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Here's a pro audio bundle featuring PreSonus' StudioOne Pro music creation and production software with a pair of Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones. Now you can turn your computer into a mus... Click To Read More About This Product

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Here's a pro audio bundle featuring PreSonus' StudioOne Pro music creation and production software with a pair of Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones. Now you can turn your computer into a music-making machine.

PreSonus Studio One Pro Software
PreSonus Studio One Pro Software music creation and production software”for Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista”makes audio recording, MIDI sequencing, and audio mastering ridiculously simple right out of the box. Yet Studio One Pro is loaded with a wealth of professional features.

Studio One Pro is the next generation in audio software, and here are a few of the reasons why: fresh code, innovative drag-and-drop MIDI mapping and plug-in management, auto-configuration with PreSonus hardware, insanely good audio quality, unlimited tracks and plug-ins per track, and a powerful, inventive Start page that literally puts the whole recording project right in your hands.

Far from just another music production software program, PreSonus Studio One Pro changes the rules of the game. You get a complete DAW application, easy-to-use from raw audio tracks to finished master with support for the latest standards and technologies.

High-End Audio Engine
Studio One Pro is based on a cutting-edge audio engine that delivers unparalleled sound and automatically switches between 32-bit and 64-bit floating-point processing on the fly (even with a 32-bit OS), ensuring the highest quality audio at all times.

Compatible and easy to configure
The Studio One Pro software is compatible with any ASIO-, Windows Audio-, or CoreAudio-compliant audio interface, including, of course, the entire line of PreSonus interfaces. It recognizes your PreSonus interface, and preprogrammed templates automatically create software inputs and assign them to the appropriate hardware inputs on your PreSonus interface. You don't have to configure your music software to work with your hardware”PreSonus Studio One Pro does it for you.

The software stores I/O configurations with each song, for each computer, and for each device driver. As a result, you can take a song to a friend's studio, use Studio One Pro with their interface, and when you get back to your studio, it will recall the original I/O configuration for the song, as if you never left. This works regardless of interface.

Innovative Start Page
A powerful tool that will appeal to professionals and hobbyists alike, the Start page allows you to access recent songs and projects, create new ones, configure external devices, and access tutorial information, demo songs, and a special PreSonus news feed. You can download updates and support materials directly from the Start page, without ever leaving Studio One Pro.

Easy to Navigate
Unlike most music production programs, a single, straightforward workspace allows you to track, edit, and mix in one easy-to-navigate window that you can access with a single click. Or if you wish, you can separate the Console and Arrange views and can even drag them to separate displays. A compact Console view allows you to mix while viewing the arrangement so you don't have to bounce back and forth between windows. You also can switch to a larger Console view”yet another way that Studio One Pro helps you work quickly while giving you maximum flexibility.

The Arrange view employs a waveform display with user-selectable color-coding and sample-level zoom. The Arrange view shows you the big picture, while the Edit view shows you the up-close details; used together, they virtually eliminate the need to zoom in and out. The Console view contains faders, solos, mutes, pans, and other expected elements. It also includes extensive sidechaining capability.

PreSonus Studio One Pro's Browser provides instant access to effects, loops, instruments, and other key elements. You can preview any audio clip, and if the clip has tempo information encoded, it will play synced to the song tempo.

Powerful Drag-and-Drop Features
Here's where it gets really interesting: Studio One Pro DAW's powerful drag-and-drop function allows you to drag an audio clip, effect, or a virtual instrument from the Browser directly onto a track in the Arrange or Console view. With time stretching Studio One Pro automatically matches tempo-encoded audio clips with song tempo.

You can copy an effect or a whole chain of effects with Presonus Studio One Pro”including settings”by simply dragging to a new track in the Console view. These are just a few of the many ways that Studio Ones Pro's Browser and drag-and-drop implementation allow you to work quickly, without scrolling through pages of menus. It's a lot more fun too. No other music production software program even comes close.

Awesome Plug-Ins
Studio One Pro supports ReWire and the VST and AU plug-in formats, including the VST 3 plug-in specification, so it is ready to use the newest plug-ins as they are released. It also utilizes automatic delay compensation, which keeps tracks in sync regardless of plug-in processing. But the most glittering gems are PreSonus' proprietary Native Effects Suite plug-ins, which include a wide variety of built-in effects, such as compressors, EQs, distortion, delay effects, amp modeling, modulation effects, and reverbs. These plug-ins process audio with 64-bit floating-point double precision. This is truly state-of-the-art technology. Three PreSonus virtual instruments are also bundled with Studio One, including SampleOne, a virtual sampler that offers the fastest sample mapping available.

