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PreSonus FirePod 24-bit/96k FireWire Recording System

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The PreSonus FirePod FireWire interface is a complete recording studio solution with highly musical Class A mic preamps, superb 24-bit/96kHz A/D/A converters, and Steinberg's Cubase LE 48-track record... Click To Read More About This Product

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The PreSonus FirePod FireWire interface is a complete recording studio solution with highly musical Class A mic preamps, superb 24-bit/96kHz A/D/A converters, and Steinberg's Cubase LE 48-track recording software.

The 8 XMAX microphone preamplifiers are custom-designed, ultralow-noise, high-headroom preamps perfect for recording a wide variety of sources including vocals, drums, guitars, bass, piano, keyboards, guitars, synths, horns, orchestras, and choirs. Each preamp has its own level control knob on the front input to let you easily control the input gain of each one.

Inputs 1 and 2 of the FirePod can be switched between microphone or instrument level while inputs 3 thru 8 can be switched between microphone or line input. Phantom power (+48V) is available on every channel in groups of 4. Channels 1 and 2 feature fully balanced send and return TRS connectors on the rear of the rugged metal chassis for inserting outboard dynamics, EQ, and effects processors. The FIREPOD recording system has 8 balanced TRS line outputs as well as 2 balanced TRS main outputs and cue outputs for additional monitoring. 2 channels of S/PDIF input and output as well as MIDI input and output are also included.

The front-panel stereo headphone output and mix control lets you balance monitoring levels between mixed input and main output signals for zero-latency monitoring.

The FirePod comes ready-to-go with Steinberg's Cubase LE 48-track 24/96 recording software and is also compatible with many popular ASIO/WDM and Core Audio based applications.

Cubase LE is based on award-winning Cubase SX technology featuring 48 audio tracks, VST plug-ins, and full VSTi support. Cubase LE combines powerful audio and MIDI recording features with professional editing and effects. Cubase LE and all included plug-ins are compatible with both Mac and PC systems. Cubase LE is the perfect entry into professional recording software giving you the ability to produce professional-level recordings right-away and giving you a system that you can expand into the future!


  • High-speed FireWire network audio interface
  • Up to 96k sampling rate
  • 8 discrete microphone preamps (+60dB gain) with trim control
  • 8 analog mic/line inputs, 2 instrument inputs
  • 8 analog line outputs
  • S/PDIF digital input and output, MIDI input and output
  • Balanced send/return for channels 1 and 2
  • Zero latency monitoring
  • Separate main and cue mix outputs
  • Cubase LE audio production software included
  • Minimum computer system requirements:
  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP1
  • Computer: Windows-compatible computer with FireWire port.
  • CPU/Clock: Pentium, Athlon with 900MHz or higher (1.5GHz)
  • Memory(RAM): 256MB (512MB recommended)
  • MAC:
  • OS: Mac OS X within CORE AUDIO - drivers now built into OS X 10.3.5
  • Computer: Apple Macintosh series with onboard FireWire port.
  • CPU/Clock: PowerPC G4/800MHz or higher (G4/Dual 1 GHz recommended)
  • Memory(RAM): 512MB or more
  • Preamp Bandwidth: 10Hz to 50kHz
  • Preamp Input Impedance: 1.3kOhms
  • Instrument Input Impedance: 1Mohms
  • Preamp THD : <0.005%
    Preamp EIN: -125dB
  • Preamp Gain : 54dB
  • Preamp Send Output Impedance: 51 ohms
  • Preamp Return Input Impedance: 10kOhms
  • Line Trim: +/-20dB
  • Line Input Impedance: 10kOhms
  • TRS Output Impedance: 51 Ohms
  • TRS Main Outputs Impedance: 51 ohms
  • TRS Cue Outputs Impedance: 51 ohms
  • Headphone Output: 150mW/Ch 20Hz-20kHz
  • Phantom Power: 48V +/- 2V
  • Power Supply: Ext line Transformer, Internal Switching
  • Analog to Digital Converters (ADC): 24 bit / (44.1, 48, 88.2, 96kHz)
  • ADC Dynamic Range: 107dB
  • DAC: 24 bit / up to 96kHz
  • DAC: Dynamic Range 110dB
  • IEEE1394 Speed: 400mbps
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One year parts and labor warranty.

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(11 of 13 customers found this review helpful)


Firepod! amazing peace of gear!

