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Primacoustic London 12 Room Kit (Z900 0120 00)
Primacoustic London 12 Room Kit
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For musicians who have experience in recording, you already know how exciting it can be to finally hear your compositions come together in the studio. Whether you're a country crooner who likes things simplified, or a prog-metal band that needs things as accurate as possible to fully capture the bands technical virtuosity, Primacoustic has no shortage of gear on the market to help you achieve the sound you're hoping for. No matter how simple or complicated your setup needs to be, they have everything you need to make your art fully realized.

From isolation panels and ceiling clouds to foams, mic shields and even full room kits, Primacoustic has all areas covered when it comes to recording, both on stage or in the studio. As well, every product developed by Primacoustic has been tried and tested by experienced musicians, so you can be sure that the product you're purchasing has already met the very specific requirements of crafters who take pride and passion in everything constructed.

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