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Marshall DSL40C 40W All-Tube 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp Black

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The Marshall DSL40C 40W tube combo amplifier is a sturdy, all-tube, gig-ready 40-watt workhorse. It boasts a Celestion 12" speaker and the exact same front and rear panel features as the DSL100H. The ... Read More

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The Marshall DSL40C 40W tube combo amplifier is a sturdy, all-tube, gig-ready 40-watt workhorse. It boasts a Celestion 12" speaker and the exact same front and rear panel features as the DSL100H. The Triode (Half Power) option drops the DSL40C's output to 20 watts, making it exceptionally versatile.

  • Power: 40W (tube)
  • Tubes: four 12AX7; two EL34
  • Pentode/Triode switch to drop power down from 40W to 20W
  • Two footswitchable channels - Classic Gain and Ultra Gain
  • Two Modes per channel for extra flexibility
  • Speaker: 1x12" Celestion
  • Footswitchable, studio-quality, digital Reverb with Level control for each channel
  • Shared 5-way EQ - Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence and Resonance
  • Mid-Shift button adds to the amp's tonal flexibility
  • Bypassable series FX loop
  • 2-way footswitch supplied
  • Dimensions: 24.4" x 19.3" x 9.9"
  • Weight: 50.5 lb.
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Most Liked Positive Review


If I could I would give it 4_1/2 stars

I love this amp, it sounds great. Right out of the box it sounds incredible. Nice fat cleans to modern metal. I couldn't get sparkling fender cleans, but that's not why you...Read complete review

I love this amp, it sounds great. Right out of the box it sounds incredible. Nice fat cleans to modern metal. I couldn't get sparkling fender cleans, but that's not why you get a marshall. Now to the features. This amps features makes me think of a baby JVM that's affordable and what I think is home and gig friendly volume. (full dis-closer I don't own or have played a JVM, I am referring to the controls of the JVM) It seems well built and sturdy. Also the cabinet is about two inches shorter than my twin reverb that has two 12in speakers. That larger cab makes the bass notes really responsive and pop in a good way. The stock speaker is really nice in my opinion. A good jack of all trades. But if you only play one or two styles of music you might want to change the speaker to suit your play style. And the el34s nice and over due touch. Now to the classic channel. The five way eq is just what marshall needed on this mid priced amp. With the addition of the Presence & Resonance it really lets you fine tune the high and low end of you sound. From bright chicken pickin to fat cleans to some light to meduim overdrive. The first setting on the classic channel is clean, this reminds me of the JTM45. Its really good cleans from bright to fat with some light overdrive when you hit the strings hard. The second setting is crunch, starts about where the first setting left off. Seems like a JCM800 clean channel that slowly turns into JMP sound as the gain goes up. The crunch is just amazing. Great for classic rock and blues. There's plenty of distortion and I think with higher output pickups a little saturation. The ultra gain channel is next. This where I think the amp really shines. just like the classic channel the addition of the Presence & Resonance really add versatility to this channel as well. THe first setting in ultra channel is lead 1. And its my favorite. It starts out like the JCM800 lead channel on low gain settings and goes into DSL metal territory. Lots of distorted tones and saturation to be had. This setting makes my cheaper od and distortion pedals useless. I can not say enough good things about this setting. The next setting in the ultra gain channel is lead 2. Its metal heaven. Its JCM/DSL high gain all day long. Its more gain than I need. There are many hard rock and metal tones to be had. Now the bitter. I was disappointed that the settings switches cant be changed with the foot switch. It would added so much more usability to to amp if you could. I would give up the reverb foot switch to do this. The next is the fx loop. There's nothing wrong with it in that it works as it should. But it is line level only. Which means some fx pedals don't work at all in the fx loop and others have a volume loss. For the volume loss I use a clean boost at the end of the fx's in the loop. the fx loop problem is the most disappointing. Next is the shared eq. This is the most understandable flaw. This was obviously to keep cost down. but it would have been nice to have eq for each channel. Over all this is a great amp. And for the 500-800$ range you would be hard pressed to find a better amp. For those of you who have the money now I urge you to try one. For those who don't try one and save. Who knows, by the time you have the money marshall may do a face-lift to address some of the short comings I mentioned. But even if they don't its still a great amp that I think will be around for awhile.