By Drew

from Mo

I bought a Firepod around a month ago. I researched equipment like this for months after wanting one of these for a couple of years. In all the research I did this was the best for the $$. I am blind and the way this thing is set up is very easy for me to use, for example, all the nobs and xlr/quarter inch input jacks are on the front pannel. The nobs click when turning allowing me to count how many clicks for memmory of a desired volume. Their is no onboard EQ so everything goes in flat. As far as sound quality, I have only run headphones from the firepod through the front pannels phones jack. The sound quality is unbelieveible through my Bo's headphones. As far as the quality of the inputs, I have run my Guild Songbird acoustic, my five string Sheckter Bass, and a fender Violin in direct through quarter inch. The only problems I found was with the bass hearing a slight high end ticking sound that is solved by running it through a direct box. I have miked my drum kit with eight mikes, my Roland qube guitar amp and vocals, and their all very clean. I experience very little change in quality from playback to Recording at 48000 KHZ. I haven't used the q bass software, so can't comment on that. I'm using Guitar Tracks 2/Pro and it works Great. Another nice feture about the Firepod is that you can link upto three giving many more channels for entire band recording projects. So you can use what you buy today without having to get used to an entire new interface set up. in concluding I love this unit and am glad I'm able to use it.

(4 of 4 customers found this review helpful)



By Jason

from Michigan

I bought my Firepod about a month ago and it is absolutely fantastic! I have been using it to work on my own demos, friends' projects and for live recording and it stands up in any situation superbly. Multichannel recording is one of the greatest joys in the world and the Firepod makes everything so easy. Going into a Mac running Ableton Live 5 and Cubase SX is so simple and sounds so good, I don't know if I'll ever have need for another interface, save if I go professional in a few years. I would love to buy two more and have a full 24 tracks to work with but the purse strings are tight. As are the mic preamps. Extremely clean with plenty of headroom. Even using a tube mic on long cable runs is no problem when I crank up the gain. All of my recordings are sounding wonderful and I couldn't ask for more, except for a power switch on the front. It does get annoying sometimes reaching around the back of a rack to find one power switch, but other than that, the Firepod is by far one of my favorite pieces of gear that I have ever purchased. My buddy owns a Digi002 Rack and envies all of the mic inputs on my Firepod. If you want to stay away from ProTools and use a great interface, pick the FIREPOD! It cannot be beat!

(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)



By DeadTheory

from West Covina, CA

I got the Firepod and it's awesome. I'm a newbie at recording. I have a garage band and we recorded our own demo with this. This is a great investment and very easy to use.

(2 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


put the firepod to work

By rhabanga

from Severn MD

First off, for the money best Digital I/O interface. 8 XLR's combo connection. Using the PreSounus Firepod for well over a year theres been zero latency. To that I say "Cheers". Once you pick this up you will have to upgrade to Cubase SX.

(2 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


Excellent for Quality Recording

By ApolloSC

from New York, NY

This piece of equipment will get you high quality recordings when used in conjuction with good mics and a good room acoustics. The pre-amps are really high quality and each track can be recorded as independent channels within your software. Pro-tools does not support this hardware but it can be used with other high quality software. I personally use Adobe Audition and it works great. Definitely a good buy. There shouldn't be a need to upgrade after buying this. Use it to record drums, guitar, vocals, and anything else. It includes phantom power option for condenser mics too.

(1 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


Great combo with Cubase

By Woody

from Garden City, MI

I have owned this device for about a year and have upgraded to Cubase SX3. It has done more for my homegrown stuff than I ever could have imagined. With some decent mikes and your imagination the sky is the limit. AMD3200-1gig ram-120mbhd 7200rpm,8mb cache-dual monitors.


Best Recording Interface!!!

By fivesixonesk8er

from Palm City, FL

I bought this about 2 years ago for my home studio and Wow! All the features I wanted were in it! From the 8 Built-In Pre-Amps to the SPIDIf in, its a great buy for an advance to novice recorder! The Cubase LE software is a Profesional Tool to get Great Sounding recordings and all effects built in!


this is a great ...


from fullerton CA,

this is a great interface,nice, but not super great mic pres.its a good Idea to get the Cubase upgrade , definitly worth its weight.


A Nice Interface

By RipThorn

from WA

The Presonus Firepod is one of the best computer recording interfaces on the market, in my opinion. It has 8 high quality mic preamps, MIDI capabilities, firewire connectivity and everything else that is needed to be able to make high quality audio recordings on a computer. I don't use the recording software that comes with it, but that is because I have a program that I have been using for a long time. I have heard rumors of problems with the Presonus clocks, but I have not heard even the slightest jitter in my signal. The firewire makes it nice because you just have to plug the thing in and away you go. If you want to use multiple units, you can stick them all in a rack and work that way and have as many input channels as you need. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to start or expand a project or home studio.


Great peice of equipment

By Greg (Phelt)

from Myerstown, PA

The Fire pod is awesome. I just got it a couple of days ago, like 3 days. I loaded the drivers and had at it. I was amazed with the quality it gives of. I can't wait to start my projects. I give this Firepod 10 all the way to the top.


The Firepod

By Nunez_LogicPro

from AZ

The Firepod is kind of wierd like the Mixer knob and Main level knob theres is no independcy they work togetherin order to hear the other. the other thing is if you want to insert an external device you loose the first to inputs (1&2) if its stereo other than those two things is a great peice of gear for the price.


