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Rackmount Sound Modules

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Korg Used Korg 03RW Sound Module ()
Korg Used Korg 03RW Sound Module
  • $149.99
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About Our Rackmount Sound Modules:

For a composer, performer or studio engineer, part of the job is having the right toys - and for decades, one of those toys has been the sound module. Although there are lots of other devices on the market that have tried to take over for them, there's still nothing else quite like classic rackmount sound modules when you want to build the biggest, baddest synth setup around. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then you've found the right selection of hardware to get you started.

Plenty of live musicians bring a road case rack wherever they go. It's a great way to pack up lots of gear in one place, after all, and it's definitely one place where a rackmount sound module can be right at home. They'll also fit nicely into the permanent rack in your studio or sound booth, adding a big dose of versatility to your setup. Whether it's for recording or live play, all it takes is a sequencer or MIDI controller to make one of these modules sing.

One of the big names you'll find in this section is Nord, and they deserve a special mention because they've got multiple options to choose from. Take the Lead 4 Rack, for instance: this behemoth may take up a big chunk of the rack, but that's because it's got an enormous amount of hardware under the hood, and gives you all the features you'd expect to go with it. Another great Nord is the A1R, which is just what the name suggests: a rack-mountable version of their excellent A1 synth.

If you're after the super-heavyweight of the rackmount sound module world, you can't miss the Roland INTEGRA-7. It just might be the most known and sought-after device of its kind, and with more than 6,000 built-in sounds, it doesn't disappoint. This is a 16-part module that delivers the best sounds from all of Roland's keyboards and drum machines, allowing you to create practically any music you can imagine, from a virtual rock band to a super-realistic orchestral piece.

With a high-end rackmount sound module, there's basically no limit on your creativity. You can access all kinds of different sounds for live gigging, creating accompaniments for recording or practicing, composing entire songs from scratch, and tons more. To put it simply, a sound module turns the question "What can I do?" into "What do I want to do?"