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Drum Multi-rods

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Regal Tip Blasticks (530R)
Regal Tip Blasticks
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Keith Moon was the perfect representation of a wild and rebellious rock drummer. Loud, obnoxious, and disorderly. In other words, he probably had a hard time restraining himself when he first played with multi-rod drum sticks. That's because multi-rods are designed for performers who play at lower volumes. If you think your current sticks are too loud, while a pair of brushes are simply not loud enough, then multi-rod sticks are the perfect solution.

As mentioned, multi-rod sticks are heavier than brushes. They have a unique, crisp sound that's ideal for unplugged gigs such as coffee house shows and indoor jazz performances. Every drummer wants to cut through the mix, regardless of how soft the musical style is. Multi-rod sticks offer drummers a chance to display what they do best, without overpowering the rest of the instruments being played.

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