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Mini Guitar Amps

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Roland Cube Lite 10W Guitar Combo Amp (CUBE-LT-BK)
Roland Cube Lite 10W Guitar Combo Amp
  • New: $169.00
  • Blemished: $148.72
  • Rating:
Yamaha THR10C Classic Combo Modeling Combo Amp (THR10C)
Yamaha THR10C Classic Combo Modeling Combo Amp
  • New: $299.99
  • Blemished: $263.99
  • Rating:
Vox Mini5 Rhythm Modeling Guitar Combo Amplifier (MINI5R)
Vox Mini5 Rhythm Modeling Guitar Combo Amplifier
  • New: $159.99
  • Blemished: $140.79
  • Rating:
Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack (M-MS-4-U)
Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack
  • New: $59.99
  • Blemished: $52.79
  • Rating:
Fender Mini Deluxe Amp (0234810000)
Fender Mini Deluxe Amp
  • New: $39.95
  • Blemished: $29.25
  • Rating:
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About Our Mini Guitar Amps:

Not every guitarist has aspirations of fame and fortune. For some music lovers, simply playing in the comfort of their home is more than enough, and thankfully the world's most trusted guitar companies each specialize in their own unique mini guitar amps. Whether you're relaxing on the couch during your day off or entertaining family and guests over the holidays, a mini guitar amp from this section will allow you to hone your craft with exceptional tone without waking up any of the neighbors.

So what mini guitar amp is right for you? You certainly have plenty of choices, ranging from 1-watt micro stacks that attach to your belt to even 100-watt mini combos. So really, the mini amp you choose will depend on what you're looking for in a sound, as well as how much volume you prefer. For example, Marshall is renowned for the smooth mids and well-rounded sound of their amps, and the MS-2 Mini Amp is a great way to enjoy Marshall's legendary characteristics right at your waist. By strapping this little monster to your side, the MS-2 provides you with crunchy distortion, and it even comes with a headphone jack. Another company that's highly reputed for their mini guitar amps is Danelectro, and their Honeytone N-10 is one of the biggest sellers in this catalog. Boasting a real leather handle, a belt clip, headphone jack and overdrive controls, the Honeytone N-10 is ideal for guitarists who love vintage '50s tone and retro styling.

Now if your mind is set on something a bit bigger, then go with the Fender Mini Deluxe. Like a shrunken hot rod, the Mini Deluxe has a stunning level of detail that's unmatched by other mini amps. Featuring a functional "dogbone" handle, a chrome control plate and mini chicken-head knobs, the Fender Mini Deluxe has all the volume you need without the worry of blowing the roof off your home.

As you can see, a perfect mini guitar amp for you is just a few mouse clicks away, so by all means check out the other options in this selection as well. In the living room or on the street corner, a mini guitar amp is just what you need to rock out in comfort and style.