Easy, Intuitive MIDI Mapping
When it comes to MIDI mapping, Studio One Pro changes the rules yet again. Of course, you can record MIDI parts and then tweak them in a piano-roll editor. But the real fun starts with Control Link, its intuitive MIDI-mapping system. Simply move the hardware and software controls to be linked and click the Link button for instant mapping. In Global mode, hardware and software controls maintain a one-to-one relationship, so a hardware control is linked directly to one software control for the entire program. In Focus mode, control maps only apply to a particular plug-in, so you can make different control maps for each plug-in, and the Focus map is stored with the plug-in, giving you no-sweat, context-sensitive MIDI mapping. This works with all parameters of any VST or AU plug-in.

Integrated Mastering Suite
The Project page offers complete mastering tools that are fully integrated with the rest of the program. All the necessary audio mastering tools are available from the Project page. You get effects, crossfades, volume envelopes, and meters. You can make disc images, burn Red Book CDs, and create digital-release albums, complete with metadata. In addition, PreSonus Studio One Pro creates an intelligent link when songs are placed in a Project for mastering, automatically updating any changes to the original tracks or subsequent mixes. From basic tracking to multiple-release mastering, PreSonus Studio One Pro Software is a complete music production solution.

SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones

The SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones from Shure provide exceptional sound reproduction and comfort. Optimized for home and studio recording, SRH440 headphones reproduce accurate audio across an extended range. Impedance, power handling and sensitivity are all calibrated for professional audio devices such as DJ mixers, mixing consoles, and headphone amplifiers.

  • PreSonus StudioOne Pro Software
  • Elegant single-window work environment
  • Powerful drag-and-drop functionality
  • Unlimited audio tracks, MIDI tracks, virtual instruments, buses, and FX channels
  • Content browser with convenient sort options and preview player
  • Integrated mastering solution with automatic mix updating, waveform editing, effects, Red Book CD burning, and digital release
  • Automatic delay compensation
  • Advanced automation
  • 64-bit processing (even on 32-bit machines)
  • Easy-to-use sidechain routing
  • 64-bit effects suite
  • Stunning virtual instruments
  • User-friendly sampler
  • Most intuitive MIDI-mapping system available
  • Realtime audio timestretching and resampling
  • AU, VST2, VST3, and ReWire support
  • K System metering
  • Gigabytes of inspiring content
  • Compatible with any ASIO-, Windows Audio-,or Core Audio-compliant audio interface
  • MP3 export
  • Plug-ins/Content
  • Ampire: amplifier-modeling plug-in
  • Analog Delay: tape-delay emulation plug-in
  • Auto Filter: envelope filter plug-in
  • Beat Delay: tempo-synchronized Delay
  • Binaural Pan: stereo panning effect plug-in
  • Channel Strip: dynamics processing and equalizer plug-in
  • Chorus: mono/stereo chorus plug-in
  • Compressor: mono/stereo variable compressor plug-in
  • Expander: mono/stereo expander plug-in
  • Flanger: stereo/mono flanger plug-in
  • Gate: noise gate plug-in
  • Groove Delay: multi-tap and tempo synchronized delay plug-in
  • Limiter: mono/stereo limiter plug-in
  • Mixtool: phase and MS utility plug-in
  • MixVerb: mono/stereo reverb plug-in
  • Multiband Dynamics: mono/stereo Multiband Compressor/Expander plug-in
  • Phase Meter: phase correlation analysis plug-in
  • Phaser: mono/stereo phaser plug-in
  • Pro EQ: 7-band parametric EQ
  • Red Light Distortion: distortion plug-in
  • Room Reverb: stereo/mono room reverb plug-in
  • Spectrum Meter: frequency analysis plug-in
  • Tricomp: 3-band compressor plug-in
  • Tuner: instrument tuning plug-in
  • X-Trem: mono/stereo tremolo plug-in
  • Impact: sample trigger virtual instrument
  • Presence: sample player virtual instrument
  • SampleOne: sampler virtual instrument
  • Bundled Content
  • PreSonus Instruments Vol. 1: 200 Instruments for built-in Presence
  • sample player
  • PreSonus Instruments Vol. 2: 100 premium instruments for built-in
  • Presence sample player
  • Ueberschall Impact Drums: 32 Kits for built-in Impact drum sampler
  • PreSonus Loops Vol. 1: approx. 1500 high-quality loops
  • NI KORE Player with factory content
  • Toontrack EZDrummer Lite
  • PreSonus Loops Vols. 2-4: approximately 4,000 high-quality loops
  • PreSonus KORE Compilation Vol. 1: 200 presets for KORE Player
  • SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones
  • Enhanced frequency response delivers accurate audio across an extended range
  • Closed-back, circumaural design rests comfortably over the ears and reduces background noise
  • Impedance and power handling optimized for performance with most pro and consumer audio devices
  • Adjustable headband and collapsible construction provide comfort and portability
  • Legendary Shure quality to withstand the rigors of everyday use
  • Bayonet Clip securely locks cable into ear cup
  • Replaceable ear cup pads ensure long product life
  • 3m (10 ft.) coiled detachable cable provides plenty of length and easy storage and replacement
  • PreSonus Studio One Pro Software
    System Requirements
    Mac OS X 10.4.11 or Mac OS X 10.5.2 or higher
    PowerPC G4 1.25GHz or Intel Core Solo 1.5GHz processor
    1GB RAM
    PowerPC G5 or better or Intel Core Duo or Intel Xeon processor or better
    2 GB or more RAM

