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Peterson VSS-C Stomp Classic Strobotuner Pedal Tuner (403859)
Peterson VSS-C Stomp Classic Strobotuner Pedal Tuner
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Anything can happen when you’re playing music live. One second you can be scorching through an amazing guitar solo, the next you could have a broken string in need of quick repair. With the help of a pedal tuner, you’ll be able to quickly and easily tune-up between songs or get a new string ready to go in no time. Absolutely invaluable as part of your on-stage set up, a pedal tuner is a must have for almost any gigging guitarist.

Basically, a pedal tuner is a digital tuner that you can daisy chain into your existing effects set up. Because it is directly linked to your guitar, it means you can tune up or change tunings without ambient noise becoming a distraction. This is especially important if you only have a few moments between songs to prepare.

Most of the tuners offered here are chromatic, meaning they can tune just about any instrument, not just guitars and bass guitars. Some are even polyphonic, which means you can strum all the strings on your instrument at once and it will determine which are in need of a tune up. This can save you a lot of time, especially if you’re still developing your natural ear and can’t quite tell which string has fallen out of tune.

Most tuners will also feature an LCD display that makes them easy to read when you’re on a dark stage. This makes tuning a much easier process, making sure you don’t have to squint to see which strings are sharp or flat. Some tuners even have screens that adjust to the light in the room with help from sensors. This ensures that the screen will always be of optimal brightness when you’re using it.

Any way you slice it, a tuner is essential. Whether you’re practicing in the basement, jamming with friends, or you’re on stage in front of thousands of people, a pedal tuner will keep your instrument sounding pitch perfect so you can focus on the music.