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Ride Cymbals

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Sabian AAX Omni Ride (222OMX)
Sabian AAX Omni Ride
  • $239.00+
  • Rating:
Sabian AA Rock Ride Cymbal (22014)
Sabian AA Rock Ride Cymbal
  • Was: $243.51
  • $206.98+
  • Rating:
Sabian HHX Groove Ride (12189XN)
Sabian HHX Groove Ride
  • $405.00
  • Rating:
Zildjian K Ride Cymbal (K0817)
Zildjian K Ride Cymbal
  • $349.95+
  • Rating:
Paiste 2002 Ride Cymbal (1061620)
Paiste 2002 Ride Cymbal
  • $334.00+
  • Rating:

Solid, steady, and continuous, they call them rides for a reason. The ride cymbal is a significant component of a cymbal set, and the different sounds and dynamics that can be achieved from playing this cymbal depends on each drummer's individual style, and how they utilize their piece. Much like the cymbal itself, the ride market is huge. But regardless of your own tastes and preferences, you can bet that we have the ride cymbal you need to sustain a long, satisfying journey in the world of drumming.

When it comes to drum kits, an essential part of keeping the groove lies in the ride cymbal. While the crash cymbal is loud and explosive, the ride cymbal creates a shimmering, continuing sound. More often than not, the ride cymbal is also the largest cymbal of a basic drum-kit. Simply put, it's an all-around important cymbal to include in your set up, and there's an exceptional range of styles and brands to choose from.

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