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Marshall designed the 5W Class 5 combo amp in response to numerous requests from both professional musicians and the public. They came up with a 1x10 tube amp that recreates the Marshall sound heard i... Click To Read More About This Product

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Marshall designed the 5W Class 5 combo amp in response to numerous requests from both professional musicians and the public. They came up with a 1x10 tube amp that recreates the Marshall sound heard in the big stacks and does it in a much smaller combo amplifier.

Created in the legendary Bluesbreaker style, the Marshall Class 5 gets back to basics with a top-loaded panel of Volume, Treble, Middle, and Bass controls. This simple feature set is the Marshall Class 5 tube amp's secret weapon. What you get in return is authentic Class A tone, rich in smooth harmonic distortion.

The all-tube signal path offers a wealth of analog tones right at your fingertips. Sparkling cleans, full-bodied crunch and glorious lead are just a dial turn away. The Marshall Class 5 combo also responds well to on-the-fly guitar volume and tone control adjustments, making for a truly dynamic playing experience.

Inside the Marshall Class 5 amp is a 10" G10F15 speaker designed in conjunction with Celestion. Turn the volume up to hear that classic Marshall tube amp break-up tone. Increase the EQ and volume for harder rhythms and soloing. Crank all the dials to 10 for screaming British tone.

The rear panel consists of a selection switch for the headphone jack, which when activated bypasses the internal speaker. On the rear is an extension speaker 16-Ohm out, so you can run your Marshall Class 5 tube amp into a 4 x 12" cabinet.

The Marshall Class 5 amp is simple to use—ideal for home practice, recording, and very intimate settings.

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  • Built in the UK
  • 5W
  • Pre-amp tubes: two ECC83
  • Power amp tube: one EL84
  • 10" 16-Ohm Celestion G10F-15
  • Channels: 1
  • Volume control
  • 3-band EQ featuring treble, mid, and bass
  • Headphone output
  • Headphone selector with bypass
  • 16-Ohm extension cab output
  • Dimensions: 19-1/2"W x 16-1/3"H x 9"D
  • Weight: 26-1/2 lb.
5 year parts/ 3 year labor warranty.

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Why not 5 STARS

I think this amp deserves a very good 5 Stars. Many of the reviews complain about the the rattling issue(which is very easy to fix), and complaining about the...Read complete review

I think this amp deserves a very good 5 Stars. Many of the reviews complain about the the rattling issue(which is very easy to fix), and complaining about the "Volume" being too loud. With common sense it should be obvious that MOST Non-Master Volume tube amps are going to be pretty loud no matter what the deal is, unless the amp is attenuated. A lot of people realize is that this amp isn't about playing ALL HIGH GAIN. This amp is more about playing with dynamics, it helps you understand that you don't have to go back to the amp to change your setting,..Use the VOLUME AND TONE CONTROLS ON YOU GUITAR. That's what most people over look on many solid, and tube amps when buying. I personally think this is one VERY good amp, sounds better every time I play it. So when you're not playing good you'll sound bad. When you play good you''l sound AWESOME, it all depends on how you interact. I think this is one of the better amps out there right now with a STEAL price, and TONE.


Most Liked Negative Review


Good but disappointing

I just bought this today but will be returning it.It does sound really good tonally....great for 60s style British Blues and 70s style AC/DC tones in a compact version.The cab is...Read complete review

I just bought this today but will be returning it.It does sound really good tonally....great for 60s style British Blues and 70s style AC/DC tones in a compact version.The cab is large for a 10 inch speaker and combined with the closed back cabinet you get a nice bass response from such a small amp.It seemed loud in the store for low volume gigs but I tried it tonight and it didn't really hang well with the bass and can hear it but it doesn't envelope the room at all especially with the that mostly closed back panel.You would need to pump it through a larger cabinet for stage filling volume.There is an annoying rattle that gets louder as you turn up the volume....really annoying.Maybe a bad tube?I opened the back panel and what a hassle.You have to really force those really tight screws out only to see that the tubes are located inside the amp chassis and the only way to access them is by unscrewing the whole chassis itself from the cabinet!!!That is absurd.It would take at least 15 minutes to change tubes...with a Fender it takes one simple minute.Putting it back together is another hassle because you have to screw on the panel first to the chassis and then screw that to the cabinet!!!After 50 years in the business you figure Marshall would design something a little more user friendly but this is moronic.Unless these issues are addressed this amp is going back to Guitar Center....too bad because it has a lot of potential.