Most Liked Negative Review


I went through two of these in a week... I'd say look elsewhere

I'm not normally a review writer... but this was too disappointing. Should have been perfect... all valve, enough power, not too much power, half power mode... When my...Read complete review

I'm not normally a review writer... but this was too disappointing. Should have been perfect... all valve, enough power, not too much power, half power mode... When my first dsl40c arrived, the clean channel would NOT come on, no matter what. Tried everything anyone might be thinking I didn't... brought it into a guitar center and they got the same results. Guitar Center was very helpful in getting me a replacement, which we turned on at the store, and tested the channels... they both worked. Brought it home, plugged it in, turned it on, warmed it up for about 5 minutes, switched from standby to on... played for a minute, stopped, and this terrible noise... a crackling, like a very bad needle on a very bad record, combined with a rising and falling squeal, came out for about 10 minutes... I have the amp plugged into a Monster Power filter... and the outlets in my room have been used for tube amps for years, never any sounds like this. Then it stopped. So I played all night... and to a lesser extent, the same thing happened the next morning. I decided that SINCE I WAS LOVING THE TONE OF THE AMP... I would see if it was just in need of some "break in"... I kept it for 4 days or so with the same record player noise making appearances intermittently. These noises happened with or without the guitar plugged in... Whatever I read suggested I could replace the tubes and re-bias the amp to remedy this issue... If the amp was even a year old, I'd go ahead with that, but being it was my SECOND DSL40C in a week and they both gave me issues, I decided to jump ship (to Orange) and return it. I don't write off Marshall because of this, just the DSL40C. I played the 15C at the store for an hour and it was great.. I've read lots of great reviews about the 40c, maybe I just got two bad ones in a row... If you can play it before you buy it, it's worth checking out... great sound, great size, when it isn't making bad noises. It's a shame, could have been a great marshall at a great price.

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from Las Vegas, Nv.

Just an all around awesome amp. But of course, Its a Marshall!! Extremely happy with its tone and all its capabilities! Well worth the cost.

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(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Easy choice

By Jeff

from Steubenville, OH

Of course each of us needs to try these out, but for me, this amp was very easy to dial in tones, from Junior Brown's Surf Medley, to a Zep Rover sound, to Cream, to Rush Limelight and even UFO/Scorpions. It will go beyond these for the 8-string crowd too, but that's not me. The clean (Classic Gain) can be pretty darn clean: set gain at Noon, add reverb, set the bridge pickup on a Strat (or Tele) at 7, put the master where you want it, and you can even get the chicken picking sound. I've read reviews that you can't get a clean sound on these--maybe they were using EMG metal pickups, I dunno, but with a single coil Fender it's there. The Classic Crunch deliver what you want. Check the Bonamassa youtube video on this amp. "That works". I liked Bonamassa's settings, but wasn't ready to try them in the store :-) The Ultra Gain is classic Marshall--so much versatility, tweaking gain from 4 to 10, then adding the "OD2" button, try tone shift...massive range of harmonious goodness. Great amp, thanks Marshall and thanks Guitar Center.

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My Review

By Michael

from San Marcos, Texas

I love the tone this amp can produce. It really is four amps in one as advertised. Far exceeds my expectation's. Louder than you think even with the half option it moves air with crisp highs and thundering lows. Great for any venue or practice in a bed room. Could possible be the greatest amp ever made for production.

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very good amp and bang for buck

By David

from Seattle, WA

I?ve been playing for over 30 years. This is my first Marshall amp. The Marshall DSL40C sounds very good. 40 watts is the perfect size amp giving enough power for lots of clean head room with plenty of crunchy gain on demand. The Marshall DSL40C totally nails 60s, 70s British rock n roll. Stones, Led Zep, Cream, The Animals on up to Black Sabbath. You cannot help but play rock n roll with the DSL40C. Build quality exceeds expectations. The back panel is open yet covering the entire back making for a very sturdy and rigid cab. This is just a little bit smaller than my supersonic twin. Wheels would be nice. Sanded smooth, painted black where ever there is no tolex even inside amp. No ply or particle board showing here. The black and gold is stunning. The stock tubes provided sound great. I sometimes change amp tubes right away but with the DSL40C I am happy with the stock tubes. Bass response is outstanding. Trebles and Midranges excel. Sounds excellent with external cabs. I?ve used a 4x10, a 1x12 and a 2x12 cab, all sounded very good. There is no speaker load selector switch and the amp does not support a 4 ohm load. Using the internal speaker with an external cab is not supported. Make sure all speaker changes are done with the amp off, unplug it so you don?t accidently turn it on without a speaker load. It is really almost 4 channels the way the clean uses the clean or crunch button and gain channel uses the classic or ultra-gain button. It would be nice if the channel mode buttons were foot switch selectable. There is no indicator light for reverb, on, off. An amp and foot switch led would be better. I won?t say this sounds better than any amp I ever played through but now I understand the Marshall sound and it is very different than the EL34 side of a Renegade head. Very happy to have this amp. If I could only keep one amp, this might be it. This amp may entice you to buy a DSL100H. I found mine at the Tacoma, WA store where excellent service, knowledgeable sales associates, great deals and the greatest feeling on earth can always be found.

