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LP Rio Wood Pandeiro (LP3010)
LP Rio Wood Pandeiro
  • $82.99
  • Rating: Overall User Rating: 5.000000
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If you ever attended a Mardi Gras celebration, you're probably more aware of Pandeiro drums than you realize. These frame hand drums have a look, feel and sound unlike any other percussion instrument. The unique rhythms and patterns performed with this drum can make even the most self-conscious person forget their worries, get up on their feet, and shimmer and shake all day and night. That's just the kind of affect the Pandeiro has on people, and any percussionist player would surely benefit from learning how to play one.

There are many amazing things about the Pandeiro drum, one of which is how little has changed about the instrument over the course of its long, rich history. Originating in Brazil, this drum was soon being used in religious ceremonies all over the Mediterranean before making its way to Europe in the 13th century. Today, the Pandeiro can be heard throughout street celebrations all over the world.

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