Out of Production Demo Express 5:50 5/50W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp  

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The Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 2x12 combo amp gives you true all-tube power in a big-sounding yet compact amplifer. This 50W model features 4 inspiring modes from 2 opposite tonal personalities spread a... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 2x12 combo amp gives you true all-tube power in a big-sounding yet compact amplifer. This 50W model features 4 inspiring modes from 2 opposite tonal personalities spread across 2 fully independent channels. If Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde had to share one platform, this would be it.

For the traditionalists, select the Clean and Blues for your 2 footswitchable sounds. Or, if you're addicted to Gain, choose Crunch and Burn. Then stand back as the well-mannered soul of Dr. Jeckyll morphs into the maniacal Mr. Hyde, hardcore beast. Most important is the classic authenticity of all these iconic tones. No matter what your stylistic destination, the Mesa Boogie Express will take you there—fast.

Each channel on this Mesa Boogie amp is equipped with its own Contour depth control for added shaping that's both assignable and footswitchable. Used subtly, Contour adds a halo of depth and chime to gleaming clean sounds. Higher Contour settings, especially in Crunch and Burn, take you into Recto turf—tight, huge and menacing.

Mode Switches

The 5:50's 2 incredible channels and 4 fully evolved modes give you a boarding pass to all the classic guitar styles. The pristine, blooming Clean and tight, grinding Crunch cover the rhythm territories in Channel 1 while Channel 2 roams the wide open spaces of soloing with howling Blues and soaring Burn modes.

Contour Controls

Both channels feature assignable, footswitchable Contour controls that pack the sonic power of a multi-band EQ into 1 simple control. Blend this dynamic, bouncy circuit with the musically rich Tone controls for a sound far bigger than you've ever heard from a combo

External Switch Jacks

Switch "tracks" remotely with the External Switch jacks where Channels, Reverb, and the Contour controls can be patched to an external master switching system for remote access. The transparent series Effects Loop handles the interface to all outboard processing.

Patented Duo-Class Power Switching lets you switch the Class (operating class) and Configuration (wiring style) in tandem, giving you two dialed power-voice ranges with the flick of a switch.

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  • Duo-Class Power Amp lets you select either:
  • 1 power tube in pure Class-A (single-ended), producing 5 watts or
  • 2 power tubes in Class-A/B to produce 50 watts via a 5/50 power switch / 2x6L6 and 5x12AX7
  • Fixed Bias for consistent, maintenance-free performance
  • 2 fully independent channels with 4 style modes
  • Independent Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb, Master, and Contour controls per channel
  • Footswitchable, variable Contour control on each channel provides the power of a 5-band graphic EQ all in 1 rotary control
  • All-tube, long-spring Reverb
  • All-tube FX Loop External Switching Jacks for Channel 1/2, Contour 1, Contour 2, Reverb
  • 3-Button Footswitch (Channel 1/2, Reverb, Contour)
  • Slip Cover
  • Shipping charges apply
  • Only available for U.S. shipping and requires a valid U.S. billing address
5 Years Transferable parts/labor, 3 Years on Speakers, 6 Months on Tubes

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An amazing amplifier at an affordable price point...

By Christopher Kirk

from Little Rock, Arkansas

I got my Express 5:50 last week; it was used stock from my local GC store. The condition of my amplifier is pristine; like new. The tone is amazing. I currently play in a band whose music varies greatly stylistically. We have songs that are similar to Red Hot Chili Peppers. We have songs that are similar to Opeth and Dream Theater. The incorporation of all these styles requires a pretty versatile amplifier for me as the Lead Electric player to play through. The 5:50 makes it easy. The clean mode in channel one is like glass. You can crank it up for a warm and tight sound with a little natural tube breakup on the top or set it to a more subdued volume for a clean that shines and still cuts through the rest of the band as it should. The Crunch mode on channel one is amazing balanced and tight. Great for rock or metal rhythm tracks. Channel 2's blues mode is pleasantly light on distortion while remaining tight and full. The burn mode of channel 2 is where I find myself most of the time. It's hard to find such clarity and tonal balance with the amount of gain available in this mode. Overall the Express 5:50 roars! An amazing amplifier from Mesa Boogie at a reasonable price! Go to your local GC and plug in to one...then take it home!

