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Rack Clamps

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Gibraltar Road Series Multiclamp (SC-GRSMC)
Gibraltar Road Series Multiclamp
  • New: $28.99
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Gibraltar Multiclamp (SC-GRSSMC)
Gibraltar Multiclamp
  • $31.99
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About Our Rack Clamps:

Most drummers would agree that racks are an ideal mounting solution to making a drum kit more versatile and easy to set up. By cutting back on stands, a rack will not only significantly reduce the weight of your kit, but they'll also make your instruments more accessible and manageable throughout a performance. Of course, applying a rack to your setup also means that you'll need the right clamps to attach your rack to each drum and cymbal, and this section is bursting with a seemingly endless range of options.

Whether you're making a new addition to your existing rack or building one from scratch, rack clamps are essential devices to keeping your drums connected and in their rightful place. For this reason, you can find rack clamps for virtually anything, and many different kinds are available. For example, angle clamps give you the option of adjusting your rack to the angle of your liking, and the Gibraltar SC-GRSAAC Road Series is an excellent choice. By securing two drum or cymbal hardware tubes, this clamp will certainly make your drums easier to reach and more comfortable to play.

Another type is known as the multi-clamp. By accommodating a wide range of mounting arms, these are one of the more popular kinds, and the Sound Percussion Labs Medium multi-clamp is perfect for most medium-sized drum rack components. Like everything constructed by Sound Percussion, this simple yet helpful drum accessory was built to last through countless practices and gigs.

And your choices don't end there, so be sure to check out the other rack clamps in this catalog as well. From memory locks and pipe clamps to cymbal boom attachments and leg braces, the clamps you need to customize your rack and securely mount your drums and cymbals can be found right here.