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Modulation, Chorus, Flanging, Phasing & Tremolo Pedals

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Modulation, Chorus, Flanging, Phasing & Tremolo Pedals:

One of the greatest ambitions any musician can have, no matter what genre they play or what instruments they master, is to develop their own signature sound that's unlike any other. When you play electronic instruments, effects units can help you to craft that individual style. Modulation, chorus, flanging, phasing and tremolo pedals are worth special mention in this regard, because their sounds are distinctive and powerful.

All of these effects pedals are part of the same modulation family, but each has its own specific niche to fill. Two of the more closely-related units are chorus effects and ring modulators. Both of these pedals have a multiplying effect on your sound, but there is a key difference. A chorus effect creates the illusion of multiple instruments playing together, like an orchestra or choir. The ring modulator, on the other hand, maintains a single-instrument sound but adds resonating echo, like a ringing bell. Read More...