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Nomad Multifit Fiber Floor Tom Case (NN14FT)
Nomad Multifit Fiber Floor Tom Case
Nomad Multifit Fiber Tom Case (NN12)
Nomad Multifit Fiber Tom Case
Nomad Bongo Case (NNBG)
Nomad Bongo Case
  • $63.99
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Nomad Fiber Piccolo Snare Drum Case (NN12PS)
Nomad Fiber Piccolo Snare Drum Case
  • New: $48.99+
  • Blemished: $59.83
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Since 1978, Noman has been helping those who wander make sure that their drums are not lost. They have done this with their fantastic line of drum cases. By offering drummers an economical way to ensure that their drums, cymbals and hardware are protected, Nomad has become a very well respected name in the music world. Keeping your drums inside a Nomad case can help prevent damage to your kit that could otherwise result in costly repairs. Nomad drum cases are built with lightweight fiber board and reinforced with heavy-duty metal hardware for added durability. They feature contoured handles with comfortable grips and double reinforced handle mounting. To put it simply, these cases are tanks that are built to stand up to any rigors you can put them through.

Regardless of the type of drum you're hoping to protect, Nomad will have you covered. If you're a drummer with a full kit, your best bet is almost certainly an option like the Nomad 7-Piece Drum Case Set. This collection features cases for a bass drum, mounted toms, floor toms, and snare drums, covering all the bases for most standard drum kits. Best of all, the cases are adjustable, so they can fit drums with a variety of sizes. If you're looking to carry your hardware along with you as well, you should consider adding the Nomad Wood-Lined Fiber Hardware Case with Wheels to your order. This durable case is absolutely ideal for rolling your hardware to the gig from the van before the big show.

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