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Dual Rectifier 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head

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The 100W Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier amp head is a machine of mayhem, unleashing all the punishing gain found in the original Rectos' 2 channels and adding a powerful third channel dedicated to rhythm ... Read More

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The 100W Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier amp head is a machine of mayhem, unleashing all the punishing gain found in the original Rectos' 2 channels and adding a powerful third channel dedicated to rhythm sounds. The high-gain lead channel now has an additional mode dubbed Raw that travels the region of gain below that of the original Vintage mode. With its touch-sensitive response, Raw lets you explore the heavier side of blues on up to classic rock, revealing the soulful nature of the tube-rectified power section.

With these 3 versatile channels, 8 incredible modes, the Solo Control feature, a programmable/footswitchable Effects Loop, and a stage-ready 5-button footcontroller, the Dual Rectifier Head is a pure-bred, gain-wielding beast.

  • 100 Watts, Class A/B Power / 4x6L6, 5x12AX7, 2x5U4
  • Bias Select Switch (6L6/EL34)
  • Fixed Bias for Consistent, Maintenance-Free Performance
  • 3 Fully Independent Channels with 8 modes (Channel 1=Clean or Pushed, Channel 2=Raw, Vintage High Gain or Modern High Gain, Channel 3=Raw, Vintage High Gain or Modern High Gain
  • Independent Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence and Master Controls per Channel
  • Output Level Control (over all channels, when activated)
  • Footswitchable Solo Level Control (over all channels, when activated)
  • Selectable Dual Rectifier Switch (Tube/Diode)
  • Bold/Spongy "Variac" Switch
  • Assignable Parallel FX Loop w/Send & Mix Level Controls
  • Slave Out with Level Control
  • External Switching Jacks for Channels 1, 2, 3, Solo & FX Loop
  • 5-Button Footswitch (Channel 1, Channel 2, Channel 3, Solo & FX loop)
  • Slip Cover
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Depends on what you play.

By New Man

from Pennsylvania

If you play shread music, this is not the amp for you. If you play traditional heavy metal, this is not the amp for you. If you playmusic like KoRn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Deftones, or Staind, this is the amp for you. It makes a thick, crunchy, heavy, and bassy distortion sound. The clean sound sounds pretty metallic "even though it does not make the fender sound". The gain level switch does not change the style of music like Mesa said. It just boosts or lowers the gain a little bit. Great Amp. This is not a traditional high gain amp like a Pevey 5050, Marshell JCM and Rivara Knuckle head ( Even though Slipknot uses that amp."They actully sound like Traditional Metal guitar wise, but rythem based"). This is not a traditional rock amp eather. I love the sound of my 7 string plugged in this amp. When you use this amp, it will sound best if you de-tune your guitar or you plug in a 7 string or Baritone guitar in this amp. I hope this review helps you out and don't get fooled by adds.

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A Metal Monster

By Evan

from Belmont, CA

Searching for a loud, high gain amp full of tone I looked no further than mesa/boogie and this awesome all tube beast. This thing decimates all other amps near or around its wattage while maintaining better volume control over 150W amps. 100W through this amp matches any output from even 120W, go-to metal amps such as the Peavey 6505. I considered a Peavey 6505 but with two channels the versatillity and the true quality of the tone just cant be compared to the dual rec. For edgy lead riffs, crunch rythms, mellow clean playing and anything from alternative to grindcore and hardcore, the dual rec features so many tonal options and features. Each channel distinctly different from each other, this amp roars and is the industry standard hardcore and metalcore amp as well as the amp that large festival bands will play through.

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owned for 2 years and still loving it.

By Mark B.

from Maryville, TN

I bought this amp used on Craigslist, with a slanted mesa cab as well. I have no complaints what-so-ever about this piece of art. Unfortunately the previous owner put JJ tubes in. They lasted another 3 months once I got it home. Had a fuse problem due to it. Just make sure you keep MESA brand tubes in it. sounds awesome, louder than you'll ever need.

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A Monster In a Box

By Kill-cow

from Baytown, TX

The Mesa Dual Rectifier is a fantastic amp for high gain quality. Its 3 chanel options are everything a musican needs. With EL-34 tubes this amp is a beast. Even if you like jazz or rock this amp fits perfectly with any genre of music. I would strongly recomend this amp to any real musicans that are out their.