Reviewed by 66 customers

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Terrible sound, easy to fix

By vgalo7

from Miami

Verified Buyer


  • easy transportable
  • Its A Full Tube Amp
  • Loud Enough For Small Gig


  • Awful sound
  • No Master Volume
  • Stock Speaker Not So Good

Best Uses

    Ok, I came to this amp because of the brand (I love most Marshall amps) and the youtube demo videos. They really sounded good to my ears. So when it arrived to my home I had a high expectation. What a surprise, the sound was nothing like any other Marshall I had owned before. Terrible, it was too dark, like it had a blanket over it, no clean headroom at all, the sound started breaking about 2 o 3, and no master volume.

    When I was about to return this thing I decided to make some research in the web and came to a forum where I found that changing some values in the components the sound would improve. I did it, spend about ten bills in resistors and caps, and maybe 4 hours soldering and yea! this is a new amp, really good amp. Now I have more clean headroom, sparkle sound, and tube saturation of a mini Plexi.


    Cranked Marshall / Tone No Ear Bleed

    By George

    from Texas

    This little amp works great. Keep the bass turned down tweak the treb & mids to taste and crank the volume to 11.
    I constructed a carpet box suppressor for mine and hang an Sennhieser E609 mic in front of it feeding the board.
    Coupled with my Gibson ES 339 I can get most all the sounds I want by adjusting the volume and tone at the guitar.
    Works great with a Dunlop Wha also.
    Band mates love the tone & crunch as do I.


    Had To Have One For The Collection

    By WNMC Telemann

    from Michigan


    • Great tone
    • Plenty of volume


    • Cold Rattle
    • Should Include Cover

    Best Uses

    • Recording
    • Rehearsal
    • Small gigs

    Bought mine at a pawn shop cheap. Yes, it rattles...when it's cold. Once the amp warms up (gets hot) the chassis doesn't rattle any more than any other brand of amp.

    The tone and volume are incredible! This isn't a highly versatile amp, but then Marshall's usually aren't. It's a one-trick-pony but it does that trick extremely well!

    I've never been a big Marshall fan, I own several Vox and Fender...but this one caught my attention. I found a great deal on one so I pulled the trigger. I felt Marshall needed some representation in my amp collection.

    This wouldn't be my first choice for an amp, nor would I pay full retail (it could at least include a dust cover at the retail price), but I have a studio where it's classic rock tone will be useful.

    All in all, I've really enjoyed this amp!

    (2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


    Fantastic Deal

    By Runnin Late

    from South Ga


    • Control From Guitar
    • easy to drive
    • Looks great
    • Simple
    • Very portable