Can't believe the recordings I am getting out it

By Cameron Lazzari

from San Jose CA

I bought my Firepod around 8 months ago. I am getting sounds out it that I thought was not possible for home recordings. If you are considering buying one of these....just do it and ignore all the other idiots that have complaints about it. This is a 10 in my book. One of the best things is that it is Firewire so you can go portable if you want. Also the preamps are killer. If you like live drums like I do you will be amazed at how fat they can sound. I usually don't write reviews, but I have to considering it is the best gear that I have ever had for recording. I used to have a 16 track reel to reel and VS 2480 by Roland before and used them together to get really fat sound. Problem is I could never get the vocals to sound right. I have no regrets selling it to get a Firepod and Sonar 5 studio Edition. I am thinking about getting a Behringer ADA8000 and a 8 track reel to reel and use them with the Firepod. I know for fact I would get some of the fattest sounds ever with all these combined. So I say go and get a Firepod and join the rest of us.


A very good value

By Fuzzball

from Ida, MI

I have a Firepod with Cubase LE, both of which I use on a daily basis for my studio. Whenever I record a band I use all 8 tracks simultaneously, and you can daisy-chain 2 or more firepods together. Firepods are excelelnt they are a great value for the price. I should note that I had to send my Firepod in for repair about 9 months after I got it, as one of pre amps died. It took about 2 weeks to repair and I had to pay for the shipping to send it, but it was still under warranty and the repairs didn't cost me anything and the company was very easy to deal with.


Excelent for my Home Recording Studio

By Roberto M.

from CHILE

I bought this FirePod 2 years ago in order to get 8 line imputs to record my drumset. I took it out of the Box, installed it and started recording in less than 10 minutes and VUA-LAA!! I Had never heard my drumkit sound so awesome before. This 8 mic recorging interface with excelent preamps will make every recording sound pro. It doese'nt matter if you're a beginner or an advanced engineer, in less than 10 minutes you'll be recording great stuff. I just wished it had all cable imputs on the back.


Taking recording to the next level

By Chris

from Va Beach, VA

I purchased the PreSonus firepod several months ago, and since then I have had absolutely no problems whatsoever. I have used the firepod with both Cubase and Adobe Audition 2.0 and it has worked flawlessly with both systems. The quality of recording is unparalled for the price you pay. At first look it may seem pricy, but when compared with other products in this price range, (M-audio, Hammerfall, E-mu) the firepod is, undisputably the best. Why? You get 10 inputs, (8 mic inputs) onboard phantom power and integrated preamps for EACH channel give you unparalleled control. The firewire connection makes home recording hassle free! The 24bit/96K sample rate provides studio quality sound without the uneeded pressure of a time deadline. The firepod just simply can't be beat!


Eight killer preamps

By Hot Dog Recording Studio

from Dallas TX

I use the Firepod with my laptop as well as a desktop and I'm amazed by how much better it sounds then the 001 that I replaced. Only thing is that I would advice moving up to Cubase SX or at least SL. The preamps sound fantastic for drums and guitars. No, they are not as good as a Eureka which I also own. But the Firepod has 8 preamps for the same price as one Eureka which only has a single preamp. This is a great box. You won't be disappointed.

(0 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Can't Beat It

By Bassman13

from Youngstown, OH

I picked this up about a year ago along with a new laptop with the hopes of getting my feet wet in recording. I have to say that the Firepod has exceeded my expectations and I am very pleased with it. I'll start with the cons. The initial setup is a nightmare. I spent over two weeks trying to get it to work on my Dell laptop. I got a number of clicks, pops, and skips in all of my recordings. I tried everything from adjusting the buffer size to messing with the latency. It turned out that I just had to go on Presonus's website and download an updated driver for Windows XP. (Stupid mistake, I know, but the directions never mentioned anything bout driver updates.) My only other complaint is that the preamps leave something to be desired. You will need to crank them to 9 or 10 to get decent levels, but I have found that adding a tube preamp to the signal before it reaches the Firepod solves the problem. (Try a Presonus Bluetube, $200 but well worth the price) Despite these few problems, the Firepod is an excellent audio interface. The ability to record 8 simultaneus tracks is well worth the price tag and the unit seems to be well built. I have had it for almost a year with no hardware problems at all. When you team this unit up with a decent computer and software (Cubase is garbage, I upgraded to Sonar Cakewalk 4) the quality of the recordings rivals that of an analog studio with a pricetag 10 times that of the Firepod. If you are thinking of starting up recording, the firepod should be your first investment.


Good Intermediate Gear

By Chris Rogers

from Ohio

The reason I rated this a 5 is strictly because of the price. Are there better interfaces out there? Of course, but you'll end up paying at least 4 times as much for it. Everything on it works great. Its just a good, simple design and it just works. You might want to get a couple DI boxes though for instruments because the preamps don't have quite enough gain for that.

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