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"You transfer the quality of your people into the products you make!" This quote from Cliff Hugo of Supertramp was sent to the founder of Markbass, Marco De Virgiliis. With such high praise, and gear designed to fully emulate the unique sounds and tones of whatever instrument is being played, it's no wonder Markbass has become a world leader in bass amplification. In 1996, Marco De Virgiliis began his career making amps and cabinets. His next step was to team up with Sterling Ball to create the Audiophile line by Music Man. In 2001, De Virgiliis decided to launch his own brand of bass amps, called Markbass, with the same partners he started with back in 1996. They're still together today which is a true testament to the work ethic, loyalty and value of the employees and the company. Responding to feedback and advice from bass players, Markbass uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver amps, cabinets and combo amps that rattle the stage, or your basement, with high end sound. By using high level components, Markbass ensures artists anticipate equipment that's always reliable, experience a powerful low end with adequate headroom, and enjoy a lightweight design that provides easy portability from the car to your gig. Musicians around the world laud the superior quality of Markbass. Jeff Berlin has said that his Markbass amplifier is the "best he's ever played through." The amp of choice for Bob Daisley, who played with Ozzy Osbourne, is the TA503. He says this Markbass gives him "plenty of warmth, backbone and weight in the actual sound" while still being lightweight and portable. Nick Cohen, a UK session bassist and songwriter who has played with the Eurythmics, loves how Markbass delivers exquisite sound clarity even at loud volumes. If you're looking for awesome tone and versatility, plug into equipment that's known to accurately amplify bass frequencies. Plug into Markbass.