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MusicXPC Professional C5x Computer

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The MusicXPC Pro C5x computer has become one of the most trusted brands on the musical instruments market in just a few short years. The main reason for this is customer satisfaction. This computer wo... Click To Read More About This Product

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The MusicXPC Pro C5x computer has become one of the most trusted brands on the musical instruments market in just a few short years. The main reason for this is customer satisfaction. This computer works perfectly for 99-percent of music applications. MusicXPC's users are media producers, songwriters, educators, and hobbyists. MusicXPC's mantra is to remove all the stress that can result from a misbehaving or underpowered computer. You worry about the music and the MusicXPC Pro C5x will do the rest.

With the advent of the Intel platform featuring the Core 2 Duo and front-side-bus speeds surpassing 1GHz, MusicXPC introduced a generation of computers that really fulfills the promise of the software tools that promised the entire recording studio in the box. All the instruments, the effects, the recording, the mixing, the mastering”inside the box. It has been a dream since the beginning of the MIDI revolution of the 1990s, and now the MusicXPC computers are destined to fulfill these dreams.

Built for Artists Like You
The software is also moving to take advantage of these new developments as we are seeing more and more upgrades which take advantage of the dual-core processors.

MusicXPC develops these computers to save people like us”musicians, producers and songwriters”the headaches of an under-performing computer like the computers that cause you to pull your hair by crashing at the worst times. These MusicXPC Pro C5x computers can keep up to your creative decisions”be it to run fifty plug-ins or to record at 24-bit/192kHz fidelity. MusicXPC is doing this to make musicians more productive and their workflow more efficient.

Choosing a computer to sit as the nerve center of your creative workspace is no longer a hit-and-miss proposition. As musicians ourselves, we all know the lost productivity that a poor computer can bring to a session, to a writing spell, or to a mix. The existence of MusicXPC means that you have a solid, stable, flexible, robust choice for your media computing needs.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a MusicXPC Pro C5x Computer
1. Stability: MusicXPC works flawlessly out of the box and will save you time and money by providing rock-solid stability.
2. Recovery: If lightning strikes and you do have a meltdown of your computer, MusicXPC has a very flexible and robust recovery system through which you can return the machine to previous states so you can be back working in minutes.
3. Speed: MusicXPC is optimized for speed and blazes through even the most challenging creative tasks. This is a machine where the CPU meter lives well below 20 percent.
4. State-of-the-art everything: A computer with the best of the best. Core 2 Duo throughout, 4 HDs, 1.2 TeraBytes of storage, 1066MHz FSB, GigaBit LAN, SATA II, DDR2 800 MHz RAM, DVD+/-RW, Dual DVI, PCI-Express x16 and more... fused together into a media computer workhorse.
5. Ultra-quiet: MusicXPC is known for an obsession with making near-silent computers, quiet enough to be used within an arm's length of your ear.
6. Intel platform: Intel Core 2 Duo is an extremely powerful CPU for media production and consistently outperforms all other desktop CPU's on the market.
7. Digidesign-approved: MusicXPC is tested, approved and recommended by Digidesign for its popular M-Box and Digi002 interface. If Digi says it's cool, it's cool. Steinberg Canada has also come out recommending the MusicXPC to all their Cubase customers.
8. Service and support: MusicXPC backs up its computers with first-class tech support--yes MusicXPC is still small enough that you can get through to its chief technology officer.
9. Les Bateman: Speaking of CTO”with more than 30 years experience in professional music recording, Les is the guru of designing and building media PCs. MusicXPC is the realization of his ideal media PC. If Les built it, then you know it's perfect.
10. Satisfaction: MusicXPC enjoys one the highest ratios of satisfied customers. Just about all MusicXPC customers are very happy with the performance and stability.


Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
Motherboard for Music
DDR2 667 RAM
570 GB of HD Storage
16X Dual Layer DVD Optical Drive
Very Quiet Operation
Connections and Ports Galore
Protected Backup/Restore
Aluminum Chassis
Intel CPU: Core 2 Duo
Intel chipset: 945G
CPU speed [GHz]: 2.13 [C5x 2.4]
Front side bus: 1,066 MHz

RAM type: DDR2 667 MHz
RAM size: 1GB [C5x 2GB]
RAM maximum: 2GB

Hard disk 1: SATA II 250GB
Optical drive: 16X
Drive bays: 3

USB 2.0: 8
FireWire: 2
LAN: gigabit
Serial: 1

PCI-E x1 slots: 1
PCI-E x16 slots: 1

Graphics: Intel GMA 950
RAM [MB]: 64-224 [C5x 256]
Monitor support: VGA [C5x Dual DVI]

Other specs
Power supply: 250W
HPA recovery: Yes
Music tweak: Yes
Warranty: 1 year
Pro Coverage
MusicXPC computers come standard with one-year parts and labor warranty.

MusicXPC warrants its current (non-discontinued) computer hardware products to be free from defective materials and faulty workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Upon written notice of a defect in the computer hardware supplied to MusicXPC by a MusicXPC reseller within the warranty period, MusicXPC shall at its option replace or repair any hardware portion of the system that it determines to contain defective material or faulty workmanship. Products that have been discontinued for longer than 6 months are not covered under warranty.

The warranty on your MusicXPC computer shall not apply to defects or damage resulting from accidents, abuse, acts of third persons, power fluctuations, environmental conditions, any force of nature, alterations to the equipment at customer's direction, shipping or in-transit damage or other causes beyond MusicXPC's control.

MusicXPC shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages including but not limited to loss or injury to business, profits, goodwill, or for exemplary damages.

If your hardware should fail during the warranty period please contact our telephone support. If it is determined that your machine has a manufacturers defect please contact the MusicXPC reseller from whom you purchased your MusicXPC. The MusicXPC reseller will arrange to have your computer returned for warranty service. Please do not contact MusicXPC directly for RMA numbers.


1. Your MusicXPC reseller will obtain an RMA number from Music Marketing Inc.

2. If possible, make a back-up of your important files. IMPORTANT: Our obligation is to return the computer to its factory state, not to preserve your data. We cannot guarantee your data.

3. Include as detailed a report as possible describing the problem and/or test samples which illustrate the problems you are having.

4. Use the original shipping carton and packing materials that your MusicXPC came with.

5. Remove and retain cables and accessories unless specified by MusicXPC.

6. Take your computer to the MusicXPC reseller.

7. If a MusicXPC reseller refuses to assist you with your return, contact our customer service department at 416 789-7100.

WARNING: MusicXPC will not be responsible for damage as a result of inadequate packaging. Use the original packing material whenever possible. A computer is a delicate device that requires very robust and very protective packaging.


MusicXPC computers not in warranty follow the same procedure outlined above. Repair work on MusicXPC computers outside of the warranty period shall be charged at a rate of $100 per hour [minimum 1 hour] plus the cost of hardware components required in the repair.

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