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Peak Music Stands Portable Music Stand (SMS-50)
Peak Music Stands Portable Music Stand
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Peak is a manufacturer with plenty of experience: for more than two decades, they've been building music stands for a number of the industry's best-known brands. Considering that history, it only made sense for Peak to start selling them under its own name, skipping the middle-man and offering well-built stands directly to musicians. If you're ready to go right to the source for your equipment, Peak music stands are ready to reward you for it.

Music stands, of course, are not particularly complex - so choosing one isn't complex, either. Portability is probably one of your biggest concerns, which makes sense when you're looking for stands to bring to gigs night after night. For guitarists, a highly compact option is the Peak Music Stands The Dome 2nd Generation Guitar Stand. This is a really versatile choice that's small enough to toss in the trunk easily, and also comes with a wall-mount option, making it just as useful at home.

For a more traditional style of stand, Peak offers several options. Their sheet music stands, for instance, use tripod designs that are collapsible for travel and sturdy when set up. When space is really at a premium, consider the Wire Music Stand, which has a foldable top to take up less room in transit and storage. Peak's tripod instrument stands, such as the ST-30 for banjo or mandolin, are built with a smart design that makes for a surefooted place to keep your instrument between songs onstage and in the studio.

No matter which Peak music stands you choose to bring home, you can be confident that you're getting the stability, portability and durability you need to outfit your stage, jam room or home studio. Peak learned a lot when they were working behind the scenes, and you can take advantage of all that experience with the excellent range of music stands they've introduced under their own brand name.