    • Nothing

    Best Uses

    • Miked
    • Small gigs

    I purchased one a while back and ended up sending it back for some stupid reason. Right before i boxed it up i plugged a Treble Boost pedal into this thing and was a little bit taken back by how good that sounded. Sent it back anyway but that tone kind of haunted me for a while till i couldn't stand it any longer and ordered another. Glad i did because once the speaker breaks in this is a nice sounding amplifier if you like a retro Marshall tone. I have always enjoyed using a few pedals like delay, chorus, etc with amps in the past and can be kind of hard to please with tone because i am always trying to incorporate these with the amp. Little spoiled on that. I have tried a half dozen ways with the Class 5 and have finally just come to terms that it sounds best the less you put in front of it. All i use is Treble Boost, Wah, Tuner and the occasional Phase 90. With the less is more approach what you get in return is a true connection with your guitar of choice and the Class 5 becoming a team together. The Class 5 has a very usable range in its volume in regards to drive and even though the tone controls don't seem to do that much on there own they are quite interactive with each other and i notice this even more after owning it for several months. I do tend to just dime the volume and use my Les Paul volumes to control the drive but you can find several levels of drive by backing off the amp and using the same principle with your guitar. I have to admit though, Class 5 dimed + Treble Boost + Les Paul Neck Pickup (Tone Rolled Back) is just a wonderful lead tone. Really puts you back in touch with why a cranked Marshall combined with a Les Paul is just an awesome combination. This amp gets compared to an old Plexi sound but i can't comment on that personally cause i have never actually played a Plexi but given the time frame of the Plexi and the music i have heard i would say this has to be a correct comparison. If you are a fan of serious classic rock in the day when Marshalls were cranked with a Guitarist just using 2 or 3 pedals at the most or just straight in then this is your bag baby. I like this amp so much now i have just combined it with a 2nd combo along with 2 matching heads and 2 extension cabs forming 2 dual mini Marshall Stacks. Head-Combo-Ext Cab, Head-Combo-Ext Cab. I use the pedals mentioned above along with a Voodoo Labs Amp Selector for signal to the Heads and Combos. 5 watts x 4 is still 5 watts but this little rig can move some air plus who doesn't like a short wall of Marshalls. If you like this amp and have the funds i seriously suggest you try this setup. You can spend as much as i have in this rig on one amp head alone but if you are like me and most of your gigs are small to medium sized parties and clubs then this is the way to go. I have had my share of 50-100 watters in the past which is why i got so stuck on the pedal thing. Couldn't really crank it so i tried to make up for it up front. With this i do not miss any of it. Tone is lean and mean and that works best live. Get back to the old days of rock. Get the Class 5.


    Pocket Rocket

    By Dee Griffith

    from Asheville,NC

    Verified Buyer

    Best Marshall product in years,no digital EFX,no channel switching or a million knobs,just srtaight up Bluesbreaker TONE.I gig with mine on top of my Princeton Reverb with the Class 5 halfway up for added warmth.But instead of using a sterile pedal,I just dime the Marshall when I want a rocking tone.And all the added features like the headphone out and low-power switch work great too.Korg really is making the best low watt amps in the biz,I also have a Vox AC-4 head that blows away the boo-teek amp I used to have that cost 5 times as much.


    Perfect For Me

    By Slide$$$

    from INDY

    Lightweight, sturdy, loud for 5w, very usable semi-clean tones, excellent dirty tones, awesome rock crunch, speaker is aok, so are the tubes, made in England. THIS AMP IS GREAT if you don't need super-quiet apartment volumes (too loud), or super-loud club volumes (only 5w). It will do band practice, and any smaller gigs very well, and really does sound alot like a classic marshall stack in a little combo box. I use mine un-miked for home use & band practice, and then add a Shure57 when I go to a gig. I'm loving the awesome rock tone of this amp, and the light weight of it when I have to carry it around. I am a nut for real TONE and I have no urge to change either the speaker or the tubes. Someday, maybe a new EL84. The speaker rocks. NOTE: This amp will not do Jazz Tones or Clean Blues or Death Metal, but for eveything else, it's great. Ballsy, rich, bassy, and full-sounding, even with the 10" stock speaker. Plenty of sweep on the EQ to match any type of guitar/pickups. The sweet-spot on this amp is WIDE ... anywhere from 3-9 sounds great. 3.5 is early ACDC tone, 4.5 will do Zep, 5.5 and you get some real heat. Anything above 6 is dirty and the harmonics will start to jump out at you. 6, 7, 8, and 9 have enough gain to add sustain to your leads, etc. 10 is pretty crunchy but totally usable, especially for full-on Marshall Rockers. There is nothing bad about this amp, except that you really can't play it quiet like a practice amp (or it is wayy to clean at that volume to be any fun!). I'll be using this for gigs and recording, and I can use whatever amp I want. This one is it.

