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Novation ReMOTE 25 Audio Controller  

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This is a semi-weighted, after touch-responsive MIDI keyboard with 2-channel audio and 2 digital multi-effects processors. Ideal for use with a laptop or studio set-up. Virtual synthesizer control pan... Click To Read More About This Product

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This is a semi-weighted, after touch-responsive MIDI keyboard with 2-channel audio and 2 digital multi-effects processors. Ideal for use with a laptop or studio set-up. Virtual synthesizer control panel layout with assignable controls. Over 50 electronic templates for Reason, Native Instruments plug-Ins, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Live 2, etc.

X/Y Touchpad for Total Expression

A touch-sensitive pad is conveniently located next to the keyboard and may be programmed to control multiple parameters in the X and Y direction. Imagine for example, setting a distortion amount and a pan position on the left to right movement and an LFO speed and filter cut-off on the top to bottom movement. That's total creative control!

Ergonomic Programmable Pitch and Modulation Mechanism

A slick and beautifully designed pitch and modulation control mechanism allows realtime performance. A switch on the base of the keyboard provides modulation (front to back) travel to be static or spring loaded for individual preference. The hand grip is rubberized for maximum ergonomic feel.

Dedicated Transport Controls

For your favorite sequencer control, be it Reason, Digital Performer, Cubase, Logic, or Sonar, the dedicated transport controls make the repetitive process of stop, start and record a breeze. If a specific sequencer template is called up, other buttons perform alternative common tasks such as locator marks and track creation.

Backlit 2-Line LCD

A bright backlit 2 line silver and blue display feeds back all the important control information whether it be the name of the template selected or the name and values of any controls.

Synthesizer Layout Grouping of Controls

No need to place template labels over controls when tweaking your favorite hardware or software synthesizer. The main control panel comprising 28 buttons, 16 pots, 3 encoders, and 9 sliders is ergonomically designed so that every parameter may be quickly and easily edited. All controls can be named and memorized as a collection and given a group template name. They can then be saved in any one of the template memories.


A massive set of templates containing over 150 parameters get you up and running fast. The ReMOTE 25 Audio is shipped with dozens of electronic templates preset to control popular hardware and software products.

Templates may be personalized for a specific way of working by combining any data from any preset to create an entirely new template which can be saved. The complete list is shown in the following table.


Whether making music on the move or in the studio, the addition of 2 high quality mic line preamps and 2 multi-effects processors completes the package. Just plug into the laptop or the desktop computer and begin recording using your favorite sequencer! The 2 warm, ultra low-noise, high-bandwidth audio preamplifiers with phantom power add that special something to the input signal, be it a microphone or instrument. Signals as high as +10dBm. (7 volts peak to peak) and as low as -60dBm (2.2 millivolts) are effortlessly handled before being fed to the digital world through the onboard twin 24-bit A/D converters.

Simultaneous Multi Effects

2 multi-effect processors provide simultaneous Reverb, Chorus-Phaser, Delay, Compression, Distortion, and EQ. following the audio input preamp. Effects may listened to and recorded by the sequencer or listened to and recorded dry. Using the effects processor, an artist may record for example with reverb and delay in the headphone mix without using any of the sequencer's effects or an additional outboard effects unit.

Independent Headphone Control

In a typical project studio setup, recording often takes place in a single room. During a take headphones are used and then the results are listened to by monitor loudspeakers. Independent rotary control over loudspeaker and headphone levels makes the process of record and listen to playback effortless. Powered monitor loudspeakers may be connected directly to the audio outputs along with a pair of headphones. no need for any additional hardware mixer. And as the ReMOTE 25 Audio has dual built-in multi-FX processor you can monitor vocal recording "live" with FX such as reverb even when recording the vocals "dry" - no need for external mixers and effects processors!

Recording and Listening with Effects

Most modern software audio sequencers allow the input signal to be monitored with low latency but this is only a copy of the whatever is plugged into the audio input(s).

An outstanding feature of the ReMOTE 25 Audio is the ability to record and /or monitor complete with effects such as reverb without the need for an external hardware effects box. This is particularly useful when recording vocals since the artist will normal prefer an amount of reverb in the headphones during a performance. It usually will help him/her to envisage a live situation with some ambience in the room.

There are 3 options with regard to monitoring and recording the

1. Bypass

This option will disable the effects section and the computer system will record any audio data 'dry' - that is, an amplified version of the signal appearing at the audio inputs. Any monitoring of the signal by headphones or on the main left and right outputs will also be 'dry'

2. Listen & Record

This option will enable the effects section and the computer system to record any audio data 'wet' - that is, an amplified version of the signal appearing at the audio inputs together with any of the audio effects (such as reverb). Any monitoring of the signal by headphones or on the main left and right outputs will also be "wet".

3. Listen & Record (Listen wet and Record Dry)

This option will enable the effects section BUT the computer will record any audio data "dry" - that is, an amplified version of the signal appearing at the audio inputs. Any monitoring of the signal by headphones or on the main left and right outputs will be "wet". This would be considered as a very useful option when, for example, recording a voice the signal can be recorded "dry" but the artist will be able to listen (monitor) his or her performance with effects applied.

MIDI, Audio and power in just one cable!

Finely tuned software drivers that link the integrated USB Audio and MIDI make for very low latency recording and playback. Press a key on the ReMOTE and instantly hear the selected Plug-In - No nonmusical latency delays. No more hassle with multiple connection leads and wall wart power cables - just plug in the USB cable and go.

Plenty of re-chargeable portable power

The ReMOTE 25 may be powered by 6 C size batteries and if rechargeable types are fitted they will be charged when the unit is plugged into the USB port or when used with an external PSU. Battery operation allows for true mobile use. Playing time can be over 12 hours when using alkaline type batteries or when fully charged.

Built In USB / MIDI Interface

No need to purchase a separate MIDI interface. The ReMOTE 25 provides 2 MIDI Out ports and one MIDI In port. Information originating from the ReMOTE keyboard or its controls can be sent directly to the USB port and/or any of the MIDI out ports. The MIDI ports can be used to integrate the rest of your MIDI gear into your computer system.

Runs on Windows XP and Mac OS X

For ease of use combined ASIA low latency audio and MIDI software drivers are included for PC's running Windows XP. MAC OS X.

  • 2-octave, semi-weighted, high-quality after touch-responsive keyboard
  • Pitch bend, programmable mod wheel joystick
  • Portable - can be powered with batteries, USB, or power supply
  • Programmable X/Y touch pad surface
  • Zero-latency headphone monitoring
  • 44.1 / 48kHz 24-bit simultaneous 2-channel audio I/O
  • Dual low-noise, high-bandwidth audio preamps with phantom power & 70dB headroom
  • Multi-FX processor per input with simultaneous Reverb, Chorus-Phaser, Delay, Compressor, Distortion, and EQ
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This Warranty is in addition to your Statutory Rights in the country of purchase.

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If in doubt about the product functions please read the user guide and if necessary contact your dealer for advice before returning the product to the supplying dealer. You can also contact us for general advice.

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