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Peavey Classic 50/212 Tube Combo Amp

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With its responsive gain structure and warm/punch double-team of 12AX7 and EL84 tubes, Classic Series guitar amps are revered by gritty blues benders, chicken pickin' country cats and nouveau-Stones r... Click To Read More About This Product

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With its responsive gain structure and warm/punch double-team of 12AX7 and EL84 tubes, Classic Series guitar amps are revered by gritty blues benders, chicken pickin' country cats and nouveau-Stones rockers alike. The Blue Marvel speakers and knobs are straight out of the rock 'n' roll revolution.

Made in the USA.


  • 50 watts (RMS) into 16 or 8 ohms
  • Fan cooled
  • Four EL84s and three 12AX7s
  • 2-channel preamp
  • Normal and bright inputs
  • Pre- and post-gain controls on lead channel
  • Active presence control
  • 3-band passive EQ (bass, middle, treble)
  • Master volume control
  • Standby switch
  • Reverb level control
  • Effects loop
  • External speaker capability
  • Footswitch selectable channel switching and reverb
  • Chrome-plated chassis
  • Made in the USA
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Reviewed by 12 customers

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(22 of 22 customers found this review helpful)



By David

from SC

I was looking for a good amp that I can count on for a while, and I have found it. The classic 50 is a great amp! It's got the nice smooth distortion I was looking for in a tube amp and the clean is very bright and clear.

(22 of 23 customers found this review helpful)


awesome amp

By clint deuschle

from new hampshire

I have owned this amp for 18 years. I have played ther amps and respect what other amps do, for sure. If I had to have one amp, though, this would be the amp, period. Others have gushed about its sound, features, and practicality. They are 110% right, so I'll try to not be too boring. I think this amp's lead channel is WAY better than something like a Fender Hot Rod Deville or something's "drive" or "more drive" channels. Still though, I wouldn't rave about any Peavey Classic 30 or 50's lead channel. A lot of people swear by the Classic series' lead channel, but I just don't think its all that great. Its cool and sounds OK, but I have found better tones running overdrive and distortion pedals through the "normal" channel or FX loop. Perhaps more than anything, I'd like to add that I haven't had one problem with this amp since I bought it nearly 2 decades ago. It has followed me across the country in some questionable vehicles to some questionable gigs. Its reliability, like other Peavey products- its stellar. Unless you are truly need a dedicated metal amp, this is probably the best amp you can buy. If you think you need a "metal" amp, I doubt you are reading this. Go get a Peavey 6505 then and rock out brah. Personally, I think its the best all-around amp on the market, but that's my opinion. The facts are the facts. By the way, I've paired a few good overdrives and "metal" type distortion pedals with my classic 50 and have been blown away by how nasty this amp can get if you want. On clean settings, its soooooooo warm sounding, you simply have to hear it to believe it. Anyway, I would never ever sell this amp, period. I am not a Peavey employee, fanboi, or whatever, but I know a "classic" unbelievable amp when I hear it. There is a reason these amps get rave reviews over and over and over and sell well decade after decade. My advice- try out all the others first..............but be sure to play this one before you plunk down your cash.

(17 of 18 customers found this review helpful)



By Mark

from Cleveland, OH

I have had this amp for about 8 years now. I can say that hands down it is the best amp I have ever owned and one the best I have ever even played through. The tones are warm and amazing, the distortion is beautiful, and it looks cool too! I have been offered a mesa boogie cab and head as trade for it and turned it down.

(16 of 16 customers found this review helpful)


Classic 50~

By John Patrick

from Pittsburgh, PA

I spent over 6 months trying out different tube amps before buying the Classic 50. This amp is really great & could easily sell for much more $$$. It's very versatile with 2 channels, a normal & master volume. You can go from clean, to cruch, to a scorching lead tone. If you're a metal enthusiast, you might not agree with my review. However, if you like classic rock & blues music that spills over with GREAT tone, look no further. There are amps that cost much more than the Classic 50 and don't sound as good or offer the versatility. One of the coolest things about Peavey is that they price their amps for "working" "unsigned" musicians. They price amps competitively, instead of arrogantly. There are a couple of "big name" amp manufacturers selling import amps for the same price point as the USA made Peavey Classic 50. I have nothing against import amps, but the price should always reflect it. After all, when companies outsource jobs & import amps, the goal is to save $$$ on parts & labor. The Peavey Classic 50 is without a doubt the best tube amp in it's price range that I've played. Even better than many amps costing much more. It's a plug & play amp, no need for Overdrive pedals here, and there isn't a distortion pedal that I've heard or played through that can touch the tone of the Lead channel on this baby. In the tradition of Peavey, it's built like a TANK, and sounds amazing! Try one.

(7 of 8 customers found this review helpful)



By sir charles haultry

from hurst, tx

This is a great amp, for the money especially. The clean tone is not as good as Fender's, but it is still pretty good. However, the distortion is great. You can get a great gritty classic rock tone, all the way to just shy of a heavy metal sound. When I bought mine they couldn't find the right foot switch so they threw in a peavy 2 button foot switch of a different kind. The two button foot switch is supposed to be lead and boost, but mine said reverb on it and i just thought it would work the boost but it actually turned on the reverb. Awesome. Great spring reverb. I have a boss sd-1 and it really kicks the lead channel into gear. Over all, I think its the best amp for the price range.

