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The guitar is one of the most recognizable and well-known instruments that the world has ever seen. In light of that, it takes something really special to be able to call any guitar truly unique - and you'll be excited to know that's exactly what you'll find here. What is it that makes Rainsong guitars so one-of-a-kind? Simple: they're made of graphite. Were you thinking that their color was just a paint job? Think again. The music world is no stranger to graphite guitar necks, but nobody else has taken advantage of this high-tech material quite the same way that Rainsong has done by building entire instruments out of it. One of the biggest advantages of graphite is that humidity and temperature have no effect on it, so you'll get consistently great performance whether you live in the Arizona desert, Pacific Northwest, New England states, Alaskan tundra or Florida Keys. It also means that Rainsong guitars make amazing full-size travel guitars, because they're totally impervious to climate shock when traveling, no matter where you take off and touch down. As impressive as the graphite is, what you're probably dying to know about most is the sound quality. Good news there, too: Rainsong guitars have amazing tone. Since there's no bracing, they're always consistent, and the unique acoustics of the graphite body create a sound that's clear yet rich, with plenty of power even when the guitar isn't plugged in. Of course, since most Rainsongs are acoustic-electric models, you've got that option of an amplifier when you want it, too. To sum up Rainsong guitars in one sentence, they're futuristic instruments that never bend or warp, don't need truss rod adjustments and produce focused, well-balanced sound ready to take on any playing style or musical genre. There's plenty of variety here to hook you up with your favorite body style and size, so if you're looking for a guitar that's a fresh, modern take on your personal favorite, the Rainsong lineup is the place to find it.
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