long time ago) and was excited to dust off my old acoustic set so my kids could give it a go. That is, until they hauled them upstairs and I got some serious payback from what my parents endured many years ago. Drums are fun but not meant to be in my son's bedroom that just happens to be above my study. I've looked at electronic drum sets over the years, thinking that it would be fun to get back into drumming, but didn't find a set that I'd be willing to lay aside my acoustics for until I found this kit. I've got to tell you, I avoided the percussion section of the Guitar Center because the temptation was too strong and I was afraid I might get the e-drum bug. That worked for a while. Then one day, the folks at our local Guitar Center put this kit on display just outside the drum shop and the temptation was too much. I tried it; I liked it. But I have willpower. What kind of dad would I be if I made an impulse purchase like that? I'm way too conservative for that. So...I waited until the big Labor Day sale and after carefully weighing the pros and cons (like fun versus no fun - duh!) I bought one. I love 'em! Okay purists, they are not acoustic drums and yes, they are more forgiving of mis-hits than acoustics (which I tend to like). But, they take up little space, can be played at arena volume, through headphones, or anywhere in between. Now about features... For the money I don't think you can beat it. The module is easy to use, packed with great sounds, and has some neat play-along and recording features. My only suggestion on future models is to give the drummer volume control on each drum/cymbal and to put in a keypad to that you can go from 01 to 107 without having to go through 106 clicks of a button. The stand works well, though I wish it wrapped around a little more, bringing the high hat into a more natural position and the module into a position closer to the body (we older folks have to get close to see). The sounds are great. I've had lots of fun with it and all my sons (and I suspect my wife too, when I'm not at home) have had a ball. I believe in the philosophy of placing musical instruments in front of kids and letting them pick them up (if and when they want) and being creative. Two of my sons take lessons on guitar and bass, but I can see them begin to pick up the drum sticks or other instruments and beginning to play. That's lots of fun. So go for it! If you are a 40-something who hasn't picked up a pair of sticks in a few years (or ever for that matter), pick up this set and I promise you that you'll have trouble putting those sticks down. Yes, dear. I'll come down to bed in a little while. I'm exercising. (Drumming is good exercise, isn't it? I hope so 'cause that was reason #21 to buy this kit.

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Roland TD-6V Set

By Raptor

from Riverbank, CA.

Comments about Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set:

Purchased Oct. 2006 for use with my worship team at church. Didn't take long to figure things out after looking through the manual. The sounds from the TD-6V brain are pretty good, just some minor treaking for the delay and pitch. The extra percussion sounds came in handy at Christmas time. The rubber pads are not bad. just a little less bouncy than I would like, still are a good value. I think this is the perfect set without spending too much cash. I have my set paired up with 2 Roland KC-350's amps for that stereo sound. Real nice to hear!

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Best E-drums on the market!!

By ForrestB

from Center Valley, PA

Comments about Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set:

this is the best electronic drums you can get. you can mix and match like crazy. this set is very tough because it's made out of very bouncy yet tough rubber. I think the only down side is you only get two cymbals excluding the hi-hats. If you buy this set go ahead and buy another duel trigger cymbal with the stand. trust me your wallet will thank you.


Good value for the money

By JoeT

from Blanchard, OK

Comments about Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set:

This drumset is great value for the money. Plenty of features for the starter and if you have a wife that will kill you if you play loud, then this is the one for you. You can also connect passthrough music to play along for practice or you can run through a system and play live. Sensitivity is a bit lacking though and if you are a heavy beater, then you may want to upgrade. My set is 4 years old and going strong.


Perfect for In-Home Recording

By B.A.

from Tampa

Comments about Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set:

Sick of wasting time programming that corny drum-machine, while still losing desired percussive nuances in your demos? If you screamed "H---YES!!", then the Roland TD-6SW V-Drum package is worth every penney for you. The greatest feature of the product is its ability to record and save about three tunes, which you can then bump over to one track of your digi-recording device. You also have the option of a click-track metronome accompaniment while you are playing that isn't recorded, which is very, very helpful to a non-professional drummer like myself. As for live performance, it might be okay with the right amplifier, venue, engineer, etc, but I wouldn't recommend it for that purpose. Nothing beats that sweet birch ring (although I do think Roland is getting there with its higher-priced premium elec-drum models!). I recommend it for the home 8-track recording artist that wants a good number of sound options and the ability to lay down a solid beat with feel without having to submix your ears off.