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Great Versatile Amp

By Andrew

from San Jose, CA

I'm going to keep this short. I wanted a tube amp that I could play classic rock, blues, metal, punk, grunge etc. on that was less than $1000. I played this one at GC and looked no further. I absolutely love the different tones I can get out of this thing. Like other reviewers I do wish that the foot switch controlled all 4 channels instead of Re-verb but that's my only complaint. FYI, I'm playing an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and a Dan Electro 12 string through it and they sound great so I can only imagine that nicer guitars will sound even better.

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definite upgrade from previous amp

By Ray Marose

from Aurora Il.

always wanted to own a Marshall. Bought this used with blemishes. Out of the box at GC it looked brand new. Couldn't see anything wrong with it. Tried all controls. Still can't find anything wrong with it. Works great with my compressor, wah pedal and flanger. Guess it's not an original Marshall but who cares?

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Wow - as good as it gets

By Timothy Johnson

from San Diego, CA

I had read a lot of forum posts about how good this amp is, so for the great price I took a chance. I own or have owned many boutique amps, and this guy is as good or better than all of them so far. In the forums a lot of people talk about how they have changed speakers in it or done mods to it, but I find it sounds perfect just stock. I love the crunch mode on the clean channel for some blues and light crunch, then on the Ultra channel 1 is where I play my solos or hard rock rhythms. I find myself not even using pedals anymore because the tones I like are right there. I play classic rock, blues and classic hard rock: Hendrix, Zep, AC/DC, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Scorpions, the Cult, etc - and this thing has all those tones. The reverb isn't great, but it's good enough for rock n roll. This amp is definitely worth the price - and then some.

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One great lil amp


from Lizella Ga

I purchased this amp a month ago and must say it is just what I was lookin for. The clean channel is fantastic. Clear and bright. Crunch channel is all the Marshall tone your looking for. You can play at 20 watts[ which is what I've been play] or turn it up to 40 and blow the doors out. Hooked it up to my Marshall 1960 4x12 cabinet and I could play anywhere. Just a great all around amp. Priced right also. Get one and you'll be happy

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(5 of 8 customers found this review helpful)


Beats everything I've tried or owned


from Macon Ga

Been looking for a Marshall tube amp to get that ole rock sound and play the blues. Have had Marshall MG 102FX and a Crate blue Voodoo 120 half stack. Heard a friend play this amp and feel in love. Crystal clear clean channel, and one bad mother on crunch. Very well built and strong. Traded the MG102FX in on this one and haven't used the Crate since. Plenty of power with 40 Watts. and nice at 20 watts. Amazing price for what you get. Marshall got it right with this one. Try it and you'll buy one. Great amp

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Instant Classic


from Bethlehem, PA

My rant: I've been saving for this for a while, and after a bit of a hassle getting the thing, I have to say I'm impressed. I turned it on, let it warm up for a while and jumped straight into the clean channel. I got lost in the crunchy goodness I could get from it. I'm still exploring what I can do with the clean channel, how it reacts to a boost from a TS, and all the JCM roar I can get. The ultra gain channel is a whole other animal. I have a lot of problems with noise from it, which I will tame as soon as I get a suppressor for it. Lead 2 is a bit fizzy and really noisy. I love the openness of Lead 1, as it is great for all dirty rhythm stuff beyond AC/DC. It handles D-standard pretty well, and I'm sure a 7-string would sound great with it too. My only gripes are the noise, the fizz, and I can't get it to sound brutal. All in all, it fits my purposes and playing very well. Features: Two channels, 5 way EQ (BMT, Resonance, Presence), two modes per channel (Clean and crunch, Lead 1 and Lead 2), Pentode/Triode switch, Footswitchable reverb (one knob per channel), Tone Shift button (Instant mid scoop, just add water) Look and Feel: Looks like a modernized JCM with white piping, white Marshall script logo. It's pretty heavy, had a hard time getting it down the stairs in the box. The handle is a bit weak feeling considering the weight of the amp.

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