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Facet Name
Pioneer is probably one of the best named companies in all of music. That's because, as their name implies, they've been blazing trails all over the industry since 1938. With a passion for the gear they create, and a drive to ensure the equipment their musicians use is always the best, Pioneer will continue to change the way the world makes music. So how are you looking to enhance your sound? If you're a DJ starting completely from scratch, take a look at the complete packages found in this section, like the Numark NS6 / Mackie Thump TH-12A DJ Package. Featuring a computer compatible controller, Mackie Thump TH-12A Active Speakers, Gear One G900DX Headphones, and all the added accessories you'll need to connect it, this is the perfect way to give yourself a professional setup without having to worry about making sure everything works together. Intuitively designed, you'll love performing live with this dynamic DJ package. If you're looking to upgrade your setup though, and portability is a must, you should start you search with the DDJ-T1 Software Controller for Traktor. With plug-and-play capabilities, a 4-channel deck with a ton of controls, and the included Traktor software that allows you to mix as you go, this controller is great for musicians with a higher skill level. With a superior feel and top-of-the-line technology, it pairs perfectly with any of the DJ headphones found in this section as well. Whether you're a professional DJ, a part-time hobbyist, or just an enthusiast wanting to expand your skills, you'll find what you need here. Trusted for decades, and always looking for the "next big thing", Pioneer is a name synonymous with innovation and quality. Ask anyone and they're sure to agree that Pioneer is going to be at the top of music exploration for years to come.