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Incredible tone - sparkling clean channel and a still-organic lead

By BMill_SC

from Tega Cay, SC

I've owned numerous Marshall 50 and 100 watt heads...mostly 800 series. I've also used numerous Fender tube combos for my clean sounds. I can truly and honestly say that the clean channel on this amp will go head to head with any Fender. It is miles deep, crystal clear and you can dial up anything from twang to a crisp and crystal clear voicing and the reverb on the amp compliments it so nicely. The distortion channel on this amp is not going to be your Rectifier-oozing-with-saturation but will EASILY dial up ample amounts for anything but your most scorching, overdriven metal. HOWEVER... I was watching some YouTube vids of Satriani's rig, and his full-saturated tone is via a Vox distortion pedal he co-developed w/them...and it is run through the CLEAN channel of his Peavey amps! He absolutely doesn't use the gain/lead channel of his amps. I picked up one of his pedals the "Satchurator" and BINGO. Either through my Fender American Deluxe Strat or my Les Paul...when combined with the Mesa's natural organic tone...you can dial up a wailing SRV lead-tone...or a dripping with saturation, metal tone. I freaking love this combo. You just click off the pedal, and I'm back to my gorgeous sparkling clean tone. My variation then comes from the usage of my tone/volume controls on my guitars and/or the choice of pickups for the part. It is INSANE the tone this amp gets. There's a reason these things are a bit pricey...you absolutely get what you pay for with Mesa. These blow away THOUSANDS spent on Marshall and Fender rigs in the past. When I hook my Express 50 2x12 up to my Marshall 4x12 cabinet.....it is a wall of freaking tone, it is insane. I wish I bought this thing a couple years back when they came out....but for my leads...that Saturator pedal is key as well. Gotta give props where it's deserved.

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Great Versatile Tube Tone

By Obasnoj

from Lawrence, KS

A wonderful amp that does everything from fender blackface cleans to bluesy breakup to rock crunch to hard rock. Doesn't do teh "br00tz". If that's what you want, get a metal amp or pair this one with a Wampler Triple Wreck. This thing sounds GREAT!

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I finally found my amp

By DennyBob

from Florida

I've owned this bad boy for 2 years now and other than the weight, it's perfect. It's built like a tank and has a wonderful; shimming clean mode. It also get's into Recto territory on "Burn" mode. The crunch mode is great and gets close enough to a Marshall sound to keep me happy without one. I play Fender American Standard Strats and a Charvel through it and it sounds awesome. My musical style ranges from Rock, Metal, Prog, Blues, Christian and Jazz and this amp covers them all. I've owned several Mesa's and this is my favorite. Warning: This Amp is Loud! I use it at home, which is fine since I'm surrounded by 100 acres of woods and the nearest house is a 1/4 mile away, but using it in our Church Praise band and I have a hard time keeping it from overpowering even on the 5 Watt setting.

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By Nicholas Male

from Pickerington, OH

When I used this amp, I got to a gig with a tiny 30-watt solid state 1x8 combo. my guitar teacher said "If you want you can use my Marshall or my Mesa". The Mesa was already ready to go, so that's what I went with (this was the amp). It was amazing. The clean sound was very clear and pristine. with a little gain on top of the clean, you get just an awesome sound. I clicked over to the....burn mode I believe it was. The distortion is solid, crunchy, and chunky. All the notes still come through perfectly too.That gig was like a dream...an awesome dream. This thing has such great tone, I almost didn't believe it. This amp will be the best piece of gear you EVER purchase. It's such an amazing amp.