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    Best amp ever

    By Blake Toppins

    from Dallas TX

    I went to guitar center and we told them we were looking for a inexpensive marshall amp. They showed us this one and I played on it and on a similarly priced solid state Marshall MG series amp. This amp sounded much warmer and was much louder watt for watt. It sounds awesome with my 1950's tribute gibson les paul and my line 6 floor pod. It is definantly worth the price.

    (0 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


    Great Idea, just a weak design...

    By Steve Crane

    from Longview, WA

    I have owned one of these for about 6 months now. I have one in black, and it does look very cool. The simple controls are fine with me. It does rattle at higher volumes. It sounds really good through my 425A cab. I put a couple real nice tubes in it, and I'm sure a better speaker would really help as well. BUT, the build quality and design are really awful. It is really a pain to replace the tubes, and once you get it apart it screams "cheap". Great idea, great potential, bad execution.

    (3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


    Marshall Portable Punch

    By Rick Ganns

    from South Bend, IN

    I purchased the Class 5 in mid December and am writing this review after 3 months of use. Cosmetics: The amp is impressive looking, with the vintage "Bluesbreaker" styling and plexi top panel controls. I ordered the traditional black. Enclosure: The cabinet is well made considering it is designed for home use, small gigs and limited travel. Since I am not a gigging musician, I can only say it doesn't look like it would hold up to years of road travel. For a small, portable combo, the enclosure is fairly large. Mine has the 3-piece back, where the middle section is a vented plate. The top and bottom pieces are wood. Sound: The amp delivers a powerful Marshall stack-like punch for only 5 watts. I hear more sound dynamics from this amp as compared to my Marshall Artist 3203 half stack, which is also a great amp. One thing I really like is that this amp can stay clean and still produce a lot of volume before breaking up. Most small, single channel amps only play clean on volume 1, 2, or 3 and then begin to crunch as the volume goes up. The Class 5 gives you a lot of volume quickly in the range, yet stays clean. On volume 5, you get 80% of the amp, with 6 thru 10 increasing the crunch and giving the last 20% of volume. I have my Les Paul volume controls at 7. Using both the volume pots and the amp volume gives you a lot of range with this amp. If you like to sing without a microphone when practicing, I suggest standing away from the amp. This amp is loud, but you can turn it up to 10 in a house. Performance: To date, my amp does not rattle or produce any annoying noises, my playing excluded. I always warm the tubes up for 10 to 15 minutes before playing through it. When I first got my amp, I let it warm up for 30 minutes, then set all tone controls on 5 and played bar chords and open chords to break the speaker in. I also like to keep increasing the volume while having the treble on 5, mid and bass on 10. I still do that periodically. Summary: This has been a great amp purchase. I wanted a good amp that I could play full volume in the house and still be able to move it around easily. It's turned out to be a great amp. Most small amps sound "muddy" when you turn them up and put the bass on 10, and this amp isn't crystal clear under that scenario, but it isn't bad. Turn the bass down a bit and use the volume pots on the guitar. As for the chinese-made Celestion speaker, it doesn't sound bad to me. Can it be improved with a high quality Celestion, probably

    (2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


    pure tone

    By Michman

    from Michigan

    I'm a gigging player. I have a number of tube amps, from a Marshall Plexi head to a UK Vox AC30TB. This thing rocks. I have a good sized pedal board I use for gigs, but I may have to take this to a smaller gig and run it, sans, stomps. Run a Les or a Strat through this thing at good volume and you get wonderful tube tones, with natural breakup, compression and sensitivity to attack. And it's made in the UK, not Asia. Great little amp. Should be a dream to record with.

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