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Today's electronic drums have come so far since the 1970s, it's really no surprise that more and more drummers are integrating them into their routine. With that in mind, many professional players consider Pintech electronic drums and accessories to be the best, including Lamb Of God's Chris Adler and Rick Allen of Def Leppard. As every experienced player knows, there are many upsides to owning electronic drums. For example, if you live in an apartment that requires a certain level of silence by the evening hours, an e-kit allows you to control the volume of your practicing, so you can continue to play even late at night. Not to mention, they can also give you a wide array of different sounds, pre-recorded phrases and effects. In other words, owning electronic drums can only broaden the horizons of your percussion abilities, and Pintech has everything you need to take your skills to the next level. To get an idea of how trusted the Pintech name is, all you have to do is look at their impressive range of top-rated items. For instance, take the 5-Piece Practice Cymbal Set. Featuring a 16" crash, 10" splash, 18" crash/ride and a 14" hi-hat cymbal pair, this popular practice cymbal set is the perfect way to improve your technique quietly. Or, maybe a new trigger cymbal is what you want. If so, then check out the TC Series. Containing a natural gum-rubber playing surface, great tracking and top-notch dynamics, the TC Series electronic cymbals are lightweight, virtually indestructible, and their acoustic look and feel is incredible. No two drummers are the same. After all, everyone has their own unique set of influences, and how each person combines their own is what creates different playing styles. Pintech understands this, which is why they're so dedicated to constructing electronic drums, hardware and accessories for anyone who has a passion for percussion.
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