    Windows XP or Vista
    Intel Pentium 4 1.6GHz processor or AMD Athlon 64 (Turion)
    1GB RAM
    Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz EM64T or better or AMD Athlon 64 3000+ or better
    2GB or more RAM

    Windows and Macintosh Systems
    Internet connection
    DVD-ROM drive
    A monitor resolution no lower than 1024x768 pixels

    SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones

    Transducer type: Dynamic neodymium magnet
    Driver size: 40mm
    Sensitivity (1kHz): 105dB
    Impedance (1kHz): 44Î
    Max. input power (1kHz): 500 mW
    Frequency range: 10Hz “ 22kHz
    Net weight (without cable): 0.6 lb. (181g)
    Shipping weight: 1.55lb.s (612g)
    Length of cable: 3 meters (9.84')
    Type of cable: Detachable coiled oxygen-free copper
    Plug: Gold-plated 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo mini jack
One year parts and labor warranty.

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PreSonus StudioOne Lets The Artist Be An Artist

By Securb

from Boston

There are so many options to think about when selecting music recording software. What makes the task harder is the varying prices of music programs. Yet another issue is finding a program that is user friendly.

I have wasted countless hours in the past using free programs. These free programs allow you to record as much as you want; then request a paid license when you want to mix-down or save your music. These free applications are also buggy with little to no support, making every recording task that much more difficult and time consuming.

Making these free programs more costly is they have no effect plug-ins. Unless you are happy with a dry sterile sound you will have to buy some kind of reverb or EQ plug-in in the very least. A guitar amp sim would also be suggested. More time more money and more software to try to configure.

PreSonus Audio Electronics Studio One Pro is an out of the box solution for novice musicians and pros that has everything you need out of the box. The first thing I noticed about Studio One was the ease of the install. Studio One recognized all of my hardware on install. There was no additional mapping or tweaking needed to start recording.

Getting started was also incredibly simple. When you start Studio One it opens a landing page. The landing page lists recent files and projects. The landing page also gives you a profile of your hardware interfacing with Studio One Pro. The New song wizard has several templates that will quickly layout a recording interface for a rock band or guitar vocal duo. Using the new project dialog you can setup up a custom recording desk to your own specifications.

Making this interface easier is the drag and drop functionality. Studio One allows you to drop and drop audio clips, effects or virtual instruments from its browser. The effects are amazing, I especially liked ampire.

Ampire allows you to select multiple classic guitar head sims and match them with a musics store worth of classic cabinet combinations. If by chance you already have a VST plug-in StudioOne works great with other applications. Not only will Studio One Pro recognize your VST plug-ins but also ASIO & Core Audio interfaces.

Studio One Pro allows the home and pro user to make production quality recordings with little effort. This ease lets the artist be an artist, not a software geek. When you dont have labor over the software it allows you more time to concentrate on the creative processisnt that what it is all about?

Studio One Pro has more features than we have seen in recording software costing 3 to 4 times the modest $399.00 price tag for this PreSonus package. PreSonus also has StudioOne Artist available for an even more affordable $199. At these price points the software pays for itself on you first day of recording. There are demos available for download on PreSonus website

When choosing between StudioOne Pro and StudioOne Artist there are a few differences you should know about. Studio One Pro supports third-party VST plug-ins Studio One Artist only supports the plug-ins that bundled with it. Studio One Pro supports video for film scoring. Most importantly StudioOne Artist does not have the Project page the Studio One Pro has a complete mastering section. That being said they are both world class applications.

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Great software, better than pro tools, plus killer heaphones for free!? Awesome!

By RevD

from Baltimore, MD

The SRH440 are now my go to headphones. I personally own three pair to cover my live and studio needs. These are great for recording artist who need a good clear solid sound for tracking, but with no bleeding to the mics and reducing the bulking feel of the sennheiser HD280's. I really like the leather bag and removable 24k tipped locking cable greatly reduces the nefarious audio shortage from the bending and wear N tear. Studio One Pro rocks! I personally recommend the new and old pro and home recording artist. The design, ease of use, and pro sound is incredible. I've always been a PreSonus fan for years, and to see them step into the DAW world made me take a good hard look, and I was very happy to leave my pro tools/cubase/cakewalk in the trash can after a few hours working with this software. And if you are looking for a good travel/idea interface the Apogee ONE for Mac users is a great USB interface. As it includes its own built-in mic and the ability to record instruments and mics (with phantom pwr). And the FireStudio line is the best for 2 or more mic pre interfaces which is both PC/MAC compliant.

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