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Peavey Power Slide Guitar Black

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It's not a lap steel, not a resonator, and it's not a conventional steel guitar. This instrument is in response to a huge number of requests for a lap-type steel that could be played standing up. The ... Read More

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It's not a lap steel, not a resonator, and it's not a conventional steel guitar. This instrument is in response to a huge number of requests for a lap-type steel that could be played standing up. The shape of the Power Slide is designed to position the playing surface (fingerboard) to the left of the player's body allowing unhampered access to the playing surface. The Power Slide Guitar's unique 4-point suspension and the special "Y" strap enable the instrument to be played either horizontally or vertically (and almost anywhere in-between). The Power Slide uses Peavey's unique magnet loaded humbucking pickup with patented "T-60 type" mode/tone control. The 2-octave scale provides more tonal flexibility than any Slide guitar that can be played standing up.

Peavey's "Power Slide" comes with its special "Y" strap and a padded bag to accommodate its "different" shape. With a 6-string configuration, you're already familiar with the string gauges and tuning, and at this price, you can't lose.

Includes gig bag.

  • Revolutionary next generation slide instrument
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum playability
  • Patent-pending multipoint strap system
  • Allows for multiple vertical and horizontal playing styles
  • Unique magnet loaded pickup with patented variable coil mode control
  • Radical patent-pending design provides unprecedented neck access in vertical
  • playing position
  • Includes gig bag, slide and multipoint strap

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(1 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Peavey Power Slide, Best Deal for the Money


from Albany, CA

I can't imagine you could spend this little money anywhere else and get anything comparable. The Peavey Power Slide is a niche instrument, of course, but it fills that niche wonderfully. I got this guitar about a week ago. Getting the Y-strap set up was very quick and easy, and once that's done the guitar sits perfectly on your hip/belly and feels perfectly stable and comfortable. It's got a really good tone. The split pickup "tone control" is kind of brilliant in my book. The single coil tone is at least as good as the tone of my Fender lap steel, and kicking in the 2nd coil kills all the noise which is the worst problem with single coil. The finish is fine. I'm not a big fan of 50s retro, but it's fine as far as it goes. Honestly, I think this is a great instrument at any price, and for the actual price, it's a killer. Talking about the problems other reviewers have mentioned: 1. My "fretboard" was perfectly aligned. I don't doubt that some have this problem, but I figured Peavey would fix it under warranty if necessary, and for $200 I'll take that chance. 2. The "cheap" bar: I wouldn't necessarily call it cheap. It's definitely different than a high-density bar, but I think that is deliberate. It's shaped like a standard lap steel bar, but it's actually closer to a pipe bar, a flat sheet of metal bent into standard bar shape. It's a lot lighter than a standard bar, so it's easier to maneuver, and the lighter mass gives it a "punchier" tone. All in all, I think it's a useful piece, not a cheap, useless fill-in. 3. Too early for me to tell if the volume knob is in a bad place; seems OK to me. 4. Tuning keys are kinda cheap feeling.

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Budget lap steel

By Anthony Alonzo

from Eagle Mountain, UT.

I just received my Peavey Power Slide last week. Guitar Center hooked me up with a discount code, and free shipping. It arrived in 3 days, which was faster than I expected. When opening the box, the first thing I noticed was the bag. Others have complained about the quality of the bag. I think it is a mid level quality bag, and is good enough to serve its purpose. My Power Slide was not clean and polished upon opening it. It definitely was not tampered with or previously opened, so I am sure it was packaged in a factory this way. That's not what I expect when I purchase a new instrument. The cutout where the tuning posts are located was especially dirty. Like they painted the instrument, drilled holes, then stuck it in the box. A split second blast of compressed air would have taken care of this. The website says that these come with .013 gauge strings. I know mine didn't. Although I did not bust out my calipers, I compared them to my replacement strings, which are D'Addario half rounds in .012 - .052. I bet the Power Slide came with .009 - .042. My new strings made a significant difference, and I would say its a requirement to replace the stock strings. The slide bar that came in the box is really cheap. It has rough edges, a hole drilled in it which you can feel between your fingers, and the slide is not smooth when moving across the strings. The bar is too light. I replaced mine with a Dunlop Lap Dawg, and now the slide experience is amazing. Totally different control, feel, and tone. My pickup is not level. The posts closer to the bridge are higher than the posts closer to the neck. There are no adjustments. There are accessible screws that hold the pickup, however, they only hold the pickup in place. They are not spring loaded and height adjustable. The tone knob does not turn smoothly. It feels as though it is rubbing on the pick guard possibly. I will need to look into this, but I am guessing the knob is not completely vertical. The string tuners are very low budget. You can see that the internal gear is plastic. You can feel it as you turn each tuner. The string does not tune consistently. I would like to look into a locking tuner replacement. The strap works well, and I like the design. I did not have to mess with it. And the lap steel was secure when standing. I could focus on playing instead of worrying about the stability or balance. I believe the ends of the strap are synthetic, so they are really stiff to put on. In think I will do some quick release strap attachments, since I don't want the strap connected when I play seated. The cutout on the lap steel works very well for standing up. I am a large guy, and it fits me just fine. When you play this on your lap, your legs need to be parallel to the ground, and the instrument has the tendency to move a little. My friend has a different lap steel that has velvet on the bottom and it stays in place very well. The bridge and nut are budget parts, but they do the trick. The bridge is angled for intonation. My Power Slide has the exact same note at the nut and the 12th fret, plays the harmonic right on the 12th fret, so the intonation is proper. Overall, for the price I paid, I like the Power Slide. With a few changes, this can be a solid instrument.

