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About Native Instruments:

Native Instruments’ first product, Generator, a virtual modular synth that eventually morphed into Reaktor, may have been born of Berlin's active techno scene, but the success of that product and Pro-5, a model of the legendary Sequential Circuits Pro-Five synth, led company founder Stephan Schmitt to realize that they could easily expand beyond just the electronica and techno worlds. Their wider success was assured with "B4 Organ," the first great virtual instrument modeled on classic drawbar and tone-wheel technology.

Though techno and dance musicians and producers were the first to latch on to NI's software products, their commitment to sound quality over everything else, belief that usability is as important as functionality, and willingness to experiment kept growing their range of software into new areas. Guitar Rig, their virtual guitar amp and effect collection has been used to process much more than just guitars, and Kontakt rapidly became a standard among sample players.

As their line of products has grown, NI's vision has broadened to include virtually every aspect of music production—from KOMPLETE, the audio engine which is the basis for much of their instrument technology, to MASCHINE, a comprehensive hardware/software beat production solution and TRAKTOR, a full range of tools for the digital DJ. With an ongoing commitment to develop easy-to-use and deceptively powerful tools for musicians of all stripes, NI products have become the pivot point for many producers and engineers.