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Playing a musical instrument can turn from a hobby to a lifestyle very easily. But it's no wonder why when you can consider how many cool accessories and electronics are available from Planet Waves. Beginning as a small guitar strap manufacturer in 1994, it didn't take long for Planet Waves to start designing a wide range of other useful tools for musicians, and this section has more than enough examples. Whether it's a new guitar tuner you're after or a cable pack for your effects pedals, Planet Waves' line of pro audio gear and accessories has something for every skill level and taste. In fact, many famous musicians are proud endorsers of Planet Waves products, including Lenny Kravitz, Keith Urban, Joe Satriani and countless others. With so many top-selling items, you might be wondering where to start your search. If a microphone cable is what you want, then try the Planet Waves Classic Series. Featuring nickel-plated brass connectors for corrosion-resistant contact, these flexible yet heavy-duty XLR cables are incredibly popular thanks to their top-notch durability and sound quality. Or maybe you need a new tuner... in which case, check out the PW-CT-09 Universal II. Championed for its versatility, this chromatic tuner's display is easy to read on even the darkest stages, and it can tune a number of stringed, woodwind and brass instruments. Of course, we couldn't talk about Planet Waves without mentioning their world-renowned guitar straps. Through years of research, Planet Waves devised a patented design for their Planet Lock 2'' straps. Fitting on virtually any guitar, you can bet that these straps will stay in place firmly until you decide to release the side pin. Now that you have an idea of Planet Waves offers, you can always look around and see what else they have in store. With Planet Waves, you can have comfort in knowing that everything they make has come to life with your ambitions in mind. After all, playing music is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, and Planet Waves takes pride in knowing that you're having fun every time you pick up your instrument.