Great for practicing at low levels

By Fuzzball

from Ida MI

Comments about Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set:

I purchasd this unit for practicing at low volumes. I use it for band practice so that we can practice without having to crank the amps up. I was surprised how well the unit sounded. I was so happy with the sound quality that I use it when recording drum tracks in my studio. For the price this set can't be beat.


just wow


from FortWorth, Texas

Comments about Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set:

Alright, I am a guitar player, not a drummer. But me and my friend went to guitar center yesterday and he is a drummer. So I saw this puppy to see how awesome I was at drums. First of all, this thing is just soo amazingly fun to play. There are so many different types of sounds you can get ranging from regular drums to cartoon sounds or sounds from a giant orchestra. It is just amazing how many different chocies there are. It is just so fun, it made me want to learn how to play drums, it is that fun to play! Just hands down, if you are a drummer, buy it


Best value e-kit

By drummerD

from Austin, TX

Comments about Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set:

The TD6 module has been around for a while, but it got a major upgrade a few years ago to accomodate dual trigger inputs for the tom pads. The newest upgrades to the v-tour kit are also extremely welcome: the new snare pad has a slightly larger area and the new rack has a stability bar that will solve some serious stability issues in previous models. The module contains a great mix of acoustic, electronic, and world music kits. All features are tweakable from instrument to pitch/decay to ambience. This not only makes for a great practice kit, but it makes recording extremely easy as well. This kit is the best value out there because it provides a number of pro features at a reasonable price. Of course, the trade-off is that it has only one mesh pad. But if you don't need a completely mesh, very expensive pro e-kit, this is by far the best value.


Losing Sleep

By Reirei

from Glendale, CA

Comments about Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set:

I've cycled through and have played a number of keyboards in the past 12 years, but playing the drums has always been one of those things that I've always think about until about a month ago--I bought it. I live in an apartment so I have been using headphones, but heaphones is just fine as you can crank it up and no one will be bothered (sounds great when loud). I agree with the comments posted here--it's darn good if you are a hobbyist (and maybe even as a professional?). Best I like about this set is that i can hook up my ipod shuffle to it (gotta buy cables that will set you back about $13--not bad) so I have been playing along with whatever I want. Another great feature is its expandability-I will be visiting the local Guitar Center first thing tomorrow morning to get one more tom, a third cymbal (for "Crash2"), and a set of good headphones that can handle loud lows and highs without distortion. The only recommendation I have for this set is that I just wish that they get rid of the + and - buttons and replace it with a number pad.



By Mark62

from Redmond, Washington

Comments about Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set:

As a working drummer in the 80?s club scene, I must confess that I haven?t picked up a drum stick in some 20 years. That all changed around a month ago when one of my old friends called and asked me to check out his new in home recording gear. Well, the bug bit me and it wasn?t long until I was off to guitar center to purchase, what I thought would be a new acoustic drum kit for recording with my friend. After much contemplation (and various promises to my wife) I left with the Roland TD-6SW. I must say that after a few weeks with the new set, I don?t regret my decision one bit. I can practice day or night, the drums sound great, the recordings sound great and quite frankly, I think in some respects they are easier to play than an acoustic kit. As a personal preference, I did swap the location of TD-6 Module and the Hi-Hat controller so that the Hi Hat is on the outside. To me this feels much more natural. All in all, I couldn?t be happier with my purchase.


This is a top quality machine!

By Casey

from James Madison University

Comments about Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set:

The Roland V-Tour has the best mixture of function and budget in the field of electronic drumsets today. It has a module with over 1,000 sounds, 5 quality roland pads, and two double trigger cymbal pads. The snare pad has a white mesh head that has fairly realistic rebound. The black pads (the toms and hihats) measure dynamics by magnitude of vibrations so sometimes when you hit hard you will hear voices from other parts of the kit. This "bleeding over of noise" is the only negative point about the kit. Overall, you are going to get your money's worth and you are going to fall in love with it when you get it home, set up, and start jamming with a new sound of inspiration! So, from one drummer to another... Go get the Roland V-tour!


excellent set

By Gregtron

from Indiana

Comments about Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set:

This kit has outperformed and felt better than any other electronic kit I've played, including some that cost two and three times as much. I love it, and I'm going to buy one tonight. :)

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By nickatnite7777

from Stuart, FL

Comments about Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set:

This drum set is awesome. It has a great selection of kits and is very sensitive to the touch. Even a little tap will make a sound with a great amp, and it's good for the parents so they don't have to hear you play. This drum set is awesome!

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