From the first production run of all-tube 60dB Reference Microphone Preamplifiers in 1989, the Manley brand and the people involved have been true trailblazers in the world of handmade recording equipment built without compromise. Today, Manley's modest factory in Chino, CA takes pride in building the highest quality tube gear, even fabricating their own printed-circuit-boards, chassis, and transformers -- components that most audio equipment manufacturers farm out to different factories.

EveAnna Manley started at the bottom rung of the old VTL factory and today is the owner and "capo di tutti capi" (boss of all bosses) of Manley Laboratories. When she's not stuck to her chair at the sound of her tube-based HiFi rig (Manley Laboratories also manufactures a line of world-class audiophile equipment for home listening), she can be found zipping around the coast on her Triumph -- after work, of course.