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You Get What's Coming to You

By Jake Horton

from Erie, PA

Let's cut right to it guys. You get exactly what you're expecting with a Dual Rec.: an average (at best) clean channel, a surprisingly warm and rich 2nd channel, and a jaw-droppingly fierce high-gain 3rd channel. The deep, heavy distortion really compliments the twang of my Strat (although the Pearly Gates in my bridge doesn't hurt either). Prior to this purchase, I was running a Vox Bulldog through my Fender Deluxe. I liked this cheap alternative but it still sounded flat to me, fake if you will. Finally, I stopped making excuses, saved my money, and bought one of these. Let your tubes get hot and this baby honestly roars, it's such an incredible feeling. Not to be corny but it's almost as if your riffs grow a set of fangs, the tone is that sharp. Such an undeniable difference from what I was playing. On a slightly more technical level, the fact that Mesa's are self-biasing when it comes to their tubes (and their replacements) is a nice little incentive. But then again, if you're buying this for its features, you're probably shopping for the wrong amp. Bottomline? If you're in the market for pure, red hot screaming gain, look no further than a Mesa Dual Rectifier.

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Believe the hype!!!

By Peter

from Concord

This amp really does do it all! I run this through a mesa 4x12 and there is no reason one should settle for anything less. I will never need to buy another head ever.

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Awesome for modern rock/metal/pop punk


from Indianapolis, IN

I have to say that this is one of the sweetest amps that I have been fortunate enough to own. I first bought the dual rectifier for it's chuggy low end when paired with the oversized Mesa 4x12 cabinet with the Vintage 30's and its awesome scooped mid metal sound. I used to play Marshall amps, but when I wanted a more chunky sound, I went with the dual rec. I was reluctant because some had said there had been a lot of returns on mesa items but I personally have never had a problem. Changing tubes is easy as well because you don't need a tech to bias them, there isn't even a bias adjustment, so sweet! Since then I have also purchased the Stiletto Deuce 100w Head, which has similar chunky tones in some modes as the dual rec, but it has more of a mid range attack of 100w Marshall. All in all I've been really happy with the tone and quality of the Dual Rectifier, it's got enough power with the 100w, the right level for volume breakup as well. Mesa will be backing me for a long time to come.

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THIS IS the sound of todays metal!!!

By MclarenF1CMS

from Kent, OH

Where can I start with this beast?!? If you've been searching for that Disturbed sound or most any of today's metal bands amp sounds, this is what you've been searching for. The part I like most about this amp is the ability to switch between the diode or tube rectifier. Basically switch it to the modern red channel, crank everything, and switch it over to the diode rectifier in the back, and be prepared for the most intense and perfect sounding metal amp made today. Now I've played pretty much every amp out there, searching for that "chunk";the metal tone, and no matter what I play nothing to me sounds better than the Dual Rectifier. Forget about stomp boxes; this is the real thing! Now you may be wondering, "why should I get this when Mesa Boogie also makes the Triple Rectifier?" Well, basically the Triple has one extra power tube for the extra power and volume, but at those levels that extra power does little for the volume, its basically cranked already! But, if you want the best high-gain amp for today's metal that money can buy, get yourself a Dual Rectifier and prepare to feel the thumping in your chest when you chug away on this monster!!!

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Versatile Tone Monster

By Rocker

from Boogieville, USA

This amp does it all. Being in a cover band, I must be very diverse in tone. This amp can do almost anything. Channel 1 provides great clean tones, not as good as Fender TR but can hold its own with any other clean channel amp out there. The second channel gives me my smooth overdrive channel that sound very raw and fat and then there's channel 3, a crushing gain freak that makes harmonics and arpeggios very distinguished and cutting, making this amp cut right through the mix and demand to be heard. I would recommend this amp to anyone looking to play aggressive music or modern alternative rock. Blues guys can stick to Fender amps. I wish there was a reverb but you could always get the rectoverb. Solid quality, never blew a tube or a fuse. I love this amp and am glad I purchased it.

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