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If you're looking for a better hold on your instrument while you play, then you've come to the right place. With a great selection of straps and accessories for guitar, saxophone and more, Neotech's product lineup is devoted to making your instrument easier and more comfortable to carry. The difference between Neotech and its imitators really is like night and day. The bread and butter of the Neotech catalogue are its lineup of straps. Unlike most instrument straps and harnesses, which are usually made of unforgiving materials like leather or webbed belt fabric, Neotech's straps actually have a little bit of stretch and "give" to them. When combined with their generous cushioning, that allows Neotech straps to make your instrument feel noticeably lighter. Neotech protects more than just your shoulders, too. Various sizes of work mat give you a place to set delicate parts down safely when you take your instrument apart for maintenance. Mute cases for French horn, trombone and trumpet make a nicely protective home for your mute between uses. Want a hand keeping your accessories organized? Try the Neotech Tripac Instrument Accessory Protective Wrap. If you play brass in a marching band, there are a few Neotech accessories that will be particularly interesting to you. For the French horn and trumpet, take a look at Neotech's brass wraps. They'll not only make the instrument a lot more comfortable in the hand, they also help to protect the finish from the natural oils in your skin. Struggling with a heavy instrument? The Nanotech Sousaphone and Marching Tuba Shoulder Pads could be the answer. These cushions take some of the stress off your shoulders, making short work of long parades. There's no relief quite like the first time you move from standard straps to Neotech. We all love to play our instruments, but it can be hard when they take a toll on our bodies. Thankfully, that doesn't have to be the case. Once you've tried Neotech, there's a good chance you won't be able to settle for any lesser strap or pad ever again.
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