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Before you ask: no, it's not THAT kind of Protection Racket. The play on words makes sense, though, because protection is exactly what their products are for. What you'll actually find here isn't the plot of a mobster movie starring Joe Pesci, but instead, a great selection of gig bags for percussion instruments and accessories. Wrapping up your drums and hardware in Protection Racket cases isn't just for making them look pretty: it'll make sure they get from gig to gig in great shape, even if there are a few bumps in the road along the way. What really sets Protection Racket cases apart is the special foam that they use to encase your drums. It's hard on the outside but soft on the inside, so these gig bags can compete with rigid cases when it comes to protection, but at a fraction of the weight. Zipper closures make them fast and easy to use, so there's no need to spend time fiddling with lids, buckles and straps. When you're packing your kit in a Protection Racket case, it's easy to tell that the folks who designed them are drummers themselves: they really know what we're looking for in a case and they've worked hard to deliver just that. As common as drum cases are, we all know those drummers who pack up their drums with great care but then turn around and just dump all their hardware loose in the trunk. Does that sound like you? Relax, nobody's pointing fingers - but there is a better way to handle all of that stuff. Just grab one of Protection Racket's hardware bags. They've got a ton of handy sub-dividers inside to keep your gear organized, and the larger one even has wheels so it's a cinch to transport. There isn't an instrument on the planet that doesn't belong in a case during transport - except maybe a pipe organ, but nobody's expecting you to pick one of those up and carry it to a gig. If it's portable, like a drum set, then you should always make sure to protect your investment by packing it up properly. Protection Racket cases really are a drummer's best friend; they'll make sure that every instrument in your kit makes it to the stage unscathed and ready to be played.