The SONIClear™ Bearing Edge is standard on all Armory shells and allows the drumhead to sit flatter and make better contact with the shell. The result is a stronger and deeper fundamental pitch, effortless and consistent tuning, and a significantly expanded tuning range. For the serious player, the increased head to edge contact increases shell vibration, allowing the sonic nuances of the Hybrid shell to stand out.

Armory Snare Drums

A Great Addition To Your Arsenal

The Armory Snares are a line of drums designed to compliment any style of playing.
This arsenal contains drums that can blow the roof off any venue when fired properly. Handle with care.

The TOMAHAWK snare (right) comes standard with ALL Armory Shell Packs. Made with a 1mm steel shell, it has penetrating accuracy and long range projection. The focused power of its rim shot is devestating.

• Size: 14" x 5.5"

• 1mm High Polished S
• Rounded 45 Degree Bearing Edge

• Bright, Focused, and Loud

THE TRADE-IN OPTION: Don't like steel snares or maybe you already have one? No problem.

You'll have TWO WEEKS after your Armory kit purchase to test out the TOMAHAWK and see whether you want to keep it.
If you don't, simply trade it in directly with Mapex for one of the other four Armory Snare drums shown below
or a 14" x 6.5" 100% Maple snare that matches your Armory kit finish.

With its 1mm hammered steel shell, the DAISY CUTTER is a cannon that will rattle the walls. It's a high caliber drum that can be heard for miles around with its explosive sound.

• Size: 14" x 6.5"
• 1mm High Polished Hammered Steel
• Rounded 45 Degree Bearing Edge
• Dark, Broad, and Loud

Fast, articulate, and responsive, the DILLINGER will handle the most intense of musical assaults. The 8-ply Maple Shell will open up with just a flick of the finger.

• Size: 14" x 5.5"
• 8-ply Maple
• SONIClear™ 45 Degree Bearing Edge
• Bright, Balanced, and Responsive

The pop and crack of this Maple/Walnut Hybrid shell penetrates with each shot. The PEACEMAKER will settle any disputes as to who keeps the best time in the band.

• Size: 14" x 5.5"
• 7-ply Maple/Walnut Hybrid
• SONIClear™ 45 Degree Bearing Edge
• Warm, Dynamic, and Open

This drum is all about mass impact. With a Birch/Walnut Hybrid Shell, the EXTERMINATOR has a broad spread and a powerful attack that your bandmates will feel in their gut.

• Size: 14" x 6.5"
• 7-ply Birch/Walnut Hybrid
• SONIClear™ 45 Degree Bearing Edge
• Dark, Focused, and Balanced