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Has the Mesa balls with less the stress

By Andrew

from LI NY

Exactly what i wanted and needed from an amp when i got it and it hasn't let me down yet. Clean channel gets more warm, full and hearty the more you crank it and the distortion (with the gain all the way up) gives you pure balls (turn the gain up and adjust the volume with the master - you'll thank me later). I've been gigging with it for over a year now and i love it. Only "not so perfect" thing about it is the design for where the cable is for the foot switch (i would have made it more visible either in front or back) it's hidden in the back under the inside panel. This amp can get LOUD, this is a good thing. If you can't handle it get some dinky solid state 20 watt beginners amp. If you want a pro-amp with a pro-sound that wont break the bank (break the band too bad - it aint cheap but it's all relative). Regardless of what style you play a warm tube amp with power like this, even at a low level, can give you more tone than something you gotta push to hear.

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By Jeremy Mayerhofer

from Lyons IL

I found this amp on gc.com looking for my first nice combo amp. I went to gc and played the amp played nice. I played it out of a strat then a les paul. it sounded nice so i ordered one from the mesa factory. I picked it up from gc after it shipped. Well it had a very noticeable rattle and buzz. I was disappointed to say the least. a brand new out of the box amp shouldn't rattle. I wasn't going to take any chances b/c iv read reviews of this happening to people. I returned it and bought a Marshall JVM 205c 50w 2by12 I couldn't be happier.

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By Ken

from Oklahoma

I bought this amp at Guitar Center and I've had it for about 10 months now. I had to return this amp within the first month and trade for another amp because it started cutting out really bad when I was rehearsing for a gig at home. I gotta tell you I would have been PO'd if this would have happened in on the show. The amp I traded for had a different tone then the first amp, and GC said they didn't have any others in stock to trade for at that time, so I called Mesa and they shipped me some new tubes. This helped some but still did not have the tone of the first amp when it worked. I called GC back a month later from getting the other amp to see if they could trade this one out and they said they could only give me 700.00 for it because it was a used amp now. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! You sold me yet another amp that doesn't have the tone of the first amp and you don't want to make it right ?!? After spending hours tweeking and trying to get the tone I'm was searching for, I found some tones I can live with. Now, about a month ago the reverb stops working on this thing. I checked all the connections to see if it was plugged in ok and it was fine, the footswitch did not make any difference either. I use a TC Nova System for reverbs and delays, but just the thought of it going out is also extremely frustrating. I baby all my equipment so this thing has not been abused in anyway. Well just yesterday the inevitable happened on a big show after the first song, it started cutting out yet again DURING a show on this amp. I could not believe it, I wanted to throw this thing off the stage! I had an extra preamp tube and tried swapping those one at a time and it didn't help. I had tapped a little on the NEW 6L6 tubes and noticed one was cutting out. I even swapped them and still nothing. Got it home after struggling through the show and swapped the tubes yet again and the same thing happened in the same spot nut with a different tube. It wasn't the tubes at all, I noticed there was a short inside were the 6L6 goes. I could pull on the tube a little and it was working like it was before it started shorting out. It's going in the shop tomorrow and I'll letcha know how it goes after that. I'm not saying Mesa Boogie puts out a bad product, I'm just not having good luck with Mesa at all and I've always wanted one. Never again ! I'll stay with Fender tube amps from here on, at least they are always reliable.

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Absolutely Amazing Amp!


from Palm Desert, California

First off, this thing is loud! I was hesitant about getting it because i play mostly at home but it sounds great even at low volumes. The reverb is great on thing and so is the eq. I have only had it for a couple of days, but the cleans sound as good as the fender twin reverb IMO. Dont watch youtube videos judging the tone, this thing can sing. I am using it with a Boss ME 70 and am getting really good distorted lead tones with it, like Satriani or Petrucci. If you are a blues player this thing will fit you extremely well, sounds awesome!You can plug and play most styles of music except a screamin metal tone. Can do 80's style metal good but not the super gainy recto type metal. Then again i haven't gotten the volume up past about 11:00, so it may get into recto turf, dont know yet. It is extremely versatile, i highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great amp that you can depend on at a reasonable price!

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