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(9 of 10 customers found this review helpful)


A great platform to modify

By Michael McCloskey

from Boston, MA

For the price, this was a no brainer. It�ۡ���s new so you know it�ۡ���s going to work. (Vintage instruments are always iffy.) With the 30 day return policy it�ۡ���s definitely worth a shot. Most of the reviews are pretty right on. I won�ۡ���t repeat. However, with less than $50 in upgrades, my Powerslide this has become a real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I changed the strings to a much heaver gauge, $13 for coated strings. I use a Stevens Steel Guitar weighted slide in the laptop position and a glass finger slide in the standing position. I replaced the stock humbucker with a GSF, Liverpool Hot Humbucker . Installed it in less than 5 minutes. Instant power, crunch and wide sonic range. Playing it clean is cowboy sweet. Winding up the distortion and people start pointing. This thing can wail and the sustain is endless. It comes in open E tuning. I recommend open D. It�ۡ���s very comfortable in the laptop position. The neck cutaway is helpful but not ideal for upright playing. I use a custom �ۡ���59 Strat I built for standing positions. StewMac sells a nut replacement for less than $4 that converts any guitar into a slide. loosen the strings, slide the metal nut riser over the standard nut and there you go. A kickin slide guitar that can be returned to a regular guitar in less than 5 minutes. Lastly I notched one of those huge 50�ۡ���s Fender Bass Bridge Covers and double sticky taped it over the bridge and pickup on the Powerslide. This gives my right hand a pace to rest. It looks cooler than heck but all muting is done with the left hand. I find right hand muting much easier with the Strat. If I feel like right hand muting the Powerslide, I take off the cover. My advice to Peavey would to up the over all quality of the instrument and accessories. the cheesy stuff detracts from the over all concept which is brilliant. I love this thing. It�ۡ���s a great platform and with the right upgrades gives your band another tool to bring to the stage. With less than $50 in upgrades, I give my Powerslide 5 stars.

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(10 of 11 customers found this review helpful)


Bang for the Buck.

By Jake

from Midwest City, OK

I am loving this thing right now. The slide is useless, but everything else is great. All it needed was a tuning and it was ready to rock. I got it set up in C6 tuning, running through a Fender tube amp and a Morley Opti Volume Pedal...... a dash of reverb and this sounds awesome. I'm new to this, but it feels great, no complaints on the way it's built. I've only had it a couple of weeks, but I'm already playing Hank Williams and Hank III songs. I do wish they'd include a scales and chord chart with it, only because it's hard to find that stuff for lap steel, but really a great buy and I'd recommend to anyone, beginner or active musician.

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(11 of 12 customers found this review helpful)


nice with alittle work!!

By stringbender

from sunshine state

on this New Powerslide Lap Steel the intonation was off over a half inch I had to move the bridge back redrill new holes and set it up properly with a 1/8th inch shim under the whole bridge itself to get it the same height as the nut height. Now it plays good and stays in tune with these adjustments..I don�ۡ���t understand why these are being put together this way.. mass production I guess.. Right out of the box there's no way it�ۡ���s going to play in tune!! Other than that its looks and sounds very good!! I know this setup will probably void my warranty. But it was either make it work right or send it back...That said... I like the guitar but this intonation thing should not be happening ...the humbucker sounds meaty and the split control is nice. I've played every kind of lap steel there is over the years...I'll just say Peavey almost got it right on this one.

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(9 of 14 customers found this review helpful)


powerslide fret markers

By Robert

from Gilbert, AZ

I played the Powerslide in my local music store. Liked everything about it, except: I was playing quite a bit south (left) of the fret markers for correct pitch. (Not parallax). 12th fret intonation was way off, but even noticeable at 2nd fret.

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(35 of 40 customers found this review helpful)


Great Price, Great Steel!

By Fretwire

from San Jose, CA

Great sounding steel guitar. I like the coil-split pot which gradually splits the coils to a single coil. Fun to play standing up, makes it a lot easier to use my pedals. The only draw backs I've found is where the volume pot is located. I keep accidently turning the volume down while picking with my right hand. The other issue, which was odd, was that my guitar cable wouldn't fit into the input jack of the guitar.

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(25 of 39 customers found this review helpful)


peavey powerslide

By wolf

from california

got this the other day and was impressed tuners are old style gibson and are good, pickup with tone control can cover a lot of different sounds mine is black with black pickguard i just love it

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