(4 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


Its a great amp!

By Archer Of Loaf

from pennsyltucky

The clean is rich smooth and clear. The bright channel enhances the treble pretty high but its never harsh. The overdrive can get pretty gritty (not metal gritty). Plus there is a MASTER VOLUME! Seems to be really sturdy. I'm selling my ValveKing half stack now and this is its replacement. The only negative about this amp is that its heavy, but its nothing some casters can't fix.

(4 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


The perfect guitar amp. A must-own.

By LaroldC

from South Grafton, MA

Let the spec sheets tell you the numbers and knobs. All I will say is that I will never use another combo amp after working with my Classic 50. I have had mine for about 8 years. It is the best all-around workhorse machine that a pro guitarist can own. I get compliments on my tone at every gig. Until recently, along with the Classic 50 I had it's little brother the Classic 30, and a Fender 65 Reissue Twin. I found that by sheer preference I was using only the Peaveys, so I sold the Fender. As truly nice as that Twin was, I do not miss it that much, because the Peaveys can basically give me what the Twin did PLUS nice distortion options and they are much lighter to carry. For the musical non-extremist, even if a non-conformist, this is the last amp you will ever need.

(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


As good as Fender Deluxe, better than Hot Rod series

By Todd Kovner

from brooklyn, ny

I've always been a fan of cheap gear that sounds great and stays in tune, so when the mates pressured me to upgrade from my Peavey Bandit 65 [solid state], I thought I'd stick it to em by sticking with Peavey. I watched tons of videos and review of the Classic series as compared to Fenders of all types. My mates have Deluxe Twin and a 4x10 Hot Rod. This 2x12 blows the Hot Rod away with warmth, deep clean tones, and a pleasing overdrive. It's comparable to the Deluxe 2x12, perhaps not quite as bright, but at half the price [used for $450, 1992 version] there's nothing to not love and it's dang perty. Except that the tube cage rattles, but I'll fix that. Don't expect to use the Drive channel as a lead boost, it's washed out and unresponsive. But is great for a touch of drive on your rhythm. A Tube Screamer sounds better through this baby on Clean than either Fender mentioned above...punchy and responsive. Using a Fender Marauder, the tonal variety from the Jazzmaster to the single-coil to the TripleBucker almost makes a pedal unnecessary, but I like ear bleed. Haven't tried my LP through it, yet.

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


easily the best tone available for non-metal players

By Mike L

from New York, NY

I played this in a rehearsal studio not knowing what it was because the manufacturers stamp/label/branding was taken off BUT when..... I plugged in my Gibson LP Standard and tried it, nothing mattered but the smooth breakup of this amp. WHEN I flipped to the dirty channel.....the heavens parted, I've never been happier with my guitar sound. The smoothest overdriven tone my ears have ever heard. I LOVE this amp. When they told me it was a Peavey, I was like come on everyone knocks this brand they never get recognition (fools!!). I'll take this over a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe without hesitation. As a Les Paul player, of course I have a Marshall DSL401 combo and a Orange Rocker 30 combo (which are amazing for their own individual tonal character). The natural quality and tone of the Classic 50 has been missing from my line up... I can retire some of my stomp boxes with this amp and live on the dirty channel. Very likely going to be my next amp - pick a Les Paul, Tele or Strat and plug it into this amp and you'll understand exactly what i'm talking about. Bottom line is this thing is a blues and classic rock king.

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Old reliable

By David Candler

from Union, SC

I have had this amp now since 2007. It has been through a lot and it still plays great! Just the other day one of the preamp tubes went out, but I've NEVER had to replace any before now. I'll probably go ahead and replace the preamp tubes if not all of them. I still love the powerful roar of this amp! I don't see me buy another amp, other than possibly the classic 30, any time soon because this one is great for medium size gigs to large gigs (with its external speaker out if needed). I would like to have a smaller amp for small gigs just because this one is rather heavy. I loved this amp the day I got it and I still love it today. I tried out many amps such as vox, fender, marshall, and different peavey amps until I came across this one. It had this smoothest distortion by far!

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Just to comment

By David Candler

from Union, SC

About the review with Four Stars. The footswitch that is supposed to come with the amp is a two-button that has a Channel select as well as a Reverb switch. There is no boost switch.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


As Good As Fender Blues Deluxe or Deville

By Thaddeus Logan

from Sacramento

I was ready to buy a Fender Blues Deluxe or Blues Deville but came accross a better deal on one of these. Had it a week and so far I am very impressed. This is definately comparible to the Fender All Tube Amps I was looking at...really similar to them in tone...and sounds just as good. The amp is quiet and warm sounding. The effects loop is a nice addition. I am glad that this amp has spring reverb verus digital reverb. I don't want digital anything in my tone...a real musician can tell the difference...thanks Peavey! The amp is heavy as hell because it is constructed well...beleive me I would carry an elephant to get this kind of tone verus some light weight piece of junk with crapy tone. I also had an original classic 50 vintage amp...the one with tremolo included and this amp makes that vintage one sound like a cheap toy. So far so good...hopefully nothing braks and i will be happy! Note: The Classic 50 has a cooling fan...which is a good addition and steered me to the 50...since complaints that the classic 30 gets really hot...but the 30 